Midway through the third period of that awful game, I got a little confused when I looked at the background behind Sergei Bobrovsky. There I saw two NHL referees drinking beer in the front row. “What the hell,” I said to myself. “That’s so unprofessional.”

Then I saw them bang the glass after a big Bobrovsky save, and it occurred to to me that these guys weren’t actually scorekeepers or even referees. They were Blue Jackets fans. Clever, clever, awful Blue Jackets fans.

Synchronized drink! He drinks, we drink!

I’m not sure what has happened to Columbus – or should I say #CLUMBUS – but this weird Ohio city I never want to visit is becoming a hockey town. I salute them.

I was told by a friend at the game that the arena was mostly full. The crowd serenaded Braden Holtby with a HOLT-BY chant after the Blue Jackets scored goal number five. Then there was that kid behind Adam Oates who I’m going to go ahead and name number one star of the night even though I hate him.

Even the Blue Jackets twitter account trolled the Caps.

And then there’s this sassy cannon guy. What is going on?

All Columbus needs is a dude with a horn and a fan nicknamed after a barn animal.

  • Chris Cerullo

    I said the Adam Oates moose thing was the best thing from tonight’s game. I was wrong. THIS is.

  • Here’s some more screenshots of them.

  • skillet

    Great lines Oates?????

  • Joe

    Their crowd sounded great. I never had intentions of visiting for an away Caps game, but for the right ticket price, this could crack my top 5 for an upcoming g season.

  • jennrubenstein

    you should definitely come! this was actually my first time at nationwide, and it was a lot of fun. i’m definitely thinking of making it an annual thing now that we’re in the same division. the fans are cool, and it’s not a bad drive from dc. plus if you time it right, you can see an ohio state game on the same trip – i planned this trip for tonight’s caps game and tomorrow’s osu-psu hockey game, there’s a good amount of football season overlap plus there’s always bball, if you’re into any ncaa stuff. since i went to school here, the city has changed a lot – there’s a ton of great food, plus jeni’s (as seen in sam’s horn in the arrowine commercial) is based here, and the zoo is my favorite, even better than the smithsonian zoo – no seriously. it’s jack hanna’s zoo, and they have manatees.

    and yeah… as much as the caps were sucking, that cannon is freakin awesome.

  • jennrubenstein

    the only thing missing from tonight was dancing kevin. i thought he was their superfan, but maybe he’s only at some games…

  • Brian Bean

    Columbus is a pretty good place to visit. A must go to is the R-Bar. Very close to the arena, a really great Hockey bar! They have tons of stuff memorabilia all over the place. Great beer in 100oz containers!!!

  • Andy

    I’m a caps fan originally from Columbus- have to grit my teeth now that they are in the same division as the jackets and am nervous I’m slowly developing some kind of identity disorder when they play. Really sucks that it comes at the caps expense, but it is nice to see cbj play some decent hockey and that people in c-bus are noticing.

  • Owen Johnson

    I guess it’s good to see people supporting CBJ. I went to college about 2 hours from Columbus and I knew exactly ZERO Jackets fans. I was 6 hours from Pittsburgh and knew several Penguins fans.

  • Mike S

    Said no one ever……

  • Shaun Phillips

    2nd on the zoo. The primates are awesome there. My buddy got a gibbon pissed off at him (he smiled at it) and the thing swung and hit the glass so hard we thought he was going to break it.

  • rotational

    I went to see the Ducks vs. CBJ last year on a whim because I had nothing better to do that weekend. We had a great time, Nationwide is a really nice venue and the local fans and staff are very friendly. Some of the local microbrews are great too, and there was plenty of partying in the arena district after the game.

    The CBJ alternate jerseys are just gorgeous too.