RMNB Predicts the Olympic Mens Hockey Tournament

Here's the thing. I get the comedy in #sochiproblems and whatever, but there's this obvious xenophobia and hypocrisy baked into it. I mean, look at our own crumbling infrastructure and rampant health problems. Jokes are fun, but empathy is better.

Photo: Kai Pfaffenbach

The NHL shuts down on Saturday night and the Olympic tournament starts on Wednesday, so get ready for ten days of what an all-star game should look like: the world’s best players (sans Jack Johnson) playing games that they actually care about. If you’re a hockey fanatic, Olympic hockey might be even better that the quarterfinal round of the playoffs– albeit with less productivity at work (most of the games are at 7 am or noon).

Since the “R” in RMNB stands for Russian and we’ve got two Ruskies on the staff, you might think we’d be in the tank for the home team. You’d be wrong (mostly). Below, the entire RMNB team shares its picks for the Olympic mens hockey tournament. Tell us where we’re wrong (e.g. Canada) and share your own picks in the comments.


Peter Hassett, Editor, Recaps, Bulldogs

Gold: Sweden. I love the Swedish roster. They’re strong as hell down the middle and they’ve got a fantastic defense, but the biggest factor will be Henrik Lundqvist using those oversized, IIHF-approved, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man pads that he isn’t allowed to use in the NHL. Call it an upset, but the Swedes look to me like the team to beat.

Silver: Canada. Originally, my reasoning for Canada losing gold was based on leaving last year’s Art Ross winner, Martin St Louis, at home. With Stamkos on the shelf, MSL got the late nod, but I’m sticking with the pick. Canada may be the best team in the world (and one of the best lineups of all-time), but there is one thing that can stop them: a handsome Swedish guy with cartoonishly large goalie pads.

Bronze: USA. The only red, white, and blue uniform I want Ryan Miller in is America’s. What he did in Vancouver still warms the cold cockles of my heart. I had precious metal hopes for Team USA, but I’m really not enamored with the team’s selection. I’m hoping some big effort from John Carlson will help put them over Russia and its sucker-soft defense in the bronze medal game, but without Bobby Ryan’s entensaty I can’t see these guys making the finals.

Ian Oland, Editor, GIFs, Ferrets

Gold: Russia. Am I really the only dude on Russian Machine Never Breaks to pick Russia? What is wrong with you people?! (Don’t answer that.) You’ve heard why Russia has no chance: the pressure trying to win in front of their hometown fans will be overwhelming. There will be actual KHL players actually playing in their line-up. Then there are others who believe Ovechkin lacks that certain je ne sais quoi to win titles.

I think that’s all hogwash. The crowds should give Russia momentum. The KHL players are grinders and checking forwards (plus Ilya Kovalchuk and Alex Radulov) who know how to play the game right. Then there’s Ovechkin. We have watched him turn into an elite scorer  who can score dirty goals, no-angle goals, one-timer goals, upside-down goals, fast goals, many goals. I believe he is the guy to win Olympic gold. I still believe he will win a Stanley Cup. The first of those accomplishments will happen this year.

(Plus, if things go wrong, maybe Putin will just steal the gold. Or maybe he’ll deploy stray dogs on the the ice to backcheck. Or maybe Russia’s opponents will mysteriously get food poisoning. One way or another, this is the year.)

Silver: Sweden. It’s hard to pick against a team that might field two of the best players in the tournament: Nicklas Backstrom and Henrik Lundqvist. I don’t know why we still fall for this; the Swedes winning tournaments is never surprising. But not this year. I’m picking them for second place. I can’t wait for the Nicky vs. Ovi gold medal game. Remember, Ovi: go high glove on Hank.

Bronze: USA. In the Bronze Medal Game, we’ll have the battle of North America: Canada vs. USA. And if things go right, maybe it’ll turn into an actual war.

John Carlson will score two goals and say cool and bro a lot during his weird, on-ice, post-game chat with Pierre McGuire, which we’ll all complain on Twitter about.

Chris Gordon, Associate Editor/Politico, Interviews, Features

Gold: Canada. It’s hockey, so Canada. They have by far the best team on paper. It looks like they’ll get Stevie Stamkos back too. While they might get upset, I see no reason why Canada shouldn’t be the favorites.

Silver: USA. All hail Ryan Miller once again. For the second Olympics in a row, I think the US will go on a run the gold metal game, only to get our dreams crushed from the syrup suckers up north. Maybe if they didn’t have Brian Burke picking the team.

