John Carlson Has a Patriotic Olympic Stick Too (Photos)


Photo: Jayne Kamin

If there’s one thing about the Olympics (other than massive rights fees), it’s all the custom swag participants get. I’d become a cross-country sprinter if it meant getting free Russian flag skis.

The practice also extends to hockey. We’ve already seen Alex Ovechkin‘s majestic Russian flag skates and sticks made custom for Sochi.

But there’s a another Cap rocking another red, white, and blue: John Carlson. Seems like he’s brought his own American flag-branded sticks to the Games. I first saw these in the locker room at Verizon Center, but was unable to snap a picture before the equipment dudes packed up the gear. Now we’ve got photos of Carlson putting the sticks to work at Team USA’s practice on Tuesday.


It’s subtle– certainly more subtle than Ovi’s deal– but the area on the stick below Carlson’s right glove is spangled with stars and stripes.


We’ve still got another day until Carlson has a chance to put his new twig to work. America’s first game is at 7:30 AM on Thursday against Slovakia.


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  • JLS

    These aren’t custom, very much available to anyone with $260. He normally will use a Nexus 1000 so it’s interesting that he’s using a Total One NXG. This has a very different feel and a completely different kick point.

  • Jake Ettawakapow

    Is he being paired with McDonagh?

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    Kid’s got options. They both look good.

  • Name

    Mostly likely a Nexus dressed as a NXG. Bauer marketing ploy….

  • Todd N


  • Brackaphobia says yes.

  • Christoffer Salo Salomonsson

    Carlson most likely uses a G3 stick, like Ovie and Backstrom and almost every other bauer stick in NHL, you order them with your own custom kickpoints and flex-zones.. and you can get them with whatever graphic you want..

    for example if you look close on ovies and backstroms stick you can see they uses the same fibre as in the old one95 stick..

  • oryp35

    Seems to be working for him. Let’s go USA.