Oh my. (Photo: US Weekly)

Oh my. (Photo: US Weekly)

Photo: Daily Mail

Editors’ note: No, we won’t be writing endless stories about the Brooks Laich-Julianne Hough (Brough? Broolianne?) romance, but we hope you’ll agree that it’s notable how the international celebrity press has turned its gaze towards a usually shy Caps player.

When paparazzi photos first surfaced of Brooks Laich, the Caps’ resident heartthrob, with Julianne Hough, As Seen on TV, the initial reaction was something along the lines of lol how. In his weekly hit with 106.7 The Fan’s Sports Junkies, Brooks tried to alleviate your lol hows.

“To be honest, I had never seen an episode of Dancing With The Stars,” Laich said in an somewhat awkward interview with the station, referring to Julianne’s role on the program. “But in my defense, she had never seen a Caps game either until she met Teddy.”

“Teddy” is Teddy Sears, an actor who, somehow, is even more handsome than Laich. He’s also a big Caps fan and a friend of Laich’s.

“On set, apparently, he was talking with Julianne, and said he had recently just got married, just got back from his honeymoon, and then asked her if she’d been seeing anyone, and she said no or whatever, and I guess he was watching our hockey game at the time,” Laich, 30, told the Junkies.

“He always watches the game on GameCenter on his iPad,” he added. “I guess he just showed her the iPad and said, ‘Well I’ve got a guy for you,’ or something. I guess that was how it sorta started.”

Laich didn’t meet Julianne until December, when she came to DC for a wedding reception hosted by Sears and his wife Melissa.

“He kept mentioning her name, mentioning her name, and eventually we connected,” Laich said.

The budding relationship brings new experiences for Laich. For example, outside of a few girls on Tumblr, Brooks doesn’t have the star power of Hough, 25. When he visited her in LA over the Olympic break, the couple was incessantly followed by paps as they did riveting things such as walking, walking, and walking. Those photos are the only reason we know about the relationship.

“That was a new experience for me,” said Laich. “[T]hose guys are relentless.”

“We’re just driving through town and they’re swerving in and out of traffic trying to follow you,” he added. “We just went for a hike the one day and they’re running through the leaves and the bushes, and it’s like ‘Oh, these guys are working hard. But, whatever, you look at it positively like ‘Oh, we’ve got someone to photograph our little trip here. Great!’”

The hosts then moved on to what happens next. They suggested offering her a pair of tickets when the Caps visit the Ducks and Kings next month.

“A pair of tickets?” Laich yelled. “Who’s she bringing? She bringing a date?”


Photo: Daily Mail

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  • Todd N

    You did good Brooks…now score during a game please, actually multiple games..


  • welp

  • Elizabeth Plant

    I’m as happy for Brooks as any single female Caps fan of nearly his age can be… but can we (as a collective Caps fan/blogger/tumblr/anyone posting pictures) refrain from open mouth kissing pictures… no matter who it is they end up looking like they are trying to eat each others faces

  • I love the evolutionary biology argument for kissing– that it spreads germs and immunity to make us have stronger immune systems.

    Such gross. Much yucky.

  • DonGiovanna

    Oh god, not tickets to Caps @ ANA or LAK. She doesn’t want to see her bf’s team’s asses get whooped. Maybe playing Canucks or Oilers (but that’ll require also buying her a plane ticket or Lear jet).

  • Hockey mom

    Funny story…in the Fall I took the kids to watch the Caps practice. We stayed after to get autographs and take pics with the players. I was perfectly happy to just take pics and let my kids get their stuff signed (Green, Holtby, Latta, Alzner a few more I can’t remember now). But when Steve Olesky came out I just had to have him sign something for me and all I had was my cell phone. So I had him sign my pink cell phone case.

    Fast forward a few weeks from there and one day at two different times (even after clearing my messages) I had 61 messages. That night Steve Olesky scoared and I decided then and there that it was now my magic phone. On several game days, it has “predicted” different Caps players scoring, Ovi, Ward, Wilson, Chimera.

    Anyhow, ever since this Brooks Laich story broke, my phone has had 21 messages at least 4 times, so maybe Brooks is due for a break-out! The magic phone has spoken, so Brooks make it so!!


  • Soon we’ll be hiring readers to hide in the bushes at Kettler to get exclusive pics and video. It’s the next logical step.

  • Diller M

    Hold on, slow down I’m trying to write down my powerball numbers

  • Diller M

    If anyone else is playing that’s 61-8-42-43-25 and 21? Quick, to the gas station!

  • sara

    LMAO oh Brooks. This is all so random but adorable haha. Although he probably isn’t aware (and she probably didn’t tell him) that her people probably called the paps because no one is looking for Juliane Hough lol.

  • sara

    Also, the Daily Mail called him “svelte” lmao.

  • Matt Ashton

    So I guess his groin didn’t heal over the Olympic break? Maybe Brooksy can open up a few doors for Willy. #Tentrain<3TSwift4eva

  • bskillet

    Good, maybe we can trade him to the Kings for…..well anybody. Kind of like Fisher getting traded to Nashville.