Evgeny Kuznetsov is Getting a US Visa (Photo)


Photo: Chris Gordon

Last week, Evgeny Kuznetsov reiterated that he planned to join the Washington Capitals. He said that no amount of money would keep him in the KHL. Now, we have the strongest proof yet that the 21-year-old forward intends to cross the pond. Just before 9 PM our time, Kuznetsov tweeted a photo of an email he received from Ashley Weber, an assistant to Capitals general manager George McPhee. In it Weber attached letters supporting the visa applications of Kuznetsov and his wife Nastia. Kuzya captioned the tweet in Russian, “This is a very important letter!” He has since deleted the post.

Finally, it appears Zhenya will finally be joining the Caps and trying himself in the NHL. The next question is when.

Translation by Igor Kleyner

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  • Hoooooooooo boy!

  • Ryan Kohn


  • Chris Cerullo

    I am excited. For once in a long while now lol.

  • Jake Ettawakapow

    YAYYYYYYY :)))))))))

  • Yonder


  • Saw this tweet while taking a bath. Wrote it at the iMac shirtless. #journalism

  • Igor Kleyner

    Taking a bath? Instead of good old all-American shower? All that elbow-rubbing with Foggy Bottom crowd clearly taking its toll.

  • upvote for #typo

  • Marky Narc


    This song pops into my head every time now – because he’s our fact-checkin’ Kuz.


  • Rob W.

    i just hope he is completely healthy when he suits up in march. hopefully its march and not next season

  • Michael Blaesing

    I’m just gonna leave this right here….

  • Michael Blaesing


  • Matt Lauer
  • Joben
  • Patrick Neimeyer

    1st Place on the Menu, Ovi, Orlov, Grabo…Russian House Dupont 🙂

  • Owen Johnson

    Condescending Holtby has turned a new page.

  • Owen Johnson

    Well, I’d rather have him next year and healthy than this year and not being healthy.
    Still, I’m VERY eager to see him here.

  • OlietheGoalie

    God I hope he’s good. What if he comes over and puts up like 20 points a year. I’ll be on suicide watch.

  • Andrew Walker

    I’d upvote this again if I could.

  • dylan wheatley

    who is evgeny kuznetzov

  • ZyphZorg

    I was at the Oilers league page earlier today looking for Hendricks quotes. I saw they had a poll about who the most intriguing prospect is. I looked at their current conference ranking and felt sad that this was what they were reporting on to keep fans interested for the future during the season. But with all that oil that organization is far from a well oiled machine

    Oh, I didn’t find any Hendricks quotes.

  • Ian Hopper

    I just told my friend (and Rangers fan) who works at the Consular Section at U.S. Embassy Moscow that if he screws this up, I will personally fly up there and kick his ass.

  • Shaun Phillips

    There’d be no worry if he was coming from Morocco. My wife’s in consular here. 🙂

  • Diller M

    Lets manage our expectations so he doesn’t get booed too early on. He has struggled this year whether he has been healthy or not, and as a result did not make the Olympic team. Hopefully he can come in, stay in the lineup (maybe with Grabbo and Fehr?) and add another dimesion to the offense. As long as he is well utilized I will consider this a success for the time being.

  • JoeA

    A flaky, injury-prone Russian with immense talent!!!! Haven’t had one of those on the Caps in two seasons!!!

  • Graham Dumas

    AHAHAHHAHHAHA BEST ))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Alex

    Thank you for the inspiration Michael Blaesing, but something just didn’t feel right about that picture… And so, I present you all with my edit.

  • JoeA

    You know, except those three weeks when I rode the bench because I kinda stunk.

  • JoeA

    Grabo isn’t Russian. He’s from Belarus.

  • JH

    Let’s all curb our enthusiasm a bit. I hope he is a superstar but high expectations are lethal. GIve him time.

  • hockeyprep

    This kid better not be a damn bust! He may be good there, but as we all know the NHL with the smaller rink is totally different ball game. Even Backie admitted the hard adjustment his first season or two.

  • David Wagner

    good… finally!

  • Roman Z.

    He’s from Germany …

  • jeffreyD

    If this team was good enough I’d rather him come in healthy with a full off season and time to develop chemistry in the pre-season, even though Oates would probably try him at defense as an experiment.

    However, unless McPhee makes some moves this team is in a bad need of a spark which hopefully Kuzya will bring. I’m just going to have to remember to keep my expectations in check initially.

  • JoeA

    Grabovski was born in Germany, but is a Belarussian citizen. His parents are from Belarus, and he moved back there with them when he was three.
    He plays on the Belarussian national team.