Bronze: Sweden. The land of IKEA and Volvos could have easily been my pick for any of the other medals. They’re the only team other than the US and Canada fully stocked with NHL talent. Strong on both sides of the puck with great goaltending. Plus Sweden’s a cool place.

Fedor Fedin, Prospects Writer, Russia, Bieber

Gold: USA. The Americans have no glaring weaknesses, which puts them solidly in the top-4, and after that it’s a toss-up. I think American blue-collar players will deliver in the clutch.
Silver: Canada. They should win gold. It just makes too much sense if they do. But the World Juniors every year show that the best roster doesn’t mean victory (or even a medal, as in the last two years) and in the gold medal game, Americans will just want it more.

Bronze: Russia. Probably the only country at the tournament who will really care that much about the bronze medal game, and they should win it quite easily, no matter who they face. Just because this game will make or break four year-cycle.

Igor Kleyner, Actual Rocket Scientist, Translations

Gold: USA. Maybe that’s not the smartest money pick, and on paper there are better teams out there, but to me picking Canada is simply as classy as killing stray dogs. Not. Gonna. Happen. Besides, the perfect script for this season would surely include Miller single-handedly carrying Team Red-White-And-Blue to the top of the podium in Sochi, raising his trade value to ridiculous Elbrusian heights, then GMGM inevitably jumping at the chance just before the trade deadline, giving away whatever is left of the farm and then some, only for the Caps to miss the playoffs by a hair on the dreaded ROW tiebreaker.

Silver: Russia. But most importantly for them, the Russians beat Canada in the semis on Ovi’s OT goal (his 13th of the tournament, with the other 12 scored in the opening game against Slovenia). Unfortunately for hosts,during the celebrations following the glorious triumph against the only country they even consider worth playing, the Russians severely undermine their preparations for the finals by accidentally consuming small amount of Sochi tap water.

Bronze: Finland. Because they are the only ones who even care about it, while Canadians (sans Crosby) don’t even realize there is such thing as bronze medal game and go on a Saturday night bar rampage; MSL is carded and not allowed in any bars because according to the bouncer “The only person who is that old and that short is the guy who pretended to be our President for awhile”. Sid is the only Canadian who shows up for the game, registers 1 goal and 3 assists (to Pierre), while the Finns are distracted by @Strombone1 hilarious tweets. Toward the end of the third period Bobby Lu becomes too drunk to operate his phone, and the Finns squeak by. Frustrated Crosby punches Perre in Volabiks.

Rachel Cohen, Illustrator, Feels

Gold: USA. They never forgave and never forgot losing to Canada in Vancouver, and will use that as a rallying point. Combined with some crazy good goaltending from Miller & Quick, the US will this year stand on top!

Silver: Russia. Yeah, they may have half their team coming from the KHL, but the Russian team will have the home-field advantage, and like Canada in 2010, will use that to their advantage. While he alone cannot carry the team himself, Ovi’s gonna be a driving force on the Russian team. The Russian Machine is hungry.

Bronze: Sweden. I think the Swedes are the big underdog in this tourney. Canada is the huge favourite, but I have them losing the bronze to Sweden due to guys like Lundqvist, Backstrom, and the Sedins stepping up big time.

Craig and Doug, PuckBuddys

Gold: Canada. Repeat. Good for Wee Marty St. Louis. Not only were they favourites going in, they get the extra karma points for the late add of that little S.O.B. Too much talent, they’ll womp and stomp the competition. Putin offers Grapes to head the Ministry of Sport, but later learns about his trashing of Russian players. He’s never heard from again.

Silver: Sweden. Even with the last-minute loss of Hank, these guys are still tough, tough even by Swedish standards. They got the best unis the ice and having Nicky on the squad puts them on the side of the angels. Three guys named Ericsson or Eriksson or Ericksssson (no relation) ain’t so bad either.

Bronze: Russia. Despite that gangster Putin, we’d be OK with the Russian Squad doing well, even winning Gold. Because Ovi. However, too much KHL riff raff on the roster will ultimately be their undoing on the home ice. Sorry Vladimir, karma’s a bitch.

So those are our picks. Your turn. Pick gold, silver, and bronze for the Olympic tourney and show your work!

