Ryan, 8, and Emily, 5, of Frederick, Maryland usually make signs for their favorite Washington Capitals players before games. But on Saturday night, the brother and sister traded their red crayons for yellow and blue ones. With Sweden set to take on Canada tomorrow, Ryan and Emily made adorable signs and pennants for Nicklas Backstrom and Marcus Johansson. Mom tells us they are going to hold them up during the gold medal game Sunday morning.

Tomorrow we are all Swedes.



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  • Shabba

    They have to jump on some bandwagon as both genders suck at Olympic Hockey.

  • mellymarie17

    Not all of us!!! MelovesmahCaps, but GO CANADA!!! (P.S. Crosby SUCKS!) 😉

  • araporrada21

    Why no Backstrom ?

  • plannne

    Backstrom didn’t play because he got cought with performance-enhancing drugs in his system. Apparently it was something in his allergy medicine that was not legal. Confirmed by the Swedish Olympic Comitee.

    Not a good day to be a Swede and Caps-fan. Jesus Christ.

  • Somawilt

    Claritin contains ingredients that are banned by the IIHF and the IOC.