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Saturday morning was a time for ceremonial hockey hardware to be awarded. Team Finland beat John Carlson and the US to take home the Bronze Medal in Sochi. Also, Troy Brouwer received some ridiculous 100 balloons from the Brouwer Rangers. About that last thing: on February 8, Brouwer netted his 100th NHL with an empty netter against the New Jersey Devils. With the Caps back from the Olympic break, Troy’s fan club presented him with his gift.

The duo, Nathan and Ryan, originally planned to do something similar at Verizon Center, but the Capitals don’t play at home until March. After deciding to bring the balloons to Kettler on Wednesday, Nathan went to a local party store on Friday night and told the ballon guy simply that they were “celebrating someone scoring 100 goals.”

“He informed me they did not have puck shaped balloons,” Nathan told me.

At the practice facility the next morning, Brouwer came over to the two to say hello.

“I wrestled them into my car twice, and told Brouwer I wasn’t wrestling them into my car again so he better take them home,” Nathan said.

Brouwer did, in fact, take them which created a hilarious visual as he walked towards the Capitals locker room. Inside, teammate Karl Alzner punched the balloons as Troy used them as background for an interview with Monumental Network.

GIF by Ian Oland

“Karl kinda wrecked it, but they were just congratulating me on my 100th goal before the break,” Brouwer told John Walton. “For me, I’m very thankful to have some fans like them who really cheer for me, cheer me on, and make it a lot of fun to come play hockey.”

“We always celebrate with balloons and confetti and glitter and stuff like that around here,” he said. “My daughter is going to love this which is gonna be great.”


Photo: Brouwer Rangers

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  • Justine H

    Aww, no pictures of him trying to put those balloons in his car?
    Oh well, this is adorable anyways.

  • The Brouwer Rangers need to let us know when they’re up to these shenanigans!

  • Casey Grenier

    Love the Brouwer Rangers!

  • JenniferH

    I think that is freaking awesome! 😀 And that shot of him with the balloons in his gear is adorable.

  • Zach Evans

    Should have asked him about the “Go Canada” sticker on Carlson’s locker! When I saw that I was like, Troy Brouwer and Brooks Laich..totally responsible

  • Rob W.

    I cant stop laughing at Alzner coming out of nowhere in that gif and whacking the balloons

  • Zach S.

    Browuer Rangers sure know how to treat their man right

  • Andy S.

    Looks like Troy nailed his Canada, Sweden, Finland medal prediction a couple of weeks ago. Somebody needs to ask him about his March Madness brackets and lotto numbers…