After a Rough Year, Troy Brouwer is Coming Alive


Photo: J. Pat Carter

For most of this season, Troy Brouwer’s lack of production has been one of the biggest holes in the Capitals offense. He didn’t reach double-digit goals until the end of January. Coming into Thursday’s game, Brouwer had scored 14 goals, just eight of which at even strength. Last season, he scored 19 in a mere 47 games.

Brouwer, however, might be coming alive as the Caps make their push for the playoffs. He has six goals in his last five games. In the first game back from the Olympic break, he beat Tim Thomas twice as the Caps edged out the Panthers. And he got it done with some Knublian grease.

First, Brouwer got the scoring started with a backhand shovel, potting in John Carlson’s rebound on the power play.

At the end of second period, he switched to the forehand. Everything else was pretty much the same: off a rebound, on the power play, in the crease.

“Pucks laying around in the crease — we have to find ways to track those pucks down and put them in the net,” Brouwer told reporters after the game. “That’s how our power play needs to score to try to back them off so that opens up seams and opens up other looks.”

This was just Brouwer’s second multi-goal game of the season. The other one came during this current hot streak, in the second-to-last game before the break. Brouwer also got five or more shots on net for the sixth time time this year. Again, half of those occurrences have come in the last few games. It’s a good time to be Troy Brouwer, especially when you consider the gifts he’s been getting.

“We need to be productive for this team to be successful,” Brouwer said of him and the rest of Washington’s supporting cast. “We all need to chip in. We need to make sure we’re trying to excess load off of Ovi.”

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  • danny

    Alan may says it constantly; “when troy goes to the net, pucks go in.” It appears to be the straight up truth. Here’s to more of that! *CHEERS* (im drinking OJ, It’s 8:30 AM. Cheers regardless!)

  • Brackaphobia

    Anything that Brouwer is doing that doesn’t involve him being on a line with Brooks Laich is a good thing. It’s great to see him not playing soft any more and crashing the net like he is supposed to do.

    Also, I liked Laich (heh) playing with Nicky and Ovi. I still don’t think he’s necessarily a top six forward, but he would probably bring a little bit more defensive play to the #1 line, right?

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Sad this is already outdated

  • VeggieTart

    I believe Brouwer’s PPG was assisted by Laich, but for the most part, yeah, they should not be on a line together.

    And we have learned over and over that crashing the net is a good thing.

  • Кулёк Кулёкович

    Kuznetsov 0+1 after 1st period

  • Dustin Sier

    I’d be very interested in finding out if their possession numbers together on the PP are as bad as they are 5v5

  • Myan

    It’s been such a great surprise to see Brouwer playing so well these last few games! When he’s contributing 1-2 pts every night, he gives us depth but when he’s cold, we seem to struggle. In these next 20 or so games, it’s crucial that we can get scoring from guys other than #8.

  • Allie74

    The phrase “knublian grease” just made my Friday..

  • Shaun Phillips

    I don’t care about bringing defensive play to the #1 line, but adding a little elbow grease and puck control to that line is always good.

  • Steve Killmon

    This article could just as easily be titled “After a rough year, Brooks Laich is coming alive.”

  • Rhino40

    Hey Ian…I seem to remember that something was supposed to happen if Brouw gets 20….heh,heh.