Sweden Handles Losing A Lot Better Than We Do (Photo)


When the Washington Capitals are defeated in the playoffs, everyone in DC becomes miserably miserable. We leave cranky comments on stories, kvetch on talk radio, and demand someone be held accountable. I’m sure some of that stuff happens in Sweden too, but take a look at this photo taken in Stockholm on Sunday night.

After Sweden fell 3-0 to Canada in the gold medal game (and had one of their best players suspended for using allergy medicine), the Tre Kronor, the country’s national emblem, as well as the Swedish word for “pride” was captured by a photographer super-imposed beautifully on the facade of the Ericsson Globeone of the most famous hockey arenas in the country.

It makes me think – maybe we’re doing it all wrong. You know?

Photo taken by @colsson4. First posted by larsnicklasbackstrom.

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  • scrubversive

    Gives me the impression of national strength and stoicism. Fantastic. Well handled Sweden.

  • Come here a minute

    We whine so much better than those Nordic bastards. USA #1 !!!1!!!1!

  • Mitchell Brown

    Its this simple. When We(Canada) beat you (America) on Thursday (womens) and Friday (mens) Your country trended #FuckCanada

    When We (Canada) beat them (Sweden) the only trending hashtags involving each other were #HardtoTrashTalkSweden and #HardtoTrashTalkCanada

    America as a whole isnt bad by any means, but some idiots ruin the look for everyone.

  • Myan

    We don’t take well to losing because we have a history of winning. Haters to the left, please. (We = America…definitely not Caps fans…unfortunately)

  • Jack Barry

    So…uh…how wrong was Vancouver in 2011?

  • ACN

    I must heartily disagree. I saw plenty of good sportsmanship tweets after the Canada vs. US game, and plenty of poor sportsmanship tweets after the Canada vs. Sweden game. Both games had their idiots and their good responses. Over-generalizing the response by country and claiming that it’s that simple is really just as ignorant.

  • Adam Schwager

    You(Mitchell) could have not have used so many pronouns, so I(Adam), could read this(comment) better, eh?

  • billy

    Yeah, you’re right. I couldn’t imagine any self-righteous/self-congratulatory gloating coming from a Canadian, Mitchell. You’ve again proved why Canada is more than America’s hat and producer of inferior bacon.

  • Mitchell Brown

    =) Woo Olympics. Cant wait for the caps to start again. Further commenting is futile.
    PS- About this whole “America’s” hat thing, is Alaska the brim? Also if so, is it a Forward brim or a backwards brim.


  • DonGiovanna

    Also happy and grateful for their Bronze: Teemu Selänne and Tuukka Rask. The team that was too proud and felt it was beneath them to play for anything but Gold? Team USA — they preferred NO medal to a Bronze. It’s ‘Murica!

  • Rhino40

    Maybe having universal healthcare and a more egalitarian economy contribute to a more rational and balanced outlook overall, and particularly where it comes to athletic competition.

    I mean, If it was me, I’d be like:

    “Damn! I got to represent my country in the Olympic Games and play against some of the world’s best…plus I even got this Silver medal that says I am among the world’s best, even though I didn’t beat them all. And even if they (IOC, WADA, cough,cough) take this hunk of metal away from me for some bullshit reason, I will still know that I was one of the best. Kewl!”

    Championships are great, but IMO people who regard anything short of a Championship as a total abject failure may lack perspective: There are a lot of really good athletes out there, and only a few of these even get onto their repsective nations’ Olympic teams. Therefore, getting less than gold or failing to medal at all doesn’t mean a person has failed totally.

    Just my kr 0.130383