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This has been the worst week of Nicklas Backstrom‘s professional career. After being one of Sweden’s best players in the Sochi Olympics, Backstrom was suspended from the gold-medal game due to a high level of pseudoephedrine in his urine. Sweden lost 3-0. Backstrom flew home without a medal to face the media during a press conference that got kind of uncomfortable at times.

Here’s a good way to put that mess in the past: score a goal in your first game back.

GIF by Hana Imiolczyk

After Martin Erat hit Troy Brouwer with a cross-ice pass (this was the theme all night), Brouwer put a shot on net. Backstrom calmly deposited the rebound behind a helpless Tim Thomas.

That was Backstrom’s first goal since January 10th, a span of 15 games.

Fun fact: 25% of Backstrom’s goals this season have come against the Panthers. He probably hates cats or something.

“I felt good during the Olympics,” Backstrom said after the game. “I thought I played good. I took that back with me and brought it here.”

“We have big weeks coming up here,” Backstrom concluded. “We all have to be on top of our game.”

Nice to see that Nicky is on top of his when he had every excuse not to be.

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  • Chris Cerullo


  • Rob W.

    25% chance he is allergic to cats, therefore he definitely took his zyrtec d

  • Wouldn’t have sniped that in if he was sneezing!

  • Haha. You guys are hilarious.

  • serpent

    Yea,Nick!! Right up the IOC tookas!

  • danny

    So glad you wrote an article specifically on this. Nicky is my #1 dude and a 3pt night shows exactly what he’s made of after the crazy emotional turmoil he must be enduring. Tonight was a win because all oir olympians showed up (- johanssen, with undeniable excuse)