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Alex Ovechkin scored a goal and an assist in his first game of the Sochi Olympics. Russia won handily, defeating Slovenia 5-2.

Despite the win and his own personal production, Ovechkin wasn’t satisfied with the game. Russia struggled in the second period and watched helplessly as Slovenia’s Žiga Jeglič scored twice. Those goals made the game a tight, one-goal affair heading into the third period.

“We weren’t very nervous,” Ovechkin said to’s Pavel Kopachev, eliminating the oft-repeated ‘pressure’ excuse. “We got a 2-0 lead early and started to play for the audience more or less. We relaxed a bit.”

“It was a good lesson: we shouldn’t play like this,” Ovechkin continued. “During the second intermission, we said in the locker room that we need to concentrate more. The mistakes we made in the second period were that we stayed out too long once and twice. We need to get rid of that.”

Ovechkin put the onus on the team’s superstar forwards like Ilya Kovalchuk, Pavel Datsyuk, and himself: “We’ve got to score, especially with such masters on offense.”

Despite disappointment in the team’s play, Ovechkin had positive words for those in attendance at the Bolshoy Ice Dome. “The crowd always supports you at home,” Ovechkin said. “I remember [the 2007] Worlds in Moscow, when they really cheered us on to attack.”

Regarding his goal, Ovechkin deferred praise to Evgeni Malkin. “Well, I got such a great pass that I just had to hit the target,” he concluded.

Translation by Fedor Fedin.

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  • Shawn Murphy

    When the Alpha Dog barks, the rest of the pack has to – I don’t even know where this aphorism is going
    The point is, Ovi wisest)))

  • Cooper

    The Russian machine may bend but it never breaks


    The RussianMachine is hosting the weak and inferior yanks on saturday. Should be a pounding of historic proportions. They might as well amend a rule allowing both Quick and Miller to be in the net at the same time, so as to prevent the score from being 12341231421341-0. Go Ovi!!!!!

  • Laura

    Why can’t he be this vocal about dissatisfaction when the Caps lose? He’s the captain for crying out loud. Get your team to get their act together. That may or may not be wine talking.


    There are more politics involved with the caps. When guys like Brooks Laich and Troy ‘Big Mouth’ Brouwer are in the lockerroom with you, you have to walk a fine line.

  • Owen Johnson

    Because NHL teams never face inferior competition like this.
    Also, he does.

  • Owen Johnson

    Looking forward to Saturday. Hopefully there is some technicality in the rule books to allow both teams to win.

  • Graham Dumas

    Holtby woulda stopped at least one of those two Slovenian goals. But Ryan Miller would have scored ALL of Russia’s goals.

  • DonGiovanna

    Acknowledging his team’s deficiency (“started to play for the audience”) is the mark of a true leader. Best is, Ovi scored so suck it, Milbury.

  • Beast

    Are you sure it’s not whine talking?
    (Or I’m not sure which of the post-games you watch. Because like Owen says below, he does call out the Caps, and usually he calls out himself first.)

  • Yo8

    I swear I can’t stand those two big mouths!

  • Laura

    No whining, just hope Caps come out of games ready to focus on the rest of the season. You don’t have accuse me of whining. Be nice. I know he calls himself out, just was making a statement. Sorry if you disagree.