russia))))))) (Photo: @Ovi8)

Four years ago in Vancouver, Alex Ovechkin revealed his specially painted skates for the 2010 Winter Games. They featured his number eight painted and a demonic sheep. The sheep we later learned was a nod to the Ovechkin family name: ‘Ovechka’ means “sheep” in Russian.

For Sochi, Ovechkin’s skates are a little less gaudy and a thousand times more patriotic. In a tweet last night, Ovi debuted his new skates, which feature the Russian flag ever-so-subtly painted across the side of the boot. His signature yellow laces (not gold…) are there as well.

You’ll see those bad boys on the first line of Team Russia, next to Evgeni Malkin and Alex Semin.

And here are the Vancouver 2010 skates:

The skates of Russia's Ovechkin are pictured during the men's preliminary ice hockey game against Latvia at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

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  • Shaun Phillips

    The demon sheep is awesome. I think it’d make a badass goalie helmet. I’m wondering how much Datysuk is going to play considering he’s been out for the last month+ for the Wings.

  • Björn Jessen

    Wasn´t Ovechkin supposed to have the Bauer Odin skates for the olympics?

  • That’s what I read too. Guess he didn’t want to try a new skate during the Olympics.

  • Billyt

    Wish the Caps had the Ovi-Malkin-Semin line

  • Björn Jessen

    But they were just for this tournament, so it´s try now, or not at all =) Lundqvist will be playing with Odin pads at least… (or Od1n)

  • Freedoooom

    Its funny how Bauer made that OD1N line for a select few players for the NHL and Olympics, but none of them are using it.

  • One thing we missed in the post, it looks like Ovi has his brothers’ names on the top of his boot. Misha (Mikhail) is on one side. I’m betting Seryozha for Sergei is on the other.

  • ATPinDC

    Too short a time to get used to them and too big a chance to take that unfamiliar–even if better–equipment could cause a mistake.

    Kinda a waste for Bauer really.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Should wear them with the Caps too. They look sick.

  • ZyphZorg

    For all we know there’s a whole herd of angry rainbow sheep under those blade covers.

    “Demonic sheep”…or Demon Llama…?

  • ZyphZorg

    (and is there a way to adjust size? I prefer html img links I can re-size versus pulling images in)

  • Myan

    Those are awesome! Ovi & “subtle” don’t exactly go together but it totally works here. So freaking excited for Olympic hockey to start! 2 days!

  • yv

    Great skates and Ovi-Malkin-Semin line that Russia practiced today would be really sick one, can produce the MVP of the games.

  • Nomo
  • John Lerner

    So Semin went from barely making the team as an injury replacement to the first line??

  • CapsGirl7443

    I love his yellow laces. I even got some for my skates too. Lol