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Alex Ovechkin and Team Russia played John Carlson and Team USA Saturday morning. The game was an instant classic, the best of the Olympic tournament thus far. Russia lost 3-2 in the shootout after TJ Oshie scored the deciding tally on Sergei Bobrovsky five-hole.

Ovechkin spoke to R-Sport after the game.

“Today’s game was even worthy of a final,” he said to Alexander Rogulev. “It was a good game, unfortunately we lost in the shootout.”

Some would argue that the game should have never even have gotten to that point. With just under five minutes to go in the third period, Team Russia defenseman Fedor Tyutin ripped a shot from the point that eluded Team USA goaltender Jonathan Quick. It appeared to be the go-ahead goal. However, Quick had knocked the net off its mooring on a previous shot. After the refs conferred, they negated the goal.

“I don’t know what happened with Tyutin’s goal,” Ovechkin said to “But the ref should have counted the goal! Nobody from our team touched the goal. The goalie moved [the net]. The ref should have seen it and given Quick a minor.”

Unlike in the NHL, IIHF rules stipulate that the net must be sitting straight on the pegs, in full contact with the ice, or play must be blown dead.

Ovechkin, who had 7 shots in 19:55 of ice time, had few answers when asked why he thought Russia lost. “The Americans didn’t surprise us,” the Russian machine said to R-Sport. “We knew how they’re gonna play. Unfortunately, we’ve made some mistakes again, picked up some bad penalties.”

The bad penalties that cost Russia both came from Alex Radulov, a notorious firecracker on the ice. He took an undisciplined cross-check, which led to Cam Fowler’s game-tying power play goal in the second period. He also was whistled for hooking in the third, which led to Joe Pavelski’s go-ahead power play goal.

Despite some good play, Russia has to eliminate the mistakes and play a perfect game, lest the shootout will decide the winner. And the shootout, as Ovechkin says: “It’s a lottery.”



Photo: Winslow Townson


Photo: Winslow Townson


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Translations by Fedor Fedin and Igor Kleyner.

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  • Chris Cerullo

    Carlson getting less than 4 minutes of ice-time infuriated me. He gets benched for a play that was maybe 25% his fault? Ridiculous. Then goes out on his next shift and makes two great plays on Datsyuk and Ovechkin. The guy on Team USA that knows 2/3 of Russia’s top line best sits on the bench for the majority of the game…

  • Yo8

    OMG, Russia get your shit together!

  • Ovi yells mean things at Brooks Orpik (GIF by Tumblr user darthtulip)

  • Eric

    the pegs for the nets are crap, if the net was off for that long the play should’ve been blown dead way earlier, we all know Quick does that its in his history, I’m all for team USA but Russia should’ve won it or gotten that goal

  • Miguel Mora

    What’s to stop any goalie from taking the goal off its moorings when the ref isn’t looking, so any subsequent goals would be disallowed? Seems to me the rule needs to be changed somewhat.

  • Matt

    it’s a penalty, but the refs didnt notice and you can’t give a penalty that you missed during a review

  • johnnymorte

    GO USA! Russia dominated the possession in this game but a good lesson for them. Their execution was piss poor today. Ovi looked like he was chillin’ in the D zone, almost invisible in the latter half of the game. Radulov is a problem child everywhere he goes. I hope he gets a “code red” tonight in the village.

  • Shawn Murphy

    Radulov is CIA double agent, WHY DO YOU BETRAY YOUR PEOPLE COMRADE

  • Shawn Murphy

    Geno’s face goes through like three different emotional states in this gif

  • Chris Cerullo

    This was the simplest yet absolutely dirtiest goal in that shootout

  • Josh Carey

    Good points, but I will say that the fact that Datsyuk’s goal happened was mostly on Carlson. You should never be that wide as a defenseman when the opposition is on the rush. He was trying to intercept a pass that never came to the guy on the far wall. Had he been in position, Datsyuk most likely wouldn’t have gotten past both him and the other defender.

    Also, the non goal was called correctly, but the whole play wasn’t. It still should have been a penalty on quick, although that was just poor luck and the Russians were a victim of circumstance. There’s no way any ref would have ever been able to catch that.

  • Chris Cerullo

    I still don’t think Quick purposely knocked it off. It originally comes loose when he pushes over to make a save and then he pushes off the post to grab his stick which he dropped. The nets just seem to be very easily knocked off IMO. I also disagree on Carlson being at fault as that entire play started and was made on Orpik’s side of the ice. If Orpik isn’t slow as molasses and readjusts quicker than he did we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

  • Josh Carey

    You’re right. He definitely didn’t purposefully knock it off. He knocked it off quite a while before the goal. So maybe it isn’t a penalty because it wasn’t on purpose.
    We’ll just agree to disagree on Datsyuk’s goal and I love Carly as much as anyone. Orpik surely could have done a better job, but just because the play starts on the other side doesn’t mean Carly can try and predict a cross ice pass that puts him out of position if it doesn’t come. Ah well. America won, hopefully Carlson gets more ice tomorrow.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Agreed. Unfortunately I fully expect Carlson to get scratched in favor of Faulk 2moro tbh.

