Caps Players Share Their Olympic Vacation Plans (Video)


Moar jokes from these two!

Before the Washington Capitals left for Olympic break, I asked the non-Olympian players what their predictions were for Sochi. That was great, but I also asked them where they were going on vacation.

Some players were heading home, some were heading back to Hershey, and then others — whom I will not name — might have fibbed a bit about where they were actually going.

Check it out.

  • pixiestix

    “Ohh…now we get it” hee hee. Brooksie does say he’s going to LA at the end…just mumbles it.

  • I didn’t hear it in the interview or the first time I listened to the video again this morning. But yeah, you’re right, he certainly does say it softly at the end. Haha. Good catch.

  • Jayleigh

    Chimera’s response. Lol