Seems like we’re not the only ones getting the kinks out after nineteen days off. In addition to the Caps blowing a two-goal lead to the Florida Panthers, CSN Washington’s broadcast was not exactly error free either.

First, the low camera angle caught a cotton candy guy selling his wares in the foreground instead of, ya know, hockey. And then, just a moment later, this.

Un-mute the above Vine to hear.

That’s “You’ve Got Mail,” the infamous and omnipresent piece of sound from America Online back in the day.

You thought that sound didn’t exist anymore, didn’t you? Not only does it still exist, but it’s somewhere on the CSN-DC soundboard.

Ted Leonsis, former executive for AOL, has some explaining to do.


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  • OlietheGoalie

    I’m pretty sure Joe B and Locker heard it too. There was an awkward couple seconds of silence as I imagine they were mouthing “WTF was that?”

  • Simonezero

    I convinced myself that it came from my computer. Now I know I didn’t disappear into the past, thank you.

  • Kait

    OH MY GOD. I honestly thought that came from my computer. I SPENT FIVE MINUTES LOOKING FOR WHERE IT CAME FROM. (I’m also doped up on drugs from a minor surgery today BUT STILL.)

  • Rob W.

    I was so confused for about 15 seconds, then i was amazed as i realized AOL still exists

  • Dicky

    You guys heard the “you got mail” too? I thought that was another one of the weird sounds on the European feed of CSN that I’m watching online.

  • Catherine__M

    Dunno about “You’ve Got Mail” but the camera has to be a Florida thing. Last time we were down there, same weird camera angle, jerky camera movement/zooming and at some point it cut away to a shot of some random hallway in the arena.

  • Martin O’Connor

    I thought I was hearing things with the You’ve got mail.

  • Laurie_Lei

    I still use my AOL email….and it still says that sound when I log in… ^_^

  • Graham Dumas

    Has anyone else ever noticed the weird tint to things in the BBT center? Replays always look a little green to me. Like they’re getting their fluorescent bulbs from a 1970s warehouse. In the USSR. I notice it in particular when I watch replays from the FLA feed.

  • Graham Dumas

    Wow, you play for the Swedish Olympic hockey team, too?! AWESOME. 🙂

  • Patrick Neimeyer

    I thought all of those floppy disk were delegated to the lowest fires of hell. Apparently St.Pete Forum is the 9th Circle….

  • Denise

    Yeah, it took a sec for me to realize aol was still out there as an option.

  • Owen Johnson

    Ok, so I’m NOT going crazy. That’s good.

  • Steve Hickey
  • remrats

    Yeah it is weird. Sorta like the Rexall Centre which looks really blue. Odd lighting.

  • Mahesh Prasad


  • andy

    What’s an AOL?

  • bggb

    But seriously, where the heck did it come from??

    Does Joe B have a hilarious ironic ringtone on his phone or what?

  • Owen Johnson

    Awesome! Do you think you could burn me a Hootie and the Blowfish CD while you’re at it?

  • Sam

    They messed up Holyby’s stats when they said he only had one shutout, and I don’t even know who’s picture they showed next to Wilson’s name when he was in the box

  • Kait

    Only of oxycodone makes you Swedish! And a good hockey player. Neither of these things are things I would complain about.

  • Graham Dumas

    Yeesh, oxycodone. Speedy recovery to you!

  • Would you settle for Sugar Ray’s?

  • Eddie

    No. It must be The Replacements, for their fun, poppy hit, “Banditos”!




  • CapsFan4403

    You almost have to admire the timing. Just as Erat starts to “send it on back” BAM! “You’ve got mail!” Just like everyone else though, I’m glad I wasn’t having auditory hallucinations.

  • Eddie

    And I would welcome the ass-whuppin’ I would receive. Total rookie mistake.