John Carlson’s Patriotic Mouthguard (Photo)


Photo: Streeter Lecka

All week, we’ve been documenting the patriotic gear the Caps have been wearing in the Sochi Olympics. Alex Ovechkin has Russian-flavored sticks and skates. John Carlson has some stars and stripes on his Bauer twigs. But we missed something crucial.

On Thursday, Japers Rink’s Becca H. pointed out more piece of patriotic gear on Carlson: his mouthguard.


Yup, that’s the American flag on Carly’s grill. Doesn’t get more freedom-y than that. Except maybe eagle underpants.

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  • Patrick Neimeyer

    Only In America…God bless you John Carlson and your plastic device of tooth protection. I must say though, if you got JC into the Apollo Creed Shorts for pre-game warmups….that would be rad…:)

  • Myan

    Be still my heart.

  • Bhaavya

    Nicklas Backstrom also had a patriotic mouthguard! 🙂