  • sara

    I have no idea why Bill isn’t using Geno on the top PP.

  • Good stuff, good stuff.

    I love those white Russia jerseys though, too bad they’re like close to the price of an iPod… crazy ass Nike and their outrageously priced items.

  • Gersh21

    We had about 50 people at a bar in NY this morning watching (most were there at puck drop) and was pretty epic. Majority were Caps fans who get together about one game a month and all playoff games, though very few were wearing Caps gear (I had my blank t-shirt instead of my Ovi jersey for obvious reasons). There was a guy who no one seemed to know wearing a USA jersey and constantly through the game was screaming “F*** the Caps!” Rumor has it he may be a Flyers fan which would explain why he would go the classless unnecessary route when we’re all rooting for the same team here.

  • Lawrence

    I think he knocked it off on purpose tbh. He slide unnecessarily hard into the net knocking it off. Then as soon as the goal was scored, he instantly turns around and points at the post, telling the refs the net is off. Then in his post game interview, he acted like he had no idea if the net was off or why the refs called the goal off. Lol, pretty positive he did that on purpose, which who could blame him with a rule like that. As soon as the play gets stuck in your own end, why not slide a little harder into the post and knock it off, “just in case.”

  • ErinM

    If they had called the icing a few plays before then the entire thing might not have happened because they would have had to stop for a face off. It doesn’t matter, rules are rules and this time it was in our favor.
    But DAMN! What a game!!-was late for work because I was not going to miss a thing

  • Ash

    Heh. I made my comment a couple days ago on why I’m cheering for Russia, but I didn’t mention the Orpik fact. I just hate him. Haaaaaaaate him. Probably more than he deserves, but sometimes you just get those players you despise more than usual for reasons you can’t fully articulate.

    Ovi’s my main factor in hoping Russia ends up the ultimate winner, but I also can’t bring myself to cheer for a team with Orpik on it, regardless of the flag on the front.

  • Owen Johnson

    I was hoping the goal was disallowed due to Radulov’s high stick. That would make him a super escape goat.

  • Owen Johnson
  • Josh Carey

    I don’t really think a professional like him would do that. It wasn’t like the Russians were putting on a ton of pressure on that shift. It was just a normal shift in the D zone. If guys wanted to exploit the rule, they’d just do that every time the puck enters the zone. He was trying to get back for his stick, and the only thing that you could say is that maybe when he realized he didn’t have a stick, he knocked it off on purpose. I doubt it though.

  • Dark Stranger

    Seems that the PP personnel were going in groups, to some degree. Datsyuk and Radulov would be on together. Semin and Malkin together at other times.

  • Lawrence

    The fact he is a professional makes it more likely that he would do something like that. His own teams defenseman said he did it on purpose after the game. No goalie forgets where his post is and slides into the post like that when the shot wasn’t even on net. I think its very likely that he knew he could get away with it or at worst gets a penalty and his team can reset. So blame it on the dumb rule if you want, but after Voynov’s comments I think my first assumption was correct. It’s a bit of a classes move imo, but with rules like that you can almost expect this to happen more times than it does.

  • Whitey Wheeler

    If the goal is off its mooring, the play should be whistled dead. No whistle, play on and the goal counts, IMO. Of course I want the USA to win, but I’m having a hard time swallowing the no-goal. Did they at least reset the game clock to the point where the goal came off? They should have.

  • Whitey Wheeler

    It is ON! The (Y)Oshi Olympics!

  • bskillet

    Well that’s sports, who’s to say if the goal was allowed the States wouldn’t have scored again with an empty net or on the other PP we got with around 2 minutes left? 2 very good teams but on the depth chart I’d have to say the US. is very good.

  • oryp

    Regarding Carlson, I love how Bylsma’s precious Brooks Orpik continued to get lots of ice time afterwards, and was arguably more to blame for the Datsyuk goal.

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    Such a fun game to watch. Kept wishing this player and that player was on the Caps. Except Radulov. He’s a huge tool kit.

  • kemiisto

    Purposely or not does not matter at all. Try to answer the question: what would have happened if Team USA had been scored while their own net was dislodged? Realize how idiotic IIHF rules are.

  • kemiisto

    Ask Stamkos what he thinks about such pegs.

  • kemiisto

    Nope. Refs did not even consider it was a penalty.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Well the goal wouldn’t have counted….that’s what would have happened. Don’t understand your point. Yes it’s a stupid rule, but it IS a rule. And purposely vs. not on purpose does matter a lot as the former is a penalty.

  • Puckmonster

    I am sure these refs are conspiring against Ovechkin and his team just like they did in last years playoffs. (Rolls eyes)

  • rapmadrob

    Where did you find them to buy one?

  • Oh, no where. I just know how much the us and Canada ones cost.