Photo: Stewart Small

On Saturday night, the Washington Capitals continued their insufferable promotional push for their upcoming Skybox app on Google Glass by giving a pair of glasses to Craig Laughlin and Caps superfan William “Goat” Stillwell.

While Locker donned the glasses during the telecast, Goat put them on from his seats in the lower bowl and took a video from his own eyeballs during a cheer. Some fortuitous timing there, as something amazing happened while he was recording. You’re just going to have to click play and see for yourself.

As Goat finished his booming “Let’s Go Caps” chant, Julien Brouillette scored his first NHL goal, the eventual game-winner. High fives for everyone!

If only every time they could score every time Goat and Horn Guy cheered, hockey would be so much less stressful for us.

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  • Boush

    Are tickets around him discounted by the team? I never understood how truly loud he was until watching this. Helluva video.

  • Brackaphobia

    That is a thing of beauty.

    Keep it up GOAT!

  • I’ve always wanted to audition to be a Baby Goat.

  • Paul Lucas Jr

    Have you ever been to a game? You can hear him clear as day no matter where you sit. Its impressive.

  • Boush

    I live in Pittsburgh and rarely get the chance to go to a game in DC. I’ve only been to one preseason and one regular season since MCI (yeah, you read that right) Center opened.

  • Gersh21

    You can hear him on TV clearly too. I once sat in the same section as Horn Guy and my friend (who was rooting for the opposing Sabres) was getting really irritated. Kind of the idea isn’t it, rally the home team and if you piss off the opponents it’s a double win.

  • Brian

    Shoot, you can usually hear him clear as day on CSN

  • Steve Killmon

    I’ve sat in the 400s and heard him clearly before, and a couple weeks back, vs. the Leafs, we sat one section over. While his volume is impressive, the response by the crowd is amazing.

  • Matt McNeely

    I’m almost always up in the nosebleeds (unless you’re buying) – because I’m poor and/or cheap. I mean I regularly sit as far away from this human fog horn as can be, and yeah… clear as day. It’s amazing.

  • Steve Killmon

    For the record, I was not buying the night we sat in 106. 🙂

  • Owen Johnson

    Man, they really want us to buy these. Good thing I can afford them…

  • Myan

    “I can only lean so far!” Awesome video! You’re a hero to us all, Goat!

  • Myan

    2 words. Tax return.

  • CDizz

    Don’t wear your headphones and watch this video. Jesus. The deafness.