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The Capitals had a hard time getting offensive opportunities early in Thursday’s Caps-Jets game, but a wild scrum in front of Ondrej Pavelec during the first period was a chance to change all that. Somehow, inexplicably, the Jets kept the puck from crossing the goal line. Dustin Byfuglien, the Jets’ 6’5″, 265-pound defenseman-turned-forward (or vice versa… I’m confused), finally broke out and got the puck in neutral while facing down rookie blueliner Patrick Wey, whom Big Buff hit rather rudely just ten seconds earlier.

Wey got his revenge.

Wey stepped into Byfuglien. Byfuglien looked like he hit a wall. That’s some fearless play for a rookie who is two inches and 55 pounds smaller than Winnipeg’s behemoth. The play forced the Jets offsides and ended their counterattack.

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  • Loved it! I initially thought Oates calling them up instead of more experienced guys like Oleksy was him just being spiteful and/or intentionally trying to get fired but then they played really well and made Oates look pretty smart. I liked their control of the blue line.

  • Anela

    I like how Wey in the gif looks like he’s just – F* it, I’mma do this and WHAM! Byfuglien was probably pretty surprised by that play.

  • Fedor

    I can watch that gif forever.

  • factoryofsadness

    Need any more proof Erskine is done for in the NHL?