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Last week I solicited Sochi predictions from the non-Olympians on the Washington Capitals. It was apparent that the Caps locker room was united. Almost every player was Canadian.

“Canada all the way,” Brooks Laich told me then. “Canada’s going to lay a beat down.”

That’s why this morning, I was not surprised to see that some of John Carlson‘s teammates messed with his locker ahead of the Team USA/Canada game today. Above Carlson’s gear, there was a piece of tape that read “GO CANADA” with a maple leaf drawn to the side.

That’s great, but the story doesn’t end there.

Defenseman Connor Carrick, who recently represented the U.S. in the World Junior Championships, noticed what was going on, ripped the tape off, and threw it in the trash.

These guys.

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  • James Shapiro

    another american hero

  • Rob W.

    I imagine Carrick standing guard in front of carly’s locker like Gandalf. No Canadian shall pass!

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Come on, RMNB Investigates, get some handwriting analysis up in here to figure out which Canadian scum was directly responsible! (Our money’s on that rapscallion Brouwer and his dastardly Julianne Hough-smooching partner Laich.)

  • Chip

    that is such an amazing mental image hahah

  • yv

    Time to score Carly and bring a win for USA, and then after Sweden-USA final Caps will have, at-least, one and first? Olympics gold winner!

  • Yeah, agreed. I don’t think the mystery of the tape bandit is much of a mystery at all!

  • Priscilla Villanueva


  • Myan


  • Patrick Neimeyer

    I am putting my money on Joel Ward. A renowned photo-bomber extraordinaire, I wouldn’t put it past him to do these types of shenanigans. Freakin’ Canadians 🙂

  • joonas6

    Carlson has an extra set of pads in Sochi? Like elbow/shin/shoulder pads? Usually hockey players are really strict with their gear. Just thought that he’d be playing with the gear he plays in the NHL too. Or maybe he has his NHL gear in Russia and these are his extras? I don’t know!! Help me!!

  • Andrew

    Seems a little over the line in this case.