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This doesn’t bring me the same amount of pure joy as Brooks Laich on the cover of Shy Magazine, but I’m still happy to bring you Alex Ovechkin and his fiancee Maria Kirilenko on the February cover of Washington Life Magazine. There is Sasha, wearing some fancy navy suit with a powder blue dress shirt, and his boo Masha, who is definitely wearing a dress (I’ll never be hired by E!), geeking out for the camera.

For the cover story, the crushin’ Russians spoke with former WUSA Sports Anchor and one-time EITM guy Brett Haber about how they first met, how they manage their relationship despite their travel schedules, and– oh yeah– the Olympics.

My favorite part of the article — which can be read online here — is Maria talking about where she sits at Caps games. Plus an update on her ice skating lessons.

Maria has become a fixture at Capitals games an ardent team supporter. She is a frequent invitee to Leonsis’ owner’s suite, but she prfers to sit in the seats at ice-level with Alex’s family. “When he scores he always looks for me and if I’m not there, he might get worried.”

To further demonstrate her commitment to being a hockey spouse, Maria has begun taking skating lessons from Donna Oates, wife of Caps head coach Adam Oates. Asked how she’s coming along, Kirilenko replies, “not good.”

Pick up yourself a copy of the magazine on news stands now!


Cover photo first tweeted out by @SergeyKocharov. Thanks to RMNB reader Mark H. for the heads up.

  • BondraOvie412

    I love Ovie….but really? Wear a tie with your suit, unless you just elbow dropped it ala Ric Flair..

  • Mark Chaffer

    You do not always need a tie.

  • e.g. when your neck is as thick as a tree trunk

  • T. Andrew


  • Mark Chaffer

    Or, you know, when it isn’t a business event. his shirt purposefully has flare for being worn in a more casual manner.

  • You will not find a more comprehensive discussion of Alex Ovechkin’s wardrobe than here.

  • Mark Chaffer

    Of all the sports stars to criticize for their outfit choices, though really

  • themav80

    Wait…in one picture Maria is taller. In the other Ovi is. Madness!

  • Golly Girl

    Hey, it isn’t sweatpants. Isn’t that a huge improvement for Ovi?

  • RMNB investigates

  • Whitey Wheeler

    In the first picture they are standing on a stairway.

  • RMNB investigation canceled

  • Catherine__M

    Love the gap.

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    Not sure of the dress but definitely a Cartier bracelet. Very conservative look for a woman her age. DC made her do it.

  • Katyusha

    The only headline ever ever ever used by the media about Russians is: From Russia with Love. Pathetic. These two deserve more originality. Even just a tiny bit. Grrr.

  • Owen Johnson

    Yeah, Ovi looks like a jockey in the first picture. He has the troll face in the second.

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    Smart money’s on a Donald Duck undershirt

  • Jesse Morgan

    Even more than the tuck rule debacle?

  • Bryan Egan

    Maybe Joe B should get some suiting up tips from Ovie.

  • BrazGoalie

    Someone always have to criticize a start
    i feel envy around here

  • sara

    Ted Leonisis being quoted in this article is making me laugh lol.