Casey Wellman Scores First NHL Goal Since 2012


Photo credit: Eric Bolte

Coming into Saturday’s game, the Washington Capitals had scored eight goals in their last seven games. Against the Habs, they had five. Thirteen players tallied a point in the contest while three skaters scored their first goal of the year. None of the markers were more surprising than the one scored by Casey Wellman, called up just before the game in place of the injured Mikhail Grabovski. It was Wellman’s first goal as Capital. Not bad to be assisted by Alex Ovechkin either.

“I’m really happy for the opportunity,” Wellman told reporters after the game.  “I got the word last night. We had an away game in Syracuse. Stayed overnight in Syracuse, caught a flight in the morning to Philadelphia, and then transferred here. Got here about three o’clock and got ready for the game.”

GIF by welshhockeyfan.

Wellman’s goal came midway through the third period with the Caps already up 4-0. Ovechkin picked up the loose puck in Washington’s zone, starting a 2-on-1 with the fourth liner. As they got close to the net, Ovi faked a shot before feeding the puck cross ice to Wellman, who put the puck in the net for his fifth career goal and first since January 2012. He had previously scored four other ones in the NHL courtesy of various spurts with the Minnesota Wild. Capitals head coach Adam Oates said Wellman, a center, was brought up to replace Grabovski because of the skating ability he showed in his one other big league game this season.

“I was pretty happy with the way I played,” Wellman said. “I felt good.”

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  • Chris Cerullo

    That pass though. Finally someone who can finish it lol.

  • Sergey Popov

    Seems like Ovie was even happier than Wellman

  • Myan

    Ugh it feels so good to have Ovi back. He really stepped up big time for us tonight!

  • joonas6

    Very happy for Casey. I high fived him in Finland when he was playing for Minnesota Wild. He was a healthy scratch and eating a hot dog pretty much right next to me in the crowd. I don’t know why I’m telling this. Haha. But I like the kid!

  • JenniferH

    It was sick!!!)))))

  • Whitey Wheeler

    Great play by Ovie… love the behind-the-back move at the start.

  • Bugs Fire

    Obviously, Murray’s fault. As we all remember from the dissection of the overtime goal by Canes, the D-man should block the passing line and leave the goalie to deal with the possible shot.

    The ridiculous but widely disseminated notion that Ovie is so selfish he would always take a shot apparently helped Caps in this case. Now all we need is someone disabusing Backstrom and Johansson of the same misguided belief. Which, you know, will help Backstrom to be ready for Ovie’s pass when he is in front of the net, so that he will maybe beat Price next time.

  • Owen Johnson

    Wow. Just noticed Ovi’s behind the back to control it. In soccer they call that a “good first touch.”

  • RT23

    I love everything that Ovi did on this play and it helps demonstrate how underrated his passing and overall game are but Let’s not overlook Wellman’s finish. He positioned himself perfectly,, slowing down and setting his skates in a shooting position and then, instead of an inaccurate one timer or holding on forever, he executes a quick catch/aim/shoot high inside the near post. When you watch it from behind the goalie got over well but the shot was perfectly placed.

    Yes this is all hockey 101 but how few times have we seen that from a Cap this year and how many more goals and wins would the Caps have if most of the lineup could execute it. Love Wellman so far. I know – small sample size but I see potential for him to help us actually have an NHL caliber 4th line.

  • VeggieTart

    Maybe Ovi would pass more if the guys he passed it to would shoot more.

  • Bryan Gleason

    Ovi confirmed for master assist-man

  • Bryan Gleason

    I think he would pass more if he wasn’t paid gallons of dollar bills to shoot the puck.

  • Bryan Gleason

    Is there anything Ovechckicken can’t do?