Saturday Update: NHL scoring officials have credited Joel Ward with the goal.

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin had himself a pretty ordinary game against the Detroit Red Wings Friday. Well, that is until the 60th minute of play. That’s when Ovi summoned the combined powers of Hercules, Paul Bunyan, and one of those unscrewable pickle jar lids and used it to tie the game with seven seconds left to go in regulation.

As John Carlson laid a perfect pass into Ovechkin’s wheelhouse, the Russian machine wound up and fired from the point. His one-timer beat Jimmy Howard stick side. Yeaaaaaa, BOI!

After the goal, John Walton lost his mind.


So did Joe B.


And, most importantly, so did Alex Ovechkin.

To celebrate, first an exuberant Ovechkin hopped twice in the air.

Next, he extended his arms out to his side like F$%^ You, I’m An Anteater and then jumped with his teammates.

Then there was screaming. Lots and lots of screaming.

This was the third time Ovechkin’s tied a game in the final minute this season. His other two clutch moments were against the Tampa Bay Lightning on December 10th (with 33 seconds to go) and the Philadelphia Flyers on December 15th (with 48 seconds to go).

Way to go, Ovi. What a great way to make up for last night.

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  • Ash

    The Caps wanna tank for lottery picks, but Captain Ovi is clearly all, “Nyet.”

    Alex fucking Ovechkin. Not the hero we deserve, but the hero we so very much need. Thank you for being awesome, Ovi.

  • This is so great. Or should I say so gr8))))))))))

  • Red

    I’ve been watching Ovi for a while (in a totally noncreepy way) and I’m pretty sure that tongue thing is something that was born just this season. My theory is that Ovi must have something untucked to enter beastmode. And since it can no longer be any part of his uniform….

    I totally approve this btw. Somebody give that man a lollipop for his efforts, cause he sure as hell ain’t getting no cup anytime soon.

  • troyerlaw

    I personally liked the Detroit TV broadcast team. The color guy sounds so disgusted when Ovie scores. “Do you believe it?” And the play-by-play guys says, “No. I can’t.” So bummed. Almost as bummed, in fact, as I was when I saw that for our seventh-round SO shooter, Oates was sending … Beagle. Till the day I die, I won’t understand that pic. Good hands? No. On a hot streak? No. A goal-scorer? No. There’s playing a hunch, and then there’s just sending literally the last guy on the team who should ever be sent. I would have sent Carrick, Carlson, Ward, Orlov, and even John Freaking Erskine before I sent Jeff Beagle. As I said on the HFboards game-day thread, no matter how long Oates lives, or what else he does with the rest of his life, this is what his grave marker should say, ‘He sent Beagle in the shootout.’ Just totally, utterly baffling. I mean, Wellman and Erat were already outside-the-box choices. But Beagle, that’s perverse.

  • Owen Johnson

    Hhahhaaahaha best ))))))))

  • Owen Johnson

    Really? You would send Erskine before anyone?
    Also his first name is Jay.

  • Shaun Phillips

    I’m guessing it was Ken and Mickey (haven’t watched the replay yet). They’re definitely among the top announcing duos in the league. Mickey’s been doing it since he finished his career with the Wings (1st 50 goal scorer in franchise history, retired at 28 due to back injuries). He’s in the HOF as a broadcaster. Joe B and Locker remind me a lot of Ken and Mickey (straight man play-by-play with the ex-hockey player knucklehead as the color).

  • ErskSMASH

    its such a shame gmgm is wasting (read: not putting a cup contending squad around him) this once in a generation talent… love ovi, but when does he start looking for the back door?

  • Oates is insane

    relax Johnson

  • As far as framing GMGM’s shortcomings, I think you did it perfectly. Ovi is being Ovi, and he needs some back-up.

  • Matt

    Watch his rookie season highlights. He always stuck his tongue out during his shootout attempts.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Well this happened lol.

    CapitalsPR ‏@CapitalsPR 1m

    SCORING CHANGE: Washington’s goal at 19:53 of the third period last night against Detroit has been credited to Joel Ward.

  • Brian

    I was surprised it took them that long. From the overhead view, it clearly looked to change directions off of Ward.

  • Sergey Popov

    Looks like NHL changed it to J. Ward from Ovechkin and Carlson

  • Eric Schulz

    How about that he uses Ovechkin as the 2nd shooter? That’s also dumb, I wouldn’t have him go top-4.

  • Eric Schulz

    Yeah, I was here to find that out; looked like it was deflected.