Alex Ovechkin: “I Was Today Worst Player”


Photo: Greg Bartram

After winning two straight games against weak teams, the Capitals returned to their losing ways on Thursday with a 5-2 defeat to Columbus. That means we’re in for another edition of Depressing Postgame Quotes.

Alex Ovechkin, in particular, took a hit against the Blue Jackets. The league’s leading scorer was on the ice for all five Columbus goals, with Ovi’s critics salivating at his minus-five.

“I was today bad out there,” Ovechkin told reporters after the game. “Blame on me. It’s not about Jojo, Carly, or Holts. I can’t play like that.”

“I feel bad for my team because I have to lead by example, but today I was worst guy,” the captain added.

Ovechkin’s defensive play, it should be said, was fine. The goals against fall more on sloppy play by his teammates and boneheaded defense. Offensively though, Ovi was held to just two shots on goal, tied for his lowest total of the season.

Ovi wasn’t the only one with fiery rhetoric after the game. Adam Oates sounded off, blaming the team’s poor start for the loss. He mentioned the word “terrible” eight times in three minutes.

“We were terrible,” the coach said. “It was probably the worst period that I’ve seen the boys play in over a year, the first period. Why, I don’t know.”

“All in all, terrible first 30 minutes of hockey,” continued Oates. “Terrible start.”

With the drubbing, the Caps now stand in 12th place in the Eastern Conference.

“It’s very disappointing,” Oates said losing points to a division opponent. “Very disappointing.”

“We gotta fix it,” he concluded.

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  • Jack Conness

    None of the blame should be place on Ovi. He has carried this team for years. It is about damn time he gets some players and coaches that can help him.

  • Chris Cerullo

    “We gotta fix it”………………………….. IT’S FEBRUARY.

  • Matt Root

    (Insert typical leader speech to the media after a drubbing)

    Ovi taking the blame to deflect blame is nice, but definitely evident to see through. The only thing Ovi related I was truly upset about was that he was on the ice for all of the goals because all the anti-Ovi crowd clamors to +/- as an indication of skill and will vehemently use tonight’s game to slam the guy (Also insert Jeff Schultz pic)

    To me, what is unsettling is how many times I’ve read the re-cap of Oates post-game media segments and he uses the phrase “I don’t know.” Feel like the head coach needs to be a little more aware than that. Or perhaps he’s just avoiding publicly placing a player on blast. Either way, I don’t like how commonplace that phrase has become.

  • Eric Schulz

    Um… did Oates watch the 2nd period? Did anybody think the 1st was worse than the 2nd?

  • Mike Duche

    Ovi’s supporting cast needs to change, they are a talented team and need to start playing as such. Every year we see pick ups of great players that don’t mesh with the team that they have. With this much talent, this season so far is far from acceptable!!

  • Brouwer Rangers
  • MuzzMuzzington


  • JH

    Assuming they don’t make the playoffs, would you fire Oates or give him more time? If you fire him, who would you replace him with? Same on personnel – I think Laich and Brouwer, for example, take up too much cap space relative to their on-ice performance, but trading them ain’t gonna get us a whole lot in return. So, aren’t we kind of stuck there? I’m flummoxed.

  • Clint Petty

    I know Oates doesn’t do post game speeches in the locker room, but he could at least put this on repeat

  • Matthew Kory

    Like the rest of us he probably blacked out after the first 20 minutes.