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Since we’re nearing the end of Valentine’s Day, let’s end on something cute, shall we? Thursday, during Russia’s 5-2 win over Slovenia, Alex Ovechkin‘s fiancee, Maria Kirilenko, was watching the game in the stands like normal.

What she was wearing was a bit remarkable though. The day before, the Russian language Sport-Express spoke to Maria and asked her if she’d be wearing an Ovi jersey. She did at Dynamo games. You’d think the answer to this question would be simple, but it’s not when you’re dealing with famous athletes who have big-money equipment deals with even more famous athletic companies.

Will you wear Sbornaya sweater with Ovechkin’s name on it when you are in the stands?

Maria Kirilekno: We have different sponsors [laughs], so I can’t. I’ll be wearing something with a Russian flag, but from my equipment company.

Maria is endorsed by Adidas. Ovi’s endorsed by Nike – the same company that designed the Olympic jerseys.

When Thursday night arrived, however, Masha was shown on Russian TV wearing that very same Ovi Team Russia sweater she said she would not be wearing. Nervously playing with her hair, might I add.




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So what gives? I do not know. One thing I do know is that love conquers all — even when it applies to sponsorships.

Ovi and Maria: best)))))))


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  • Simonezero

    Her earrings are 8’s, love it!

  • guest

    DId she cover up the swoosh? A lot of people do that to avoid getting in trouble with sponsors

  • JenniferH


  • JenniferH

    They are!! Sweet. 🙂

  • brian!

    That’s a possibility. There’s also a slight chance Adidas granted her an exception, kind of like how Gillette has a beard clause in their contract with Ovi during playoff runs.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Soon she will be “one of those people” with their own name on the jersey.