Mike Knuble Vists the Caps at Joe Louis Arena (Photo)


Screenshot *gasp* of the Caps Snapchat via @Shorty_Spice

Former Washington Capitals first-line winger and forever hockey god Mike Knuble stopped by Joe Louis Arena today to visit with the Caps ahead of their game Friday night against the Red Wings. Usually, this is where I would make some kind of witty comment, but I have nothing to add other than YEY KANOOBS IS BACK! Knuble played just three seasons with the Caps (and, ew, he used to be a Flyer), but he left an indelible mark on this community. He’s a consummate professional, always great in a press scrum. After last night, the presence of a guy like Knuble might be exactly what this team needs.

I’m guessing there’ll be more about Knuble’s visit from the Caps or the beat writers. We’ll update this post when there is.

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  • Klug

    Carlson you’ve lost your hand in battle!

    Looks like we’ll need a new dman (with 2 hands).

  • RT23

    Knuble for Coach, or GM, or Ass’t Coach of Crashing the Crease, Rebounds and Back-Checking – anything. We need his heart in the organization.

  • Chris Cerullo

    I miss the old 8-19-22 line

  • RT23

    Seriously, Ted should rent Knuble a 5 bedroom house and make Laich, Brouwer, Erat and Wilson move in with him for the rest of the season. See what rubs off. They could turn it into a reality show to compete for ratings against the Ovi, Grabbo, Orli, Kuzy show someone suggested last week.

  • DonGiovanna

    Well, hey, if he’s a UFA and only signed a one-year with Flyers, we could get him to butt on back over next season. We need ’em all — d-men, forwards, impenetrable brick-wall goalies (Scrivens up for it?), etc. This team needs a major overhaul.

  • VeggieTart

    Haven’t we learned the lesson about hiring former players as coaches?

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    Come baaaaack!!!

  • RT23

    Tongue was firmly in cheek. Of course he’s not ready for any of those jobs but I think we lost a lot of this team’s character when he left. So I am totally serious about my Power Forward House reality show idea below. OK, not totally serious but I can’t help but think that Knuble was a great role model for Laich when he was here and he could mentor Wilson and maybe even help Brouwer and Erat work out what’s wrong.

  • Patrick Neimeyer

    Knubbbesssss! Miss the old line brawler and power forward for the capitals legendary playoffs runs..Sigh although we never got really past the 2nd round, the Game 7 Joel Ward Mike Knuble Hookup against Boston still tingles my leg 🙂

  • CSA

    He was a hard working, stand in front of the net, get ugly goals type guy. Only overpaid, non-producing, cutesy forwards need apply here.

    He’s bout that action, BOSS!!!

  • Eddie

    Yup… KnOB line was the best.

  • Dan


  • VeggieTart

    Oh, I agree the Caps lost a lot when he left. And we do need his character–but from whom?

  • Don’t mind me. Just testing hyperlinks in discuss.

  • Shaun Phillips


  • Shaun Phillips

    It was those mittens. Really didn’t protect against the frost-bite well enough.

  • elguapo


    We need more of what 22 brought to the game.

  • Just_sayin3

    Sure do miss Knuble!

  • Hockey mom

    The end of that season is when I really discovered hockey, and seeing 22 and 42 crash the net was just awesome!