The Capitals beat the Buffalo Sabres 5-4 on Tuesday night, but it wasn’t a very good game. The Caps blew the lead three times and let the Sabres surge back, but the real ugliness occurred when Buffalo defenceman and plug Mike Weber went headhunting for Swedes.

It started five minutes into the second period, when Weber put a chicken wing out for  Marcus Johansson, who played through a concussion last season.

Johansson fell to the ice in pain as play was stopped.

The referees called Weber for only a two-minute interference penalty, which apparently wasn’t much of a deterrent.

With the game tied in the third, Weber struck again, elbowing Nick Backstrom, who missed forty games to a concussion in 2011-12.

With less than a minute left in regulation, Backstrom skated off for a long shift change. The linesman wasn’t looking as Weber strode forward and popped up his second dirty elbow of the night.

Backstrom fell to the ice and appeared in pain, though he did return to play before overtime. Weber was not punished for the hit.

Weber has committed 17 penalties this season, which some coaches and fantasy leagues still think of as a virtue. When it comes to puck possession, however, Weber ranks 192nd out of the 193 defenders who have played at least half the season. And that’s despite some relatively cozy deployment.

Weber is not cut out for the NHL, but while he’s here, it seems he’s gonna keep trying to hurt Swedish players with a history of head injuries.

Be proud, Buffalo.

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  • Bo

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  • hahaha ASCII art
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    is your modem 28.8 or 56k?

  • Joey Doukmetzian

    From: Joey
    Re: Mike Weber Hit

    Please suspend him before he ruins someone’s olympics chances. Or you can just banish him to the AHL (if that’s possible).


  • That is AMAZING

  • Dave

    How did the ref miss the hit on Backstrom? He’s like 4 feet away…

  • Rob W.

    just dont understand why anyone would go after nicky, the guy is like lidstrom, almost a perfect human being

  • Chris Cerullo

    He should have topped it off by nailing Enroth in the grill postgame

  • TowsonTrumpetGuy .

    I’d just like to throw in how much I LOVE the Firefly reference in here. Thanks for the geek out!

  • tmmu22

    Such a 人渣

  • Alexander S. Bauer

    If you really wanted to punish Buffalo, you’d make us start him every night. Hate that guy and want him bought out in the offseason. That said, dirty hit on Backstrom? Cheap, yes, uncalled for, sure, but pretty weak.

  • CapsFan4403

    “Cheap, yes, uncalled for, sure”

    AKA a dirty hit.

  • BabaYaga

    First off, that’s a linesman. He is only allowed to advise a referee after play stops of any infractions that he noticed; he is not allowed to call a penalty himself.
    Second, as an official, I can personally say that the near official often misses plays “right next to him” as his duties are focused towards play away from him. Often when you hear commentators say “somehow only the far official saw that,” this is in fact the correct officiating procedures as it is easier for the far official to see the play developing.

    All that being said, Weber is a goon and should be suspended.. Go Caps!!

  • OSnapSonnn .

    Who expects to get hit while making a line change with the puck deep in the offensive zone? No one, which is why it’s worse than the average board-crunching check. It’s fine that you don’t know anything about hockey, you’re trying to match your team, but don’t spread your ignorance here.

  • Mysterio

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  • rapmadrob

    Oh I see the hidden picture! It’s a sailboat!

  • Eric Paulus

    Good point. He is clearly looking right at it tho, so wonder what he advised on that one.

  • [standing ovation]

  • james1968

    I’m a fan of both the Capitals and the Sabres. As a Capitals fan I hope Weber gets an inperson hearing and at least 5-10 games. As a Sabres fan I hope it’s the rest of the season.

  • Graham Dumas


  • Graham Dumas


  • Shaun Phillips

    Hated those damn pictures. Never did see the damn boat.

  • Bryan Egan

    “It’s a schooner!”
    “You dumb bastard. it’s not a schooner. It’s a sailboat.”
    “A schooner is a sailboat you stupidhead!”

  • Alexander S. Bauer

    No I would characterize dirty as having a significant chance of injury. Looks like Weber hits Backstrom in the shoulder at about five miles per hour and most of the falling is Backstrom trying to make sure the ref saw it.

  • Alexander S. Bauer

    LOL, I would agree with you that it’s worse if it’s a harder hit, actually to the head (which it doesn’t appear to be), or from behind. Give him the two minutes for interference, and if one of your goons wants to beat on him for taking an unnecessary shot at one of your stars, great.

  • JH

    Nice try, troll.

  • Alexander S. Bauer

    Well, what’s your specific issue? Hockey is fun and I like the Capitals just fine, particularly Backstrom and Grabovski, and I’m somewhat curious as to what sort of ceilings players like Johansson and Wilson have.

    I think there’s a distinction between cheap and dirty. Dirty to me suggests an intent to injure or a high probability of causing injury. Cheap is just illegal or uncalled for. Most actions that garner penalties, hooking, holding the stick, some interference, are cheap but not dirty actions. Just an opinion. 🙂

  • Vince Constantino

    This kind of stuff needs to stop in the NHL. A useless player for a team that is basically eliminated from playoff contention should not be aloud to go around attempting to injure valuable players from teams that actually have a chance.

  • goonstwone

    I didn’t get to watch the game, but who on the Caps made Weber answer for these two hits? Probably nobody is my guess. Weber is a POS but somebody has to make Weber answer or next it’ll be #8.

  • dcfury

    Fair point. I agree that he doesn’t hit Backstrom’s head, which definitely changes things. Personally, I’d have probably given him a double minor, one for interference and one for unsportsmanlike conduct given that is was his second ugly hit of the game, but you’re probably right and I’m just being vindictive. I thought the one on Johansson was real dirty though.

  • Alexander S. Bauer

    I can get behind a double minor, Weber’s antics, even though there didn’t seem to be a real chance of injuring Backstrom, are the kind of sideshow garbage that IMO doesn’t belong in hockey.

    Agreed on the Johansson hit, dirty, reckless, whatever you want to call it. I hope Shanahan doesn’t even let him explain himself. I’m sick of guys playing recklessly and getting into situations where “oopsie I just brained someone.” I assume most of these guys aren’t out to concuss each other and yet they keep putting themselves in situations where hits to the head are a likely outcome. Punish the recklessness, not the results.

  • danjay84

    As a Sabres fan, first hit was just plain dirty and uncalled for…. second one by bench was more of an acting job.

  • Don Kunes

    Weber , Scott ,Kaleta …any other Sabre you want to whine about?…

  • Jonwan

    So….did the nhl ever address these dirty hits????

  • CapsFan4403

    *ANY* hit in the NHL *could* cause an injury. When you take someone down with (in your words) a “cheap” or “uncalled for” hit you *increase* the chance for an injury.

    So how is this “cheap, uncalled for” hit *not* dirty?

  • Eric Schulz

    And Weber will injure his elbow…

  • Eric Schulz

    Yes, he “acted” like a guy just threw his elbow into Backstrom’s face when he was going to make a line change. Backstrom’s a bit of a method actor.