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Canada shut out Sweden 3-0 to win gold in the last Olympic hockey tournament I will ever watch.

Three players who had been without a goal, Toews, Crosby, and Chris Kunitz, each scored in the effort.

Carey Price kept the Swedes without a goal, extending his shutout streak to 164 minutes.

Nick Backstrom did not play. Originally, reports stated Backstrom was suffering from a migraine. Now, an NHLPA source says Backstrom was disqualified for using a banned substance– possibly an allergy medicine containing pseudoephedrine.

So, not a great day for much of our readership.

Losing Backstrom, Henrik Zetterberg, and Henrik Sedin was devastating for Sweden. Canada had its own losses as well, Steven Stamkos and John Tavares, but they had the depth to cover for it. This is a team that left last season’s Art Ross and Norris winners on the bench for much of the tournament. They were that stacked.

Sidney Crosby showed up on the scoresheet in the big game, scoring a pretty goal in the second period. With that he passes Ovechkin’s stat totals for the tournament, plus the whole gold medal thing to boot. Crosby’s linemate, Chris Kunitz, a highly criticized Olympic pick, also scored in the third period, justifying that pick or whatever. I don’t know. Or care.

GIF by Pete Blackburn, who killed it during these games

Henrik Lundqvist performed admirably for Sweden, saving 33 of 36, but this was Canadian domination on a scale we have not seen since 1970s Saturday Night Live or The Band.

This gold medal match wasn’t a shadow of the final game– or really the entire tournament– that we saw in Vancouver. And with the NHL posturing to not participate in the 2018 games, it may be the last we’ll see with the world’s best players.

You’re cranky, I’m cranky, Ovi’s cranky, Nicky’s cranky. Sochi problems.

We’ll have more on the Backstrom story when we have it. For now, literally everything sucks.


From Hawkeye by David Aja and Matt Fraction

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  • William

    Let me reiterate: Anyone who thinks Backstrom is doping is a moron.

  • billy

    Honestly, couldn’t have envisioned a worse outcome. The Backstrom thing was just the perfect kick in the pants to cap off a shitastic week.

  • Probably the worst day of my life, so far. Started of the day with a parking ticket, Crosby scored, Backstrom Black Sheep in swedish media, Canada won. FUCK U SUNDAY!

  • This was twitter when the report was that Backstrom had a migraine:

    Like I said back in the 13th, the toughness-weakness spectrum is not the same thing as the masculine-feminine spectrum.

  • Dan

    +1 for The Band reference

  • Glad to see someone at RMNB is a Hawkguy fan.

  • Yo8

    Nick doesn’t get a medal… fuck! Well, at least Russia wins the Olympics.

  • Owen Johnson

    So the last 3 Olympic hockey games that happened, the team I was rooting for got shutout. I DON’T WANT TO LIVE ON THIS PLANET ANYMORE

  • Gigantic fan. I’ve been following Fraction since Five Fists of Science.

  • Swedish’s Expressen says Backstrom has been taking this medicine for seven years. Per Marts was furious in his post game interview, chanting scandal. Some RUMORS (note rumors) says IIHF waited just until 2 hours before the final to disqualify him. While they could have done it during the whole tourney.

  • Rob W.

    It sucks Nicks reputation as a classy player is going to take a hit with this banned substance. This olympics was a complete nightmare but Im glad we can now get back to only having to complain about the caps poor defense.

  • OviandOil

    the banned substance was allergy medication as reported by tsn, IIHF needs to re visit the banned substance list.

  • mad_ballistic

    Life is pain.

  • William

    How it feels to be a caps fan right now

  • Sage Confucius

    ARTICLE 11 APPEALS 11.1 Decisions Subject to Appeal Decisions made under these Rules may be appealed as set forth below in Article 11.2 through 11.4 or as otherwise provided in the Code. Such decisions shall remain in effect while under appeal unless the appellate body orders otherwise. 11.2 Appeals from Decisions Regarding Anti-Doping Rule Violations, Consequences, and Provisional Suspensions In addition to decision for which appeals are granted under Article 13.2 of the Code, a decision that the IOC lacks jurisdiction to rule on an alleged anti-doping rule violation or its Consequences, and a decision to impose a Provisional Suspension may be appealed exclusively as provided in this Article 11.2. Notwithstanding any other provision herein, the only Person that may appeal from a Provisional Suspension is the Athlete or other Person upon whom the Provisional Suspension is imposed. 11.2.1 In all cases arising from the Sochi Olympic Winter Games, the decision may be appealed exclusively to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (“CAS”) in accordance with the provisions applicable before such court. 11.2.2 In cases under Article 11.2.1, only the following parties shall have the right to appeal to CAS: (a) the Athlete or other Person who is the subject of the decision being appealed; (b) the relevant International Federation and any other Anti-Doping Organisation under whose rules a sanction could have been imposed; and (c) WADA. 11.3 Appeals from Decisions Granting or Denying a Therapeutic Use Exemption Decisions by WADA reversing the grant or denial of a TUE may be appealed exclusively to CAS by the Athlete, the IOC, or Anti-Doping Organisation or other body designated by an NOC which granted or denied the TUE. Decisions to deny TUEs, and which are not reversed by WADA, may be appealed by Athletes to CAS. 11.4 Appeal from Decisions Pursuant to Article 10 Decisions by the IOC pursuant to Article 10 may be appealed exclusively to CAS by the NOC or International Federation. 11.5 Time for Filing Appeals The time to file an appeal to CAS shall be within twenty-one (21) days from the date of receipt of the decision by the appealing party

  • Graham Dumas

    Yes, it’s true. Backstrom has a vagina. Because people with that sexual organ do not play hockey. Well played, Twitter!

  • Dark Stranger

    If anything, it seems like our entire country is finding out what it’s like to be a Caps fan. Our nation takes it cue from its capital. Heartbreaking losses. Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory in the most heartbreaking manner (Women’s team — and the Caps’ curse extending to them as they have the daughter of a former Cap on their roster). Canada winning by the skin of their teeth in most of the games.

  • SO_CAL_Brat

    NHLPA won’t have a leg to stand on after this disaster. NHL. Players will not play in another Olympic Tournament for the foreseeable future. Somewhere GMGM is congratulating himself.

  • Owen Johnson

    Well you’ve lived a charmed life if this is the worst day of it. Can we trade places?

  • DonGiovanna

    Let’s be rational here:
    1) Team Canada completely dominated the game start to finish. They played hard when it mattered. So what if Bäckström was one of their best forwards? If he couldn’t help the Caps in our NHL games, he’s not going to be able to do much for Team Sweden against Canada. They owned the game.
    2) Many of us take Zyrtec D daily. I have never tested positive for drugs, ever. Bäckström apparently is a good guy, yes, but just as the Canadian boys laid it all out on the line/took chances today, perhaps Bäckström did too … except maybe he didn’t do it the smart way. We don’t know yet. Just wait for the second set of results to come through. Drug testing has got a lot more sophisticated these days than to falsely incriminate a proven athlete. We want to support our boy but we have to be patient and fair in taking sides, including the victor, Team Canada.

  • Shehryar Shaukat

    Everything sucks? Canada won gold!!!! Damn, Price was incredible

  • Myan

    I too take Zyrtec D daily and have never failed a drug test. Though, you need to consider that most people aren’t tested for pseudoephedrine. Most of us are only tested for employment reasons and in that case they’re looking for recreational drug use. Who knows? Maybe pseudoephedrine has shown up in our drug tests but if the agency testing us isn’t looking for it, then we would still pass.