The Washington Capitals looked like they were about to go 0 for 2 on the power play to start the second period. Unable to gain the zone until late in their second man advantage, the Caps eventually got some traffic in front of the net, but it wasn’t going in.

The puck rebounded behind Carey Price’s net and it seemed the play was over. But then Alex Ovechkin put all those juggling skills he’s practicing to use. He grabbed the puck mid-air, brought it back to the front of the net, and put it behind Price to open up scoring.

After what seems like weeks without offense, the Capitals may be back. Thank Ovi.

8:20PM Update: Ovechkin’s goal came just as the power play expired. It has been changed to an even-strength marker.

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  • Barry

    I would pay cash money to see Holtby get the shutout tonight

  • Roman Z.


  • Chris Cerullo

    So sick)))))))

  • Chelsea Winot

    Is he a wizard? That was hockey sorcery and I’m gonna need some major convincing to tell me otherwise.

  • guest


  • brian!


  • Thejapuma

    Not cool.

  • Dan

    I like this game.

  • Jack Conness

    No one better than number eight.

  • RY

    Pay up

  • Myan

    That’s leadership by example. How could the guys on the bench watch that happen and not get pumped? What an incredible goal.

  • JenniferH

    If I could have, I would have just kept rewinding it over and over. Talk about mad hockey skillz. Ovi, he haz them!

  • Grace

    Perhaps we are seeing yet another tennis influence here!

  • Dan

    Mad respect for the skills, love it. But I still can’t figure out what the entire Canadiens team is thinking just leaving him there at the side of the net. Oh well, glad it was them having defensive breakdowns, for a cahnge…

  • Dan

    That would be, “change.” Defense makes me too excited to type.

  • Max

    Great goal!

    Let’s talk about something: Is it just me, and granted it’s kind of hard to see, but did Ovi actually bank that shot it off Price’s butt?

    Seriously… look at Prices reaction right after the bank, he puts his blocker right up against his posterior. Probably isn’t wearing a butt pad, probably just reacted cause it hurt.

  • Danny Marx

    I agree with your assessment of Price’s reaction. Think about the metaphorical implications of what Oveckin does here. Goalies get brutally butthurt by Ovi’s trick shots. I wish he would do stuff like this in shootouts

  • Cthulu’s Alarm Clock

    They got caught puck-watchin’. You could almost hear their thoughts: “Wait……is he……is he juggling? During a game? Is he serio- Ah crap, he just scored.”

  • RT23

    I can’t back this up numerically but I have had the impression for the last few seasons that whenever Ovi gets the chance to juggle the puck there is a very high likelihood that he will then do something spectacular. Especially when he does it at mid ice, he almost always then tears into the zone and actually successfully dekes the D and rips a shot. I think it gets him pumped up. Am I alone or has anyone else noticed this?

  • RT23

    Also, hate to quibble but as a lacrosse player I wouldn’t call this a lacrosse goal. This was more of a hackeysack goal.