Michal Neuvirth may not have played very much this season. And sure, maybe he missed an entire month of action because he stepped on a puck going out for warm-ups. But dang it, tonight things were going to change, and he was not going to let anybody ruin it.

Case in point, his first period save on Gustav Nyquist. It was incredible.

As Jonathan Ericsson shot the puck from the left circle, Neuvy gave up a big rebound. But instead of allowing Nyquist to score an easy goal from the slot, Neuvirth went to the splits and stretched with all his might to get his glove on the puck. Look at this.

What a save.

CSN color commentator Craig Laughlin called the acrobatic stop the NHL’s save of the year. I don’t agree with that, but it’s definitely top ten.

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  • Andrew Sager

    Finally Neuvy gets some credit… He’s been my favorite ever since he started playing. Still can’t believe that some people thought that his poke check was a mistake… I mean, he got the puck didn’t he? And he stopped the breakaway. Sounds like a success to me.

  • Oryp

    Always frustrates me when commentators give purely one side of the game. “Nyquist couldn’t bury it” instead of “wonderful save by Neuvirth.” I guarantee you, if Howard had made a save like that, Joe B and Locker would have given him plenty of credit. Best announcers in the league in that regard as far as I’m concerned. /rant

  • BrazGoalie

    So true
    I hate NBC commentators they dont know hockey!(I know it was not nbc sportsnet this game).
    when they come on I just mute the tv
    I miss Joe B and Locker commenting in the playoffs. I miss 2008-2009 season.

  • BrazGoalie

    Neuvy has been my favorite Goalie since he came up from AHL.
    I dont understand how Holtby is still starter. He just got lucky. Now that the luck went away, we can see the true Holtby.
    Trade Holtby and NOT Neuvy

  • Bugs Fire

    Actually, that is a rather interesting thought. One of them has to be traded given that Grubauer is a solid backup goalie. Everyone thinks Neuvirth has to go (perhaps because he asked for a trade and because that frees more cap space). But he is very consistent this year despite of all the adversity.

  • BrazGoalie

    I bet this is going to be seen in a wrong way, but people follow what most people think because they do not know what is a good player and what is a bad player. From the beginning I knew Holtby was in lucky streak. Don’t get me wrong he is good. The problem is he is just like Theodore, Inconsistent. Most people that just “starts” following hockey because they are doing good cannot see that. After this season I bet a lot of fans will stop following and we will start seeing real hockey fans again.