Marcus Johansson and Nick Backstrom wore suits and rode bikes on their path to silver. The lasting image of the Olympic games, we’ve decided, won’t be Nick Backstrom looking like a sad Swedish puppy at a press conference; it’ll be he and Mojo looking like toughest and most fashionable dudes ever to ride bikes.

Wear this shirt if you can master the art of being tough, stylish, and dorky as hell all at once.

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I can’t stress this enough: the Olympics suuuuuuucked. Ovi had a bad time, Nicky had a bad time, Carlson had a bad time, and Sidney Crosby won gold. The Caps are beat up and defeated right now. KCNB shall be the motto for the foreseeable future– reminding us that the Caps are the Chumbawamba of hockey teams: they get knocked down, they get up again.

Wear this shirt if you’re not giving up. Ever.

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Jason Chimera has gone too long without recognition here. The fastest Cap on two skates is on his way to a career-best season, and he deserves a t-shirt darn it. Ice Cheetah is Chimera’s spirit animal– possessing all that speed and ferocity and maybe just a bit more hair than the human version.

Wear this shirt (illustrated by Rachel Cohen) if you wish you were as fast– or as aerodynamic– as Jason Chimera.

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  • William

    I may have to get one of these. You guys are sure good at compromising one’s wallet.

  • nicoley-poley

    i’ve been waiting for an ice cheetah shirt for so long and you guys certainly didn’t disappoint. mad props to rachel.

  • My bad!

  • Tadd


  • I think over the last two or three years, we’ve gotten about 40 or 50 messages/tweets asking us to make an ice cheetah shirt. She totally knocked this one out of the park.

  • I’ve had that dang Ice Cheetah shirt sitting on my hard drive since November waiting for Ian to post it, hahahahaha

  • Had to find the right typeface!

  • Michael Reschly

    > The fastest Cap on two skates is on his way to a career-best season

    Have you forgotten his 20 goals scoared 2 years back?

  • No. Going by points (on pace for 40-41), but thanks for asking!

  • Catherine__M

    As someone who rides a bike every day of her life (often 18 miles round trip to/from Chinatown for work, but at a minimum about 2 miles/day to metro/errands) big thank you for rocking the bike love!

    But also as someone who regularly does this in work clothing (dress, heels, stockings and all)–I have to point out that riding in street clothes and dress clothes is not really as unusual as it may seem, particularly not in Europe. They were probably told to show up in suits, and bikes are the best way around an Olympic town.
    Don’t get me wrong, it was fun seeing our Swedes rocking the CycleChic and I’m happy to have the occasion memorialized in a shirt (but I look absloutely terrible in yellow), but it’s not as wacky as it seems! Promise!

    See? (Yes it says Amsterdam but it’s a collection from all the “CycleChic” sites)

  • yv

    Superb IceCheetah!
    Just curious whether Caps sign is purposefully dropped?

  • ZyphZorg

    Shortly after the picture was taken, NB was confronted by IOC representatives and informed that he is banned from participating in summer 2016 Olympic cycling competitions due to his doping test results. His bicycle was immediately confiscated. They then produced and poured a small sack of sand on the ground in front of Backstrom and kicked the resulting mound over his suit before taking possession of the lollipop they found in his jacket pocket and departing, playing the Olympic theme music on plastic kazoos.

    I guess the sale of these t-shirts is covered under Sweden’s well-known global PR initiative that allows people to use the likenesses of Swedish nationals for fun and profit?

  • anharchy

    may i make a request for a “Swedes on Bikes” shirt that reverses the colors? i look absolutely awful in yellow…

  • No. But you can apply the design to another colored shirt if you want in Spreadshirt. Red with this blue color might work decent. White too.

  • anharchy

    yeah, i know, but the blue and yellow combination is so very swedish, so i was hopeful 🙂

  • The problem with reversing it is that when the illustration is light on a dark background it doesn’t look good. It does not nearly have the same effect. You’ll have to believe me on that one.

  • Rhino40

    Well done RC…WELL DONE!!!

  • anharchy

    gotcha. gray and blue might be my combo 😀

  • Elliot

    Just ordered my Swedes shirt. You guys are the best!


    Just putting this out there,

    A t-shirt that has “17 years too many” printed on the top with a silhouette of Mcphee’s face and a scarf below would be an instant best seller. It would be back ordered for years. You guys could be millionaires with a shirt like that.

  • Ugh, Ovechking. Can’t you just be happy? For one day. I know you can!

  • Margaret McGuire

    hmmm still waiting for contact about the not BFFs shirt from the V-day card contest. I’m patient but these new shirts are pretty sweet too

  • Margaret shoot me a message on FB. Your choice of which shirt since I took so long to get back to you!


    Tried with some dark humor… sorry

  • Okay, ordered. It’s on its way now! 😀

  • Zach S.

    Can we get a shirt of Ovi’s instagram post playing fifa with a caption: “Ovi just being Ovi”???

  • Snow-Ape

    I suppose Swedes on bikes is better than Swedes on “performance enhancing substances”… 🙂

  • Brackaphobia

    These are fantastic. But the problem is that I can’t buy all of them.

  • Chris

    Tot he Swedes on Bikes can we add “Keep Calm and Roll On”?

  • Briana A

    Ian, I would pay double if you made a women’s V-neck out of Nicky and Mojo! Same goes for all your other shirts! Please! I love them so much but I want to be able to style them too!! 🙂