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Washington Capitals defenseman John Carlson is two games away from flying to Sochi, Russia, to participate in his first ever Olympic Games. Beyond some patriotic mittens and a press conference in front of The White House, the fanfare around Carlson’s honor has been, at least in my opinion, kinda tame.

Tonight, that’ll get kicked up another notch. During pre-game warm-ups, Reader Julia D. will be holding the sign above. It reads Good Luck Carly! Bring home the gold! It is awesome and I love it.

Reasons why this is awesome and you should love it too:

  • I took two advanced typography classes in college so I’m an authority when I say this: the typography is great. It tells a story. It’s aligned well and it’s clean to read (and note to Peter, there’s no freaking Comic Sans). The first line is in stars-and-stripes blue. The second line is the color of a delicious Nathan’s hotdog and/or freedom. The third line is blue again. And then a nice touch of gold to complete the thought.
  • Is the gold puffy paint? The gold is puffy paint.
  • Collage-ing that nice, happy gold medal over Angry John’s angrier arm is a lovely contrast.

A week ago, we released our latest t-shirt saluting Carly’s accomplishment.

Have you got any tributes for Carly? Jerseys? …Mittens? Upload your pics in the comments below.

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  • Brackaphobia

    The medals should actually be that big

  • Aimee

    We cheered him on at the White House. Quite exciting!

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Carlson GWG tonight, take it to #TheThing

  • Yo8

    LOL nooope! #TeamRussia!