Dirty Hit? Matt Martin Boards Dmitry Orlov (GIF)


Eighteen minutes into the second period of Tuesday’s Capitals-Islanders game, New York’s Matt Martin boarded Dmitry Orlov.

About 15 feet inside the Islanders zone, Orlov gained the puck. He teed up to pass it deeper, turning his body into the pass. That’s when Matt Martin, skating from the other side of the ice, put a shoulder and elbow into the back of Orlov’s shoulder.

The ensuing scrum involved a pair of Islanders throwing gloved punches into Orlov’s face. Matt Martin served two minutes for boarding. Dmitry Orlov and Casey Cizikas each served two minutes for roughing.

The hit could get a look from the NHL. Martin traveled a long way to nail Orlov into the boards, and he hit him in the back and shoulder. That’s the kind of hit the league wants to see out of the game.

On the other hand, Orlov pivoted at the last second and turned his body into the boards (possibly to brace himself), increasing the severity of the hit. He certainly isn’t at fault for putting himself in a vulnerable position, but that move might have made the hit worse than Martin intended.

This is why the Department of Player Safety guys make the big bucks: to make decisions like these. Your thoughts?

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  • Sweedish Meatballs

    Don’t know why it wasn’t 5 and the gate to be honest

  • Chris Cerullo

    Been suspended twice before I believe. Should get a look but with how unpredictable Shanaban is I’m not sure if supplementary disciple will be given.

  • Zach S.

    Dirtier than Bruce Boudreau’s mouth in the HBO 24/7 Series

  • Josh Carey

    My take: how is that not 5 minutes?
    Second take: how did Orlov get a penalty?

  • Roman Z.

    At least Boudreau’s mouth won games, can’t say the same about Oates’

  • Kyle

    I don’t think it’s suspension worthy. Dirty hit but Orlov did turn and Martin did slow up (well stopped accelerating). I feel like a 5 would have been enough overall.

  • Dave

    This may be unpopular, but I say no suspension. The hit comes less than a second after Orlov tries to get rid of the puck. Secondly, on the replay, you can see that Martin actually played the puck successfully, which is bouncing on the ice right next to Orlov on the ice.

    If Wilson was no suspension, I don’t see how this is.

    But maybe I don’t understand the rules. Is it just the distance he traveled, even though Orlov had the puck?

  • Andrew

    Watching the entire bench erupt like that scared me more than the hit.

  • Boush

    I don’t see how that isn’t charging. Wilson gets called for skating to the puck and shifting gears when someone gets it. Martin skates directly at Orlov the whole time. Suspension – no, probably not. Penalty? Absolutely.

  • Barrett

    Charging or boarding, but not suspension worthy.

  • Barrett

    Roughing penalty with Cizikas.

  • Barrett

    Oates’ mouth only gets him traded or his captaincy striped.

  • RESmith

    Boarding was the right call. Orlov did turn at the last moment and it
    appears from the angle of the first gif posted that Martin was
    intending to aim to hit Orlov in the shoulder in the side if he did not
    do so. The hit looks worse than it does in part because Martin looses
    balance when he makes contact and falls into Orlov and the boards. I
    don’t think there is intent to injure.

  • Barrett

    Peter, I’m pretty sure the NHL rules on boarding indicate the referees have to make judgment calls on if the player receiving the hit puts himself in a vulnerable position prior to or simultaneously during a hit. So, there is at least some responsibility on the player being hit to not put himself in that position.

  • VeggieTart

    How the hell was that only two minutes? Orlov is lucky he wasn’t hurt!

  • Bill S

    To me the problem wasn’t the initial hit it was the arms pushing out to send him into the boards even harder. Ridiculous that Orlov gets a roughing call too when he was basically defending himself in a scrum after a nasty hit.

