Before Saturday’s game, I visited Kettler Capitals Iceplex and asked players for their Olympic picks. With the Caps sending five players to Sochi (Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, Marcus Johansson, Martin Erat, and John Carlson), I wondered where Washington’s non-Olympians would place their allegiances.

I figured that since the RMNB staff was able to put its own biases aside when we made our predictions, maybe the players would do the same and maybe even offer some hardcore, dispassionate hockey analysis.

Nope. Not even a little.

A few observations.

  • Brooks Laich and Troy Brouwer are Statler and Waldorf. When their playing days are over, they should just travel around in a Volkswagon and do a two-man comedy show.
  • “We haven’t had big fights [about the Olympics], but little fights,” said Jay Beagle, which makes me wish I would have actually asked a follow-up question or two after that response.
  • Despite RMNB’s history interviewing Dmitry Orlov, he was still pretty reluctant to speak English on camera. Eventually he relented. He’s really working hard at his English. Three or four years ago, he didn’t know a lick.
  • Tell me if I’m wrong, but I think the best part of this video isn’t the predictions, but the insight into the guys’ personalities.
  • They don’t actually name an Olympic MVP, but Joel Ward was the first guy I interviewed, and when he blurted out who’d be his MVP pick, I thought I’d ask everybody. Good stuff.
  • “Switzerland could be a surprise,” said Laich, which I see  as another sign of his love towards his old lockout host.
  • Braden Holtby picking Sidney Crosby for MVP is the moment the Caps/Pens rivalry officially died.
  • Tom Wilson‘s hair looked like this after practice. The backwards hat did him a world of good. He grew five inches since I last saw him.

Every player picked his home country. Three Caps thought Martin St. Louis will be the tournament’s best player.

This was a nice Saturday, and I appreciate the players having fun with it. What do you think of their guesses? Should we do this more? Let us know.

GIF by Ian Oland

Special thanks to Chris Gordon for filming, District Sports Page’s Katie Brown for recording back-up audio, and Inside Hockey’s Gillian Vernick for the moral support.

  • That GIF filename is LOSERSQ.gif

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Joel Ward calling Canada his “home town”

  • Jack Conness

    My favorite part of this whole clip is the Phil Kessel subliminal message LOL

  • Jack Conness

    Another thing, seems like Laich and Brouwer are besties but they suck together on the ice. What gives?

  • MSF

    Did Orlov lose a bet that he has to grow that stache?

  • Big Chuck

    Kessel sexy face at the end is a proper send off

  • I noticed that last night, couldn’t stop laughing.

  • Jayleigh

    Jason Chimera “Prefers floor lighting” Lmao!! Love the quips below their names. Great job, guys! Do more, please!

  • Barrett

    I found “Peter Pan Sleeves” and “Actual Giant” to be quite hilarious.

  • JH

    I loved this.

  • Max

    This is great. I’d definitely watch more of these.

  • ATPinDC

    This is beyond fantastic. Great stuff. Thank you! I second the thirst for more such vids in the future.

    BTW, there is an Olympic tournament MVP–Ryan Miller was named it in Vancouver (obviously doesn’t have to be from the gold-winning team). Oddsmakers, unsurprisingly, have Ovechkin (6/1) and Crosby (8/1) leading the odds to take the title.

  • kmpalmss

    Love the video and all of their guesses! You guys should definitely do more stuff like this!

  • Owen Johnson

    Lol at Holtby and his “Peter Pan sleeves.” Although my mancrush on him is less now that he picked Crosby as MVP

  • Igor Kleyner

    “Dmitry Orlov… was still pretty reluctant to speak English on camera. Eventually he relented. ” I guess my pink slip is in the mail… [Stands up] You can’t fire me, I quit!

  • BPThomas

    Partial to the continued ribbing of the flip-phone enthusiast, here.

  • Myan

    God I hope Canada gets upset by someone like Latvia.

    Best part about this video was hands down Kessel! Everyone’s favorite longshoreman!

  • Myan

    Brouwer gets lost in the blue depths of Brooks’ eyes. Can’t blame him.

  • Myan

    I like that the suggested videos at the end of this one features a video of Peter rattling off the things he loves about Russia…followed by a very good discussion of Russia’s anti-gay laws. Kudos!

  • Cherryred

    Heh. I’m totally using this video next time some media member gets all, “Good ol’ Canadian Boys focus on the Cup while those shiftless Europeans only care about Olympic gold!” Also, the captions are fantastic.

  • ACN

    Awww. At least Willy Baby picked his captain for MVP!

  • Pat Magee

    As much as I want USA to win, I think Ovi with a gold medal would come back and score another 40 goals in the remainder of the season. Pure confidence.

  • Fedor

    Last frame freaked me out.

  • Fedor

    “Tell me if I’m wrong, but I think the best part of this video isn’t the predictions, but the insight into the guys’ personalities.” I only had to read first five words of this sentence, and I can give you my response: you’re wrong.

  • good

  • Shaun Phillips

    Don’t worry, Kuzya’s on his way (or so I’m told, someday…). He’ll give you another year or two of job security. 🙂

  • Fedor

    Nobody wants to get pie’d in the eyes again just because.

  • Steve Killmon

    You guys getting legit media credentials and access to the team is probably the best thing to happen this season.

  • CapsGirl7443

    Hahaha hilarious. But, let’s be real. USA all the way!

  • JenniferH

    Yes, I had a moment of despair and briefly considered breaking up with him. But when I watched the video, he showed very little enthusiasm with his answer and was just going with the obvious.

  • R.O’B.

    I WANT YOUR JOB! great work Ian! you’re my favorite

  • Can’t imagine why.

  • R.O’B.

    he’s my favorite cuz I got a hug at CapsCon.

  • Yup. I’m a good hugger.

  • VeggieTart

    I loved the captions. Those were hilarious.

  • VeggieTart

    Well, if he can keep them off the board the next time they’re in Verizon Center, I’ll forgive him.

  • Robin Hart Carroll

    Classic & more please 🙂 love it.
    From Not an actual giant 🙂

  • Why would I fire you? You are infinitely smarter than me and I pay you zero dollars. This arrangement is working out well for me!

  • Fedor

    “You are infinitely smarter than me…” — one of the popular reasons why people get fired.

  • Holtby Fan (Katie)

    Loved this. It was fun to see the guys relaxed and having a good time. You guys should definitely do this more often.

  • brian!

    That St. Louis popup is going to replace the whale in me nightmares.