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  • Owen Johnson

    Didn’t know the Puck Buddys were still on staff. O hai Puck Buddys.
    My prediction: whatever the Olympic equivalent to the Richard trophy will be won by Martin Erat

  • They’re our bros

  • Chris Cerullo

    Gold – USA because ‘Murica.
    Silver – Canada because I want to beat them in the gold medal game
    Bronze – Russia because Ovi

  • Fedor

    “Fedor Fedin, Prospects Writer, Russia, Bieber”

    Excuse me while I cry in the corner of RMNB site.
    Or you misspelled Barber.

  • Barrett

    USA for Gold, Sweden for Silver and I like the Czechs to possibly sneak in the bronze medal game against Russia.

  • Shawn Murphy

    Gold: Slovakia. Chara eats the souls of his enemies, Hossa cleans up, team profits.
    Silver: Russia. in the words of Monsieur Oland ” Ovi le lemeilleur))) ”
    Bronze: Latvia. Best looking uniforms (aka dat maroon tho)

  • Fedor

    With Marty leading the tourney in goals?

  • I think this is the proper place to announce that I hate everyone on my staff for not picking Russia and that my picks are all better than theirs.

  • Simonezero

    I’m with you Peter, feeling Sweden something fierce.

  • Can’t wait for RUS-CZE in the qualifying or playoff rounds

  • Your picks are definitely LONGER than ours, I’ll admit.

  • destiny

  • Chris Cerullo

    I seriously feel like he’ll score in the 1st period of their 1st game

  • Myan

    Everybody is wrong except Peter.

  • Chris Cerullo

    The number of sweet heads of hair will be to much for any other country.

  • Henrik

    Lundqvist is using his NHL pads so if your whole prediction is based on that i would reconsider. Still think swededn could win but when 1/2 of the twins is gone it changes a lot.

  • dammit

  • Chris Cerullo

    Probably should listen because this ^^^ is the King himself

  • Don’t encourage him, Myan!

  • Valtteri Kivinen

    “Even with the last-minute loss of Hank” got confused for a bit, thought I missed a Lundqvist injury. Then I realised they have two Hanks. Of course.

    Filppula and Koivu were both ruled out of the tournament in the last 24 hours, Finland is in mourning.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Chris apparently wrote his a few days ago (no Stamkos, MSL in place). No Stammer, no problem. That being said, I still think Sweden takes the gold (no weaknesses). Canada silver, US bronze over Russia.

  • kmostergard

    Igor, you’re my hero.

    “picking Canada is simply as classy as killing stray dogs. Not. Gonna. Happen. Besides, the perfect script for this season would surely include Miller single-handedly carrying Team Red-White-And-Blue to the top of the podium in Sochi, raising his trade value to ridiculous Elbrusian heights, then GMGM inevitably jumping at the chance just before the trade deadline, giving away whatever is left of the farm and then some, only for the Caps to miss the playoffs by a hair on the dreaded ROW tiebreaker”

  • Shawn Murphy

    Yeah that is a seriously tough and also last minute break for the Fins

  • kmostergard

    The Erat curse will continue. Take that to #TheBank.

  • Shawn Murphy

    If it’s any consolation I’m really getting a kick out of the cognitive dissonance of seeing this statement “I think American blue-collar players will deliver in the clutch” from a Russian.
    I could see your stereotypical jingoist idiot American reading that and having their mind blown when they see the source

  • Peter, Lundqvist won’t be using those oversized pads – http://www.dn.se/sport/os/lundqvist-valjer-mindre-os-benskydd/ (swedish). Anyway I still like Sweden’s chances. We have a great team even though Franzén and Henrik Sedin is not playing.

  • johnnymorte

    Sweden for win, place, or show. Definitely the best looking team on paper. Everything else is a toss up. Here’s to Canada losing. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Besides, I’d pay anything to see that sour Sydney face. It would make my year.

  • Shawn Murphy


  • Myan

    Those jerseys are just too cool and their mitts are just too silky! Plus… #bigpads !

  • Fedor

    They call Zetterberg “Hank” as well.

  • ..

  • Yeah, he’s right.


    The joke is invalid, but that’s still my pick!

  • oh no someone downvoted you


  • QualHair/60 best in tournament

  • Catherine__M

    Nice. I’ve had Sweden since the day their roster came out. And everyone thinks I’m insane because, obviously Canada. I like feeling like I’ve got some backup here.

    Anyway, I’m a bit less confident in my instinct with the loss of half of the Sedins (for which the official math means you lose 70% of Sedin power) but Backstrom is a god and Lundqvist has some kind of voodoo magic going on (in addition to giant pads), the whole rest of the team is a bunch of guys whose names elicit a “ooooh, he’s good”, and I don’t like going back on predictions anyway. Besides, who doesn’t love an upset and who hates Sweden? Nobody, that’s who.

