The line on Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin goes a little like this: he must win gold or it’s all been a failure.

And yet all we’ve been hearing the last few days is how content Ovi is with the pressure and how excited he is to play. He finally put deed to word on Thursday, scoring on his very first shift of the tournament.

One minute and seventeen seconds into the game, Evgeni Malkin hit Ovechkin with a pass on a two-on-one break. Ovechkin curled the puck and wristed it glove side past Slovenian goalie Robert Kristan.

Ovi’s celebration was notable. He fell over– ungracefully– and did his best imitation of Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

And look how happy Semin is.

A minute and a half later, Ovechkin returned the favor to Malkin, hitting him with a beautiful bump pass, springing a semi-breakaway. Malkin scored to put the Russians up 2-0.

Despite a sloppy second period, Team Russia held on to win 5-2.

All in all, Ovechkin had a good day. Skating with Malkin and Semin on the first line, he had four shots to go along with his two points in 17:24 of ice time. He had a plus-two rating if that matters to you.

Russia next plays the United States at 7:30 on Saturday morning.

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  • Brackaphobia

    Happy Captain is Happy!

    Great line combo IMO. Can’t wait to see what else in in store for these Olympics.

  • Jack Conness

    God, I love him. It is going to be so hard to watch the game on Saturday. Russia or USA? I’m so torn right now.

  • Shawn Murphy

    I feel you man, exact same conflict.

    I made it easier for myself by drinking all the whiskey in my house ahead of time, all I have left is vodka. It’s scientifically unpossible to watch a RUS v US game while drinking vodka and NOT root for the Russians.

    I hope that helps.. it probably doesn’t.

  • Ben

    Marty McSorley can suck it. Ovie was +2

  • Rob W.

    It just had to be Ovi scoring the first goal for Russia to get them going, that game will keep his critics (milbury and roenick) silent for a while. Rooting for an Ovi hat trick saturday but a USA win.

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    Love me some Ovi but the name on the front of the jersey matters more to me. Hope to see Carly lock Ovi down on Saturday. With that said, if the US can’t bring it all home I’d love to see Ovi do it.

  • Owen Johnson

    Who is this “Semin” guy? I saw Ovechkin skating with some guy named “Syomin” though.

  • troyerlaw

    It’s Ovie. From hockey. Game is good. My line is good. I score. Semin not get goalie interference penalty during breakaway. Life is party again. Carly, I coming for you next ))))))))

  • Owen Johnson

    I’d like to see the USA win 4-3 in OT with Ovechkin getting a hattie.
    Same result in the Gold Medal Game.

  • Scott

    Ovi scores, Carlson scores, and Backstrom with the assist. A great start to Olympic hockey for Caps fans.
    There should be a betting pool for how many times, and in how many different ways, Keith Jones feels compelled to qualify *anything* positive he says about the Russians by adding that they are strong up front but suspect everywhere else, and how very unlike the hardworking, blue-collar Americans they are. You would have thought from his commentary that Slovenia’s second period against Russia was the most singularly brave performance of any team in Olympic history. I actually (mostly) like him as a commentator, but for anyone paying attention, this has to be getting old already, and it’s only the first round.

  • yv

    Another GT has acquainted with the lethal Ovis wrister. One touch backhand pass to Malkin was also thing of beauty. More to come!

  • Will Hipwell

    +2….hahaha…love it #SuckItMilbury

  • What is there to be torn about?

    You root for your country. The end.

  • Toph Love

    Ovie and Carly 1st to score for their teams love it!

  • Jack Conness

    Well I am happy it comes so easy for you. I just really want to see Ovi with a gold and a Stanley Cup. I can potentially see the US win the gold for years, Ovi only has a couple of chances. And c’mon, we all want to see the guy win. I’m sick of the media hating the guy.

  • Chris Cerullo

    You think Pittsburgh would be alright with us just taking Malkin….. They play so well together.

  • Eileen Lucas

    I suppose I’m not patriotic….I want Russia to win. My favorite hockey players are on that team.

  • Myan

    You only want Russia to win as to prove your (wrong) predictions right…

  • Kate Jamison

    Ovi is a kid trapped in the body of a 28 year old super star hockey player…..AND I LOVE IT! I could not be any happier to have him as the leader of our Caps. I’m also super happy that the Olympics are in Sochi this year, as I think it’s probably exactly what he needs before heading back to the states to hopefully compete for a playoff spot, and also before he marries Maria. Oh to be Ovi, just for a day!

  • Kate Jamison

    Oh, and folks, it’s okay to cheer for all of our boys!

  • joonas6

    Same here. I’m Finnish and I don’t want Finns to win. I don’t even like most of their players. Only some more experienced veterans (Teemu). Haha.

  • Darla Doxstater

    All I want is Happy Ovi. If that means rooting against USA, so be it.

  • JenniferH

    I loved that Ovi scored first and so beautifully!