Michael Latta Ribs Steve Oleksy About Birthday

We all had a sad when Steve Oleksy was sent down to Hershey a few weeks ago, but maybe we underestimated the entertainment value of his and Michael Latta‘s friendship. They’re both adept at the Twitter and they both love to joke around.

Yesterday was Oleksy’s 28th birthday, so naturally Latta did something special for his broseph.

Later Wednesday, the chirping continued.

First, Latta tweeted out a photo of Oleksy taking a nap.

A few minutes later, Oleksy responded.

Minor league hockey, major league chirping.

Thanks to Fedor Fedin for pointing out the tweets.

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  • Chris Cerullo

    Steve-O looks like he had a good night out lol

  • CapsFan4403

    Love the Wizards hat that Oleksy is unconsciously reaching for.

  • Nicole Lippy

    Now that Strachan’s gone, can we have Oleksy back?

  • Jonah

    They should both be major league hockey, but the major league chirping is wayyyy more entertaining than watchig them become part of oateshockey.

  • VeggieTart

    Oh, but Steve O. got him back good. I love these two guys.

  • factoryofsadness

    oleksy > Erskine/carrick

  • VeggieTart

    Schmidt/Oleksy > Erskine/Carrick.

  • Bryan Egan

    I dunno. I like Carrick. A lot of his issues are the fact that he has John freaking Erskine opposite him. I am sure Erskine will make everyone look bad. Put Carrick with Oleksy!

  • Carrick with Erskine 50.2% shot attempts
    Carrick without Erskine 41.7% shot attempts
    Erskine without Carrick 45.0% shot attempts

    they make each other better apparently— wtf