  • BoBo95

    Russia will win Gold. USA wins Silver. And Sweden will pick up Bronze.

  • Valtteri Kivinen

    Tallinder too. Hockey players need to start coming up with new nicknames.

  • BIG Z

  • Fedor

    Big Z is Chara last checked.

  • Igor Kleyner

    “stereotypical jingoist idiot American” – I bet if SM74 weren’t preoccupied with live-trol… I mean live-tweeting the Opening Ceremony right now, he’d tell you that you are being quadruple-redundant in that statement

  • Yes.

  • Shawn Murphy

    the funny trumps the facts!

  • Catherine__M

    I did the same thing. But then I remembered that something like 1 in 5 Swedish men are named Henrik Erickson or something like that and moved on. (I might be exaggerating for effect but there’s numbers out there.)

  • Shawn Murphy

    my first downvote, for a good cause #neverforget

  • ..


  • Catherine__M

    But where have they been?! Their absence has been noted.

  • Myan

    Lundqvist’s argument about the smaller pads not being a disadvantage because “you close the pads with your knees not the tops” seems kind of dumb. When a goalie goes down into the butterfly, the tops of the pads meet and a few extra inches would allow you to stagger the pads and squeeze tighter. It seems obvious that a few extra inches at the top of your pads would make a huge difference.

  • Shawn Murphy

    Haha too true. In fairness, I work in logistics / supply chain. Redundancy is my godking!

  • Jeanne Blue

    Gold – Russia. It’s the home team effect (see Lake Placid, 1980 and others). And, I think we need Ovi to come back with the Gold.
    Silver- Sweden. Just look at them, I mean, just look at their talent.
    Bronze – USA over Canada to shut them out of a medal (sorry Braden, Troy, Brooks, et al)

  • Owen Johnson

    He has -1 goals this year. Hopefully he can get back to 0 tomorrow.

  • Catherine__M

    Haha, I see what you did there. 🙂

  • themav80

    I think Sweden takes the Gold, and after that it is a toss up.

    What about the USA Ladies though. Typically it seems like USA and Canada just blows through everyone in spectacular fashion and then play for the Gold while the rest of the world picks up the scraps.

  • Red

    Gold: Russia
    Silver: Russia
    Bronze: Russia
    It can happen. Just ask Puty.

  • I think that’s exactly what we’ll see, but it’ll be fun!

  • Matt Lauer

    I agree with Peter about Sweden.

  • RY

    Official Prediction:
    The USA, Russia, Canada, and Sweden teams get into a huge brawl halfway through the divisional rounds, and all four teams get kicked out of the tourney. Crosby starts bawling like a baby and OV comes back home and, mad as hell, scores 100 goals the rest of the year to edge out Crosby for the Art Ross (making him cry even more) and leading the Caps to a first round upset of the Penguins (by this point, Crosby is drowning in his tears).

    Oh yeah, the Olympics?
    Gold: Slovenia
    Silver: Austria
    Bronze: Switzerland over Finland, who are playing without Tuuka Rask or Annti Niemi, who defected to Slovenia to get them the gold medal.

  • RY

    With ten for the opposing teams? It’s possible.

  • wikipuff

    USA and Canada don’t care about these olympics as no one will get up at 3:30 to watch a game. Also, the last time Canada won gold in Europe was 1952. Russia FTW

  • fireball

    Gold: Russia Silver:Sweden Bronze:Canada

  • Billman

    The thing I’m really holding onto before the games is that USA seems to be the healthiest going into the games. No players dropping, no replacements or anything. Sedin Stamkos and Datsyuk are all big losses for their respected countries. I also believe USA players are heating up at just the right time.

    And oh yeah…who the hell let Erat in the games? good lord

  • Billman

    And with that being said, I’m with Peter’s picks on this one

  • Kait

    My only real request is that Canada bring in that hugely talented team of mostly NHL players… and then get utterly demolished. That’s literally all I want out of these Olympics.

  • CDizz

    Gold: USA
    Silver: USA
    Bronze: USA

    Full sweep. Calling it now.

  • Michael Woolford

    Rachel nailed it! (OK, maybe not exactly the favored Vegas trifecta, but how great would it be to get USA the gold and Sid an honorable mention?)

