Damn. I don’t even want to write this.

Two Caps players will vie for gold on Sunday, but they won’t be Americans.

Marcus Johansson and Nick Backstrom won with Team Sweden to make the finals. Canada vs USA was David vs Goliath except Goliath won, and don’t even come at me with that Malcolm Gladwell craptrap.

This sucks.

Sweden 2, Finland 1

Appropriate for 7 am local time, this was a bit of a snoozer. Nick Backstrom got an assist, but this game wasn’t exactly explosive. Tuukka Rask missed his start due to illness, shoving Dallas’ Kari Lehtonen into the spotlight. Lehtonen did fine, saving 23 of 25, but Olli Jokinen (1 goal on 1 shot) and the Finnish offense couldn’t match the Swedes.


Poor old #TeemuForever. These will likely be his 83rd and final Olympic games. (Pic by @PeteBlackburn)

Canada 1, USA 0

Carey Price earned the shutout, but the credit should go to the Canadian defense for keeping the American offense on the margins. A grand total of 68 shots got fired between the teams, but only Jamie Benn‘s hit the back of net.

The US came out hot, but it didn’t last. The Canadians kept their zone time limited to one or fewer shots, leading to a pretty lopsided 1-0 win. There were hardly any odd-man breaks in either direction– until John Carlson broke one up in the final five minutes. Dan Bylsma desperately tried for chemistry in the final period, but it wasn’t happening: the Canadians were just too deep, regardless of how the US organized its attacks. Zach Parise, rego hero from Vancouver 2010, put 8 shots on Carey Price without bestowing a single biscuit upon the basket.

I’ve got no idea what Brooks Orpik is doing on this team. Did he make Carlson look good in comparison or bad by proximity? Hard to say.

At least Jonathan Quick was absolutely terrific in the American net, saving 36 of 37. The US will need that in the Bronze Medal game, which starts in like eight minutes.

Another excellent GIF by Steph

USA vs Finland for Bronze. Saturday at 10 am.

Sweden vs Canada for Gold. Sunday at 7 am.

The Capitals could bring two medals home with them– hopefully one of them gold.

We’re probably all pretty bummed over how this went. I’m not gonna belabor it.  If I started using figurative language or musing on the nature of losing, I’d worry that it’ll end up quoted  on Twitter or on some filthy Canadian site. So I’ll do it like this: America lost. They can mope if they want, but there’s more hockey coming tomorrow morning. No time for losers.

Those guys, I guess, are allowed to mope.

Who you got in the finals? I’d share my answer, but I already did.

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  • Chris Cerullo

    John Carlson played his god damn heart out. Really represented us well. Sad result and unfortunately this is the end of the Olympics for me.

  • Shawn Murphy

    vengeance upon those smug Canadian bastards. YOU’RE SO AMERICAN WHEN YOU WIN AT HOCKEY CANADA WTF

  • Myan

    Meh, our GDP is still 7x theirs. BOOM.

  • JessHughes

    So sad. Canadian depth showed. Quick was a rock star. Definitely Go Sweden in the final!

  • Josh Carey

    Couldn’t have said it any better about Carlson. Proved why he should have gotten more ice throughout the Olympics. But the end of the Olympics? Lets go Backy, Jojo and Sweden!

  • William

    As already noted by previous commenters, Carlson played an excellent game. Also, the goaltending in this game was world class. The canadian team showed their muscle for the 2nd and 3rd period and deserved to win the game. It’s really tough to see this happen after yesterdays heartbreaking loss, but such is competition I suppose.


  • Jack Conness

    Now really pulling for Sweden, Backstrom, and MoJo! GO SWEDEN!

  • Chris Cerullo

    Just not sure I can stomach watching our neighbors from the north play another hockey game. I dislike most of them. Especially #87 who apparently can do no wrong.

  • 25% chance I get the perfecta.

  • Pat Magee

    This made me feel better for some reason….

  • Rob W.
  • Nicky and Mojo can make sure Canada don’t win. For that, they are rewarded a Gold Medal.

  • Myan

    When you reach the top of the echelon of life, remember that I was one of your supporters!

  • Simonezero
  • dylan wheatley

    malcolm gladwell is a snakeoil salesman. go tre konor go.

  • Graham Dumas


    Google says that’s how you say “Crush the Canadians” in Swedish. Sounds good to me!

  • JH

    Did anyone else have bad acid-like flashbacks to Caps vs. Montreal in the playoffs in 2010? Bad guys stifle the middle of their D-zone, causing good guys to throw bad-percentage shots from outside, rebound, lose puck possession. Also insufficient dump and chase, too much neutral-zone or blue line turnovers. Very little slot penetration (cue Beavis and Butthead). I throw up my hands. No, I throw up. Period.

