Peter Was on the Break the Ice Podcast for Like Two Hours


I was a guest on the well done Break the Ice podcast on Monday night. For darn near two hours, I talked with Demick about every topic under the sun: the hidden magic of Baltimore, the worst fans in the league, the wonderful women of Pittsburgh, the worst liquor in the world, the best and worst announcers in the country, Pauly D and the hidden downfall of the Caps, RMNB’s social media strategy with Pinterest, the HFStival, and more. We also talked about hockey for a moment or two.

If you need a hockey fix between this morning’s games, here’s a good way to fill the hours.


Thanks to Demick for having me on. Go ahead and give Break the Ice a follow and check em out.

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  • Josh Carey

    Excellent. Perfect way to pass two hours before the noon games.

  • scrubversive

    Yuuuup, I know what I’ll be listening to until 12pm

  • scrubversive

    Addendum: Peter, you crack me up. Do more podcasts, bro.

  • Peter were you talking about Rechlicz vs Lucic?

    And in case everyone was wondering about the Czech or Slovakia joke…

  • Hahaha yess what a great call,

    Thank you!

  • Thanks! We will try.

  • I’m down on doing so!

  • Josh Carey

    Perfect timing. Awesome podcast Peter. I was going to comment on everything that I laughed at and other things, but that would have been obnoxious. Well done. Moar please.

  • scrubversive

    “Laugh Corsi/30” was above the standard weekly viewing of a new episode of Archer. (Which happens to be the only thing I can bring myself to turn on a TV for that isn’t Olympic hockey or Gamecenter blacked-out/national Caps games)

    edit: Though I may just be really tired, cuz now I dunno if “laugh corsi” requires crying to balance it out.

  • breaktheicepodcast

    Thanks everyone for listening and thanks to Peter for throwing this up on the site. Remember kids, we are not role models.

  • Steve Marshall

    Have been reading the blog for about four years first time commenting i love everything that you guys do its fun and takes the love for the sport and the caps to a whole new level i really enjoy the podcasts keep them coming and ill for sure keep listening

  • Chris Cerullo

    Enjoyed this. Also bring back ties. Loser points suck.

  • Thanks for finally commenting! You rule.

  • billy

    “Worst Cap ever” question and no mention of #68? Duuuuuude…