  • ATPinDC

    I don’t think the USA Women will destroy Canada quite like they have in Every. Single. Preliminary. Game. But I don’t doubt they’ll take gold. Canada’s women’s team has had issues, what with losing their coach two months before the Games and the Panthers old coach taking over.

  • Toronto Caps Fan

    I am a Canadian Caps fan who somewhat dreads this time every four years. So difficult to cheer for a team that has Crosby on it and against a team with Ovi on it. When Crosby scored the golden goal my first thought was “anyone but him”.sigh

    That being said my picks are:
    Gold – Canada
    Silver – Russia
    Bronze – USA

  • ATPinDC

    My ideal Olympic finish is:

    Gold: Russia. Pretty much exclusively for Ovi to shut people up about the Olympic Gold part of “he can’t win.”

    Silver: Sweden. I love Sweden’s team, and think they are the best top-to-bottom, though the loss of Henrik Sedin is a bit of a chink in their armor. I see the gold medal game becoming an epic showdown and the Russians taking it, in OT, simply for fear for their lives.

    Bronze: USA. Bronze is fun because, even though it’s 3rd best, you still get to play to win, and the loser gets NOTHING! For that reason, the loser would be Canada. Because another USA/Canada showdown is the only way it can go down.

    My nightmare is: Gold: Canada, Silver: Sweden, and a bronze medal game between USA and Russia wherein I spend the entirety curled into a ball of divided loyalties, weeping incessantly.

    My actual prediction:
    Gold: Sweden
    Silver: USA
    Bronze: Russia

    I had been leaning toward Finland making the bronze game, but they’ve lost too much scoring. Their goalies are the best in the tournament, but they’ve got no one to score. USA is remarkably lucky to have lost no one to injury (no jinx! Stay healthy tonight & tomorrow everyone!), and though I don’t even know if it’s possible given the seeding, etc, I see Sweden beating Canada in the semifinals, and USA beating Russia in the semis. I can’t accept the idea that Russia would allow Canada to beat them in the bronze game, denying them of a medal.

  • JH

    Gold: I have said Sweden all along. Most solid team top to bottom, knows how to play big ice, and has Lundquist in goal.
    Silver: Russia. Big ice, home field, and loaded with talent. This is not North American hockey.
    Bronze: FInland. Big ice works to the Finns’ advantage here as well.

    Commentary: If not the Finns, don’t count out the Czechs. I think the Canadians and the Americans are at a disadvantage on big ice, so no soup for them. Would love to be wrong about the USA.

  • Diller M

    My Olympic prediction, Marty Erat rides an avalanch of good bounces and due theory to lead the tournament in goals scored and a 5th place finish for the Czechs. Of course this being Sochi and it being 55 there the avalanche would have to be imported from somewhere where it actually snows, like Atlanta perhaps.

  • Pat Magee

    As long as Canada doesn’t win gold, Russia and USA medal, I’ll be fairly happy. Just wanna see some amazing hockey!!!! (No injuries)

  • Pat Magee

    This is good. Solid projec, dawg.

  • Graham Dumas

    Oh man, if Putin could go all Georgi Markov on Cherry, that would be freaking awesome. Not because I wish the man dead or anything. But who could pass up the prospect of an umbrella pellet taking down that loudmouth windbag.

    Also, Canada, Russia, Sweden. Ugh.

  • bskillet

    Some say I’m crazy but I don’t see Russia medaling, of course I’m going with the States for the gold, silver Canada and Nicky gets the bronze with Sweden.

  • bskillet

    Haha, yep and then lose Miller in the off season anyway. McPhee won’t be here next yr. anyway.

  • RESmith

    Thank you, Mr. Igor Kleyner. No one else picked Finland to even medal and, IMO, they are the dark horse team in this tournament. Everyone has talked about the US’ depth in goal but Finland’s is just as impressive with Rask, Niemi, and Lehtonen. Among the Euro teams, the Finns have traditionally favored more defensively oriented hockey, and while they might not score many goals, if one of those goalies get hot, ala Miller did in Vancouver, who knows… maybe a repeat of the 1980’s gold medal game, US vs Finland.

  • Anela

    The Jamaican bobsled team joins forces with Mexico’s loan skier and they crash the hockey games to take gold leaving everyone else sobbing. Feel good story of the year turned into a hallmark movie by end of year in time for Christmas.

    Real talk though, I’m hoping to see US vs Russia in the gold medal game, and I don’t really care who comes out on top. Then Sweden vs Canada for bronze with Backstrom killing it and making Canada cry. Or Canada missing out completely and Sweden vs Finland for the Bronze.