  • Guest

    From my adoptive country to yours 🙂

  • yv

    Well, now, at-least, Caps will have 2 Olympic medalists! What’s left is to make it into 2 gold and 1 bronze. Seems doable. Likely, would be another 1-2 goals affair, so Lund for the King and Go Swedes!

  • Matthew Burdash

    Damn, Sad Carly is a real heartbreaker. Can’t even think of anything else to say. Just plain sucks.

  • Roman Z.

    My adoptive country says hi 🙂

  • Josh Carey

    Two assists in 5 games and he’s still golden. 1 goal 1 assist for Ovi in 4 games and he’s still terrible and doesn’t sweat enough.

  • Roman Z.

    Oh yeah and how’s your national debt? 🙂

  • Roman Z.

    Ну чо 🙂

  • Graham Dumas

    Not sure I understand that question without the compulsory particle “бля” added on the end of the sentence…

    And whatever. I’m watching the Olympics via CBC feed, and I’m more than happy to have you as America’s hat. Just not these past two weeks.

  • Graham Dumas

    Lower than yours*, buddy! 😛

    *Debt as % GDP

  • Roman Z.

    You will not get a бля from me today as I fully understand the crushing feeling of defeat especially after Russia’s game against the Fins.

    And if we’re America’s hat, then America is our Scumbag Steve.

  • Graham Dumas

    Is that a Canadian dick joke? The hell, this is a family hockey blog! 🙂

  • Diller M

    Whats it like to have no one know you exist, except for once every 4 years?

  • Roman Z.

    Read up on your internet memes!

  • Roman Z.

    lol really? … That’s the best you can come up with?

  • Graham Dumas

    Je refuse! Also, there’s a 90% chance I’ll come up with something NSFW, which, in an open-plan office, is not optimal. 🙂

  • you suckkkkk

  • Roman Z.

    Only when it comes to public debt, but that’s not the case when it comes to Net and Gross Gov. Debt 🙂

  • Myan

    Economic growth comes at a price. Hegemony comes at a price.

  • Graham Dumas

    Well, even by those measures, you’re not so much lower than us that you get to be smug about it. There but for the cost of financing a massive freaking army go you.

  • Graham Dumas

    Yeah, the cost of national healthcare to treat the CRUSHED LIMBS OF CANADIAN HOCKEY PLAYERS!!!!! Oh, wait… Can we get in on that healthcare thing?

  • yv

    now we know whom to blame!

  • Myan

    “Government debt” is also called public debt and includes payable domestic trusts such as Social Security.

    Canada’s national debt per capita is also about 5x that of America’s.

    I can slice the pie 100,000 ways to fit my argument, too 🙂

  • Robert

    Does Ian owe you a case of Russian beer now?

  • Yo8

    Team Sweden!

  • CM

    Between the Russian Men, US Women, and US Men, Sochi is now a four letter word in my house.

  • Shawn Murphy


  • Eric Schulz

    Well, Ovie just needs to be a student of the game. Right now, he’s just a player of it, and that’s not enough if you want to… pass. I don’t know…

  • Eric Schulz

    Hey, as long as USA beat Finland, you’re golden. Canada added St Louis, so you can easily use that as an excuse (even though you mentioned it… still).

  • Jeremy in Bethesda

    Well now we won’t feel bad and have to root against Nicky and Marcus. I can openly say I want nothing more than for Sweden’s medals on Sunday to match their jerseys.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Put Crosby in Ovechkin’s spot on Russia and Ovechkin in Crosby’s spot in Canada. His nationality will always “hold” him back with the general hockey public.

  • Matt Root

    Going to act like a kid and say the hypothetical “well if bobby ryan were on the team…”

    That was a defensive clinic. Wish it went the other way

  • Jeremy in Bethesda

    And Yandle for Faulk. No reason for Faulk to have made the team.

  • Jeremy in Bethesda 6 seconds in. We all feel this way right now.

  • Jeremy in Bethesda 7 seconds in. I think we all feel this way right now.

  • Gregory

    Heja Sverige!!! Kampa for guld!!!

  • Matt Root

    agreed. Oh and orpik over Jack Johnson. oh well. Go Nicky and Mojo

  • I’d rather have Orpik over Jack Johnson. I’d rather have venereal disease over either.

  • Hockey mom

    Ok, so I was really busy today with my kids’ stuff, so I only got to watch the last period…bummer, but I did start having some bad flashbacks when JC was the last defender on that two on one play…so glad to see him play so well!

    I had a gut feeling that CAN would win, but an hour or so after the game ended, I checked the “magic phone” and it had 81 messages, so maybe that bodes well for the U.S. tomorrow…

    Go USA!

  • Matt Root

    booo! JMFJ is a favorite of mine since his Kings time as I’m out here in SoCal. Coincidentally, Brooks Orpik is one of my least favorite players to lace up skates.

  • Diller M

    I was gonna go with a Mounty hat joke but it’s been a long week…