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Alex Ovechkin‘s second full day of the Sochi Olympics was another busy one. Like Monday, Ovi did a whole lot of press, speaking with the media in a press conference with Team Russia. Unlike Monday, he actually got to take in the sights as well, attending some figure skating with fiancee Maria Kirilenko and hobnobbing with other Russian sports royalty.

We’ve got your full recap right here.


Ovi puts on translating headphones. (Photo: RIA Novosti / Alexander Wilf)

The Russian men’s hockey team gave press time early in the day.

Former Caps beat writer and current NHL.com whiz Corey Masisak was there, getting the cliches straight from the horse’s mouth.

Pumping up the hype to unbearably high levels, Ovechkin restated his intention for the tournament. “I hope we’ll play in the gold medal game,” Ovechkin told sports.ru, as translated by RMNB’s Fedor Fedin. “Our goal is to fight for the gold medals.”

So no surprise there.

Ovechkin then put Sochi in context. “In Turin, I was very young, it was my first big important tournament. In Vancouver, there was a lot of pressure on the whole team, the loss to Canadians was a huge blow.” Is there pressure now? Probably, by the media, but it’s tough to say how we handle it because we’re yet to play a game.”

It’s almost like he’s reading RMNB.

Then someone in the press corps asked a curiously timed question about the willingness of NHL players to participate in the 2018 Olympics to be held in PyeongChang, South Korea. Ovi was surprisingly politic in his response. Linemate Evgeni Malkin was not.

The only real news we got out of the press conference was an affirmation that Pavel Datsyuk should play in the games.

After the event, Ovechkin took this neat pic with Ilya Kovalchuk, Vladislav Tretiak, and Coach Zinetula Bilyaletdinov.

After a wardrobe change, Ovechkin met up with fiancee Maria Kirilenko to attend the pairs short program figure skating at Iceberg Skaring Palace.

Photo: Vladimir Pesnya/RIA Novosti

Russian TV cut to Ovi and Maria in the audience a few times during the broadcast, where they were taking photos for excited fans.

Sasha and Masha were sitting with Yana Rudkovskaya, wife of Evgeni Plushenko, the Russian superstar ice skater whom Ovi had recommended as the country’s flag-bearer. At one point, Ovi even took a selfie with Yana’s camera.


Photo: @rudkovskayaofficial

We should expect one more day of Ovi’s Russian vacation before he gets down to business. Russia’s first game is at 7:30 AM on Thursday morning against Slovenia.

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  • William Obuschking Busch

    lucky guy 😀

  • CapsFan4403

    We love Ovi, we tell everyone we love the Olympics, (and a load of us really do) but *please* don’t be “that site.” Please?

  • Jayleigh

    Speaking as someone who screams in terror if I accidentally land on the TMZ site, I don’t agree that this falls into a “TMZ” style of reporting. After all, this is a Caps blog, not a US Women’s Team blog (and that beat down they gave to Switzerland was awesome, btw), so RMNB’s reporting focus is appropriately placed. I think more than anything these pieces prior to the men’s games starting are providing insight into the tremendous pressure on Ovi and how he’s handling it on both a professional and personal level. With that kind of pressure and the stupidly high expectations placed on the Caps Captain, these insights could easily come into play for the Caps when the Olympics are over and they resume their schedule and push for the Cup back home. Plus, pictures of a laughing Ovi are always priceless. 🙂

  • Ash

    …but the blog is called Russian Machine Never Breaks. It’s, uh, mostly about Alex Ovechkin. Who is in Sochi right now, and doing things that people want to know about, even if. It’s up there on the header! “We’re
    the relentlessly fun Washington Capitals blog hopelessly devoted to
    Alex Ovechkin and other Russian Caps, Dmitry Orlov for example!”

    …Where have you been for this entire blog’s tenure that you wouldn’t, um, expect that?

    (Not to say the US Women’s team aren’t great, because they are. But I want RMNB to be exactly the site they are, which is bringing us a great mixture of news and also the fun shit about Ovi, puffy coats and all.)

  • CapsFan4403

    I wish there was a way to reply to both of you.

    I should have written my post far better than I did. I really do understand that this is a “Caps blog devoted to…” and I do get why this particular article is up. And I wasn’t even looking for *just* USA Women’s coverage, just a bit of any “on the ice” hockey ahead of the mens tourny.

    It’s all one me. I think I’ve just become so used to RMNB providing actual hockey insight I lost sight of what the focus *really* was.

  • Jayleigh

    I can definitely understand your position wanting to see actual game insight. We’re all probably just in a bit of Caps hockey withdrawal mode. I know I am anyway. When not watching the women’s olympic hockey, I’ve even resorted to rewatching old DVR’d Caps games that I hadn’t yet deleted. Lol

  • CapsFan4403

    “just in a bit of Caps hockey withdrawal mode.” is better than I could have ever phrased it.
    I’ll take it just a half-step further and say that the guys here *really* do provide *honest* looks at what goes on in a game, “Ovi”/Caps” Blog or not.

  • Ash

    No worries. We’re all greedy for hockey updates right now!

  • bggb

    Did Varlamov manage to get through the day without beating any women?

  • “I think I’ve just become so used to RMNB providing actual hockey insight I lost sight of what the focus *really* was.”

    The mens hockey tournament starts today.

  • CapsFan4403

    I should watch more True Detective…

  • Hockey mom

    We are having Caps withdrawl over here, too….My son was watching some old games on the dvr, too! So funny!

  • Cooper

    I’m skipping school for this, USA and Russia better win #LetsGoCaps/USA/RUSSIA