  • RESmith

    Putin wins all gold. Everything. Even the Team Ladies Figure Skating Short Program. The best anyone can hope for is silver.

  • Diller M

    Not destiny, due theory

  • Robert Mattsson

    “(most of the games are at 7 am or noon).” Now it’s your turn to feel the same disadvantage as the european NHL fans 🙂

  • pixiestix

    Sweden – definitely the best looking team.

  • Gold Sweden
    Silver Canada
    Bronze Finland

  • Emily Casto

    HA! Blame Canada, Blame Canada! Every time we play a Candadian team and Bob sings “Oh Canada”, all I can do is think of that song.

  • Pedro Zozaya

    USA win the gold? Are you crazy? Long time so do not laugh! Real candidates for the gold: Sweden, Canada and Russia.

    P.S. About foto used in the article:


    American / Canadian / British journalists (mafia “five eyes”) seem to spend all the time in the toilets and break handles.

    Today, some American bobsledder broke the door to the bathroom (eat steroids madness?). Americans some evil and aggressive. Relax.

  • pleasant

  • factoryofsadness

    1. Czech Republic. Martin Erat, having saved all his goals except one for Sochi, unloads on everything and everyone within the pipes.
    2. Russia. Because Home ice/Putin/Ovi Blah blah blah.
    3. Sweden, because Lundqvist.

  • PolarBearExpress

    Canada. That is all.

  • JenniferH

    Way after the fact —

    – Gold – Russia – never underestimate the home-country advantage
    – Silver – USA – Ryan Miller’s hot streak glove
    – Bronze – Sweden – So much chemistry already ingrained, plus King Henrik

    Yup, I’m going for the shocker of a Canadian medal lock-out!

  • Shaun Phillips

    This isn’t that far off. Did you see him celebrating with the Russian figure skating team after their gold?

  • Shaun Phillips

    Think we need to come up with a whole suite of #fancystats that are based entirely on non-game features.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Sweden’s also missing Franzen. He was one of the few big bodies to match up with some of Canada’s bigger players. While Nyquist can be a more-than-adequate replacement on the scoring side, he’s much smaller. Same goes with Mojo vs Sedin. The Sedins cycle so well largely due to their size and puck control (and twinness). We’ve seen Mojo get knocked off the puck more times than we care to admit.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Nyquist will be better on the offensive side with the big ice. He’s a much better skater than Mule.

  • Shaun Phillips

    So it was you that caused Max P’s injury? 😛 And Datsyuk is playing, not 100%, but 70% of Pav is better than 100% of a lot of guys.

  • Shaun Phillips

    If today’s game against the Swiss was any indication, the ladies are going to roll this tourney.

  • Yeah, I think CANWNT and USWNT will pulverize everyone until they meet

  • Jim Kelly

    It wasn’t me this time, I swear.

  • themav80

    Well the real test comes on Wednesday against the Canadians. But yeah, we shouldn’t have trouble with anyone else. Russia is looking pretty good though.

  • ben

    uh why. u clearly dont like nhl hockey i guess. such an uneducated statement.

  • “such an uneducated statement”

    “such an uneducated statement”

    “such an uneducated statement”

    *head explodes*

  • Kait

    Apparently my own desire to see Canada, the obvious favorite for MANY reasons (most completely valid), be destroyed means I don’t like NHL hockey? Personally I look forward to the Canada games, they’ll be damned entertaining. But I’m a competitive person, and I know a lot of Canadians who are a little too overly-smug. Also, hi, American. This is the one and only time I will show a little patriotism and get to hope for the US to beat Canada. Honestly I’m torn between wanting the Gold to go to Russia or the U.S. (mostly I’m settling for “not Canada” because of overly self-important Canadians.)

    Never claimed that my pick had any complex analysis on it, in fact it’s almost 100% based in “screw the people who are being jerks.” (Also I dislike teams winning multiple times in a row.)

  • RESmith

    Yes. The photo NBC posted looked like he was doing his best impression of the grumpy cat meme.

  • ben

    Did u as an american say canadians are overly smug? U do know the worlds opinion of canadians and that of americans. and “self important”??? Really??? U also said u are torn between russia and the states winning?! Ya solid patriotism u have lol. My main point is canada of course could lose but canada has the deepest team by far. would love for u all to draft nhl teams only from the players from your country.a team of canadian players would win every year. im yet to here any actual points that refute anything i posted.