  • Eric Schulz

    I only watched about 17 minutes of this game, but jesus christ the officiating was ATROCIOUS! I hate to complain about the officials (I do it a lot, but I hate having to), but the call on Ward was a bullshit call, that shit happens all the time. He was testing to see if the Islander was holding his stick tight; he wasn’t, penalty on Ward? No. The interference call on Brouwer was complete garbage, I don’t feel like skating into a player constitutes interference on that player. Obviously the check at the end of the 2nd period wasn’t a penalty, I can’t fucking believe they called that shit. And then, I didn’t agree with the penalty shot awarded to Grabner. I thought he got stick much more than glove. That may just be me being so pissed by their inability to comprehend the information their eyes send to their brains that I am going too far the other way; I don’t think it was as bad as the first 3 calls – it was, at the very least, defensible – but christ.
    Also, what the FUCK Neuvirth? Can we please trade for Miller so we can stop watching our goalies give away points, it’s getting really frustrating.
    Also, I thought Martin clearly deserved 2 minutes, maybe even 4; I’d need to see some examples of hits that got 2 and that got 4 to judge. Given that Brouwer’s non-interference completely washed out that hit, that seems wrong. Brouwer’s non-interference, even had he ACTUALLY committed interference, would not have been equivalent to the penalty committed by Martin. I don’t feel like a suspension is warranted. Speaking of which, when will Weber’s suspension be handed down? Still waiting…

  • Eric Schulz

    Yeah, I have to disagree; I’m okay with Orlov and Cizikas getting penalties that wash, leading to a single PP for the Caps (although Martin possibly deserved 4). I understand Orlov’s reaction, but that doesn’t mean he should get away with it. Seeing that penalty wiped out because Brouwer didn’t go Shadowcat? Yeah, that was bullshit. “Being a tangible object” isn’t a penalty.

  • Oh weird, I didn’t even know this was my byline.

  • Spoderman

    Have you read the rulebook? He stopped skating easily 15 feet before the hit. This is not a charge. Orlov turned. No supplemental disciplinediscipline needed

  • Dcsportsfan85

    Didn’t really look too closely at the penalty shot call but if it was close they were probably giving them a make up call for not giving the Isles a penalty shot when Carrick basically tackled Vanek from behind earlier in the game.

    I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic, but why the hell are you complaining about Neuvirth. He played awesome tonight. I’d take 1 goal against every night.

    I didn’t like the Brouwer call either because I thought the refs should have let it slide after only giving a 2 minute minor for boarding. It did look like Brouwer was trying to set a pick and moved into the defenders path at the last second; but again I thought they should have let it slide so the caps actually got a PP from that hit on Orlov. Everytime I’ve seen that hit it’s been at least a five minute major and sometimes a match penalty. If Orlov hadn’t popped up so quickly they probably would have doled out a more severe penalty.

    Overall, I have almost given up on the caps season. They’re just not even close to being a good team, but holding out Evgeny Kuznetsov will be the second coming of Evgeni Malkin and the caps can trade for a shutdown defenseman.

  • Eric Schulz

    You thought Carrick “tackled” Vanek? That’s called a check, which is totally legal. Even the announcers agreed with me on that one; that was an atrocious call. I, again, disagree about Brouwer, as he wasn’t really trying to set a pick, he was just moving out of the way of the puck-carrier. He clearly tried to avoid the Islander.
    I thought it was pretty obvious I was joking about Neuvirth; we scored 0 goals, pretty disingenuous to fault him for the loss. I thought we played REALLY well (until late in the 3rd), and that, plus a very close game, makes those 4 bullshit calls sting all the more. Should’ve been a win, the officials did their best to prevent it. To paraphrase Slevin Kelevra, fuck them both.

  • CSA

    Not a fan of the hit, but our guys really need to make a better attempt at keeping themselves out of vulnerable situations. You have to mentally aware of who is on the ice for the other team (i.e. Matt Martin, Clutterbuck, etc.).

    Orlov has been watching to many Mike Green highlights. He was consistently being run all night.

  • Simonezero

    Bad hit, well deserved penalty and got my blood boiling a bit. Have to comment though that Orlov took probably 20 hits last night, or at least it felt like it. And each one was LOUD against the boards. Kid has to have hips of steel or get better at maneuvering away from approaching players.