Team Sweden pulled out their second straight win this morning, defeating Switzerland 1-0 on a late Daniel Alfredsson goal. That’s cool, but I can’t get past what happened before the game.

Nicklas Backstrom and Marcus Johansson rode bikes to their game at Bolshoy Ice Dome. Together. While wearing suits.



This is the most Swedish thing they’ve ever done.

Photos: Expressen

  • Rob W.

    Great hair, great fashion, really hard to hate a swede

  • Chris Cerullo

    So smooth, much Swede

  • Kevin O’Brien

    Less chance of them getting their bikes stolen there than Arlington.

  • Topher Gee

    Meanwhile Crosby is still walking in his flip-flops.

  • HMA8

    So euro.

  • RY

    They look like Swedish James Bonds.

  • Rachel Cohen



  • Graham Dumas
  • Topher Gee

    Well played

  • Peter Hassett

    bored on a conference call

  • Ian Oland
  • Jaime

    I’d like to see a tandem bicycle next time.

  • Myan

    Mojo is so quiet on Twitter and then out of nowhere, THIS.

  • Ian Oland

    Yes, that is curious!

  • Ben Reed

    Is that real?!?!?

  • Fedor

    I’m pretty sure it’s Stels 420… Stels is like the cheapest bike brand in Russia. I have 410, it’s the cheapest one. Folding bikes.

  • Topher Gee
  • Justine H

    Mojo on a bike in a suit is now my wallpaper.
    God help me.

  • Rob W.

    he makes it so easy to hate him

  • Hockey mom

    Maybe they are doing some missionary work while they are there! HA! This is funny!!

  • Matt

    Notice he is alone

  • Sacha Helfand Carey

    Best Valentine of the day! Swoonworthy for sure.

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    Total Foux de fa fa moment.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Socks with Sandals? Even I know not to do that outside of closed doors.