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With Swedish twin Henrik Sedin still ailing from a rib injury, Washington Capitals center Marcus Johnasson has been named to Sweden’s Olympic team as his injury replacement. According to @Rabiesmalin, Johansson was told the news through Nicklas Backstrom two hours before the Caps’ pre-game Olympic send-off ceremony with John Kerry.

This is the first time Johansson has represented his country in international competition since he was named captain of the Swedish World Junior Championship team in 2010. Johansson also played on the WJC team in 2009 and the U18 team in 2008 and 2007.

From the Caps:

Washington Capitals left wing Marcus Johansson will represent Sweden at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Sweden announced Johansson was added to the team’s 25-man roster today.

Johansson, 23, will be making his first Olympic appearance and will join Capitals teammate Nicklas Backstrom on the Swedish Olympic team. Johansson represented Sweden at the 2009 and 2010 World Junior Championships and was captain of the Swedish team in 2010. In 11 career games at the World Junior Championship, Johansson recorded three goals and five assists. The 6’1″, 204-pound left wing won a silver medal with Sweden in 2009 and a bronze medal in 2010.

Johansson has played in 58 games with the Capitals this season, registering seven goals and 29 assists. The Landskrona, Sweden, native has tallied 131 points (40 goals, 91 assists) in 241 career NHL games. Johansson joins Capitals teammates Nicklas Backstrom (Sweden), John Carlson (United States), Martin Erat (Czech Republic) and Alex Ovechkin (Russia) in representing their respective countries at the 2014 Winter Olympics.


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  • Chris Cerullo

    Happy for him. I think the bigger ice surface suits his game and he should be able to shine. A Hagelin-Kruger-Mojo line would be very interesting.

  • VeggieTart

    Congrats, Mojo, and good luck!

  • Troy

    Marcus Johansson, the worth first line player in the NHL. Though the bigger ice will help his game a bit, there’s nothing that will help that mustache!

    (Worst first line player wasn’t as much of a shot at Mojo, more of a shot at our front office.)

  • jp_daddi0

    I think you meant Washington Capitals left wing, not center.

  • Scott Mallon

    Erat has been playing on the top line as of late. Also, producing 50 pts on the first line is pretty damn good, which is what he’s on pace to do this year. he just needs to shoot more on the rush. his board play has improved rapidly. We need to improve the chemistry of the second line, and get better help from the back end. when the team is firing on all cylinders, the top line from washington is top five in the league when at its full potential.

  • debateable

  • I wrote him as center because A) he’s replacing Sedin (who’s a center) B) He’s a natural center. I realize he’s not playing much of it in DC currently, but I still think that was a fair characterization. 😀

  • Eric Schulz

    In my opinion: Johansson IS a center, he’s PLAYING left wing. Comparison: last year, Seguin IS a center, he PLAYED right wing.

  • BugFighter

    Wow…he is so bad….Every time he touches the puck he turns ir over….He looks sad and lost out on the ice. Team Sweden just signed their death warrant.

  • plannne

    He actually represented Sweden in a minor tournament during the lockout, so this will not be his first time. He played with Backstrom against Ovi during that span.

    Bottom line, congrats mojo!

  • Pat Magee

    Sounds like horrible affliction………. I’m so sorry((((((((

  • Troy

    Erat is on pace for 50 points? so 3 goals and 47 assists? Also, I will let you know that Washington was a top five team in the league for about TWO YEARS, THAT IS ALL. 2008’s top line (Backstrom 69 points, Kozlov 54 points) was just above average, in ’09 when the caps went 8-19-28 Backstrom had 88 points and Semin had 79! in 2010 Backstrom had 101 and Knuble (lol) had 53… KNUBLE HAD 53 POINTS AND YOU THINK THAT 50 POINTS IS “pretty damn good” for a “top five team in the league?”
    Top 5 teams (randomly) – Chicago, Boston, Pittsburgh, Anaheim, St Louis——- Chicago’s 1st line (Sharp, Toews, Hossa) already have 50+ points each, Boston’s top line (Krejci, Iginla, Lucic) have 50, 42, and 41 respectively WITH 20+ games to go! Even weird Pittsburgh lines, because they have the two best centers in the game, still have more points (Crosby, Kunitz, Jokinen) with 78, 55, and 42 respectively.
    Top caliber teams first liners score 60-70 points, and sometimes those teams have 2nd liners in the 55+ range. The Capitals, on the other hand, have but Ovi (60) and Backy (56) even with Johansson getting carried by powerplay points he only has 36 for a top liner… Wardo MIGHT crack 55 points and Grabo as well if he is healthy, and that is all. Sad sad sad that you think this capitals team can compete. I mean, I am the biggest fan personally and I hope the Caps win 10 cups in a row, but sometimes you have to be more realistic. MAKING the playoffs would be a HUGE surprise to me, nevertheless being called “a top 5 caliber team.”