On Sunday night, a large number of NHL stars will board NHLPA chartered flights from Russian to North America. One player who will not be on that flight is Washington Capitals forward Marcus Johansson.

After winning a silver medal on Sunday, the Swedish-language Expressen reports that Johansson will fly “to Stockholm to fix a passport issue and solve a passport problem” at the embassy. Johansson will do so on Monday afternoon, with the hope of flying back to DC on Tuesday.

Monday is a scheduled off day for the Caps and head coach Adam Oates said to the media Sunday that he’d likely give the Caps Olympians a day off Tuesday as well.

“It’d be good to have them back and tell stories,” Oates said. “If guys want to skate though, maybe we’d give them a blow too.”

Translation by Magnus Cadelin (@DenTadd)

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  • Kevin Parlett

    Seriously, what a nightmare of a tournament.

  • Sara

    Enough with the s**t news from Sochi please. Damn. :-/

  • Chip

    Can this seriously just stop?

  • Lawrence


  • I’ve never looked forward to a monday as much as I have done today.

  • Jeremy in Bethesda

    years that have an ASG>>>>>>Years that have the Olympics… i may be biased due to this shitty tournament.

  • ATPinDC

    This will forever be the Cursed Olympics for Caps fans. What crap. I just want all of our boys back safely, and hope they can pour this nightmare behind them.

  • Matt McNeely

    What a pain in the ass! That’d be like living in DC and dealing with an expired license with the nearest DMV in effin’ LA or something. … better than dealing with the IOC, I guess. At least he got a big silver medallion out of the deal.

  • Spike

    At least we didn’t losee Ovi like Isles lost Tavares

  • Dark Stranger

    No kidding. Or never looked as forward to the End of an Olympic tournament as this time.

  • Christoffer Salo Salomonsson

    tavares is not a machine..

  • Karina Saint

    Give them a blow?


    Blessing in disguise… (no more 91-19-8 at least for some time)