Caps Host Annual Dads Trip (Photos)


Braden Holtby poses with his dad Greg. (Photo credit: @CapitalsPR)

In the middle of a six game losing streak, the Caps are in a tough stretch, playing their next five games on the road. Being away from home, though, has it upsides. This weekend, Washington is hosting their annual mentors trip, with players allowed to bring one guest to New Jersey and Montreal. The group is made up mostly of dads, who will get to see what it’s like to be an NHL player for a few days. 

“It’s been awesome,” Tom Wilson told Monumental Network. “I think it’s been refreshing for the guys having all their dads around, having them watch practice. It’s a lot of fun.”

Below, check out some more photos from today.


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  • Freedoooom

    The one with Erskine and Chimera, it wasn’t readily apparent from a quick glance that there was players in it and not just 4 dads.

  • Owen Johnson

    That’s Chimera’s DAD?!

  • Myan

    Allow me to be a woman here for a sec…WHOA MR. WILSON! All is explained.

  • Myan

    No way that has to be his brother! …right??

  • I’d love if Mr. Erskine made me a knuckle sandwich. No, I have no idea why I just typed that.

  • Diller M

    2 observations of the first photo: 1) im glad to see a son a good 5 inches taller than his father, it gives me hope for my son.
    2) I didn’t know Braden was Alan Tudyk’s son.

  • NovaCath

    Joe B said that it was his brother.

  • Owen Johnson

    Oh ok. But if that were his dad, I would like to know his secret.