Ovi celebrates his 800th career point. (Photo: Alex Trautwig)

Alex Ovechkin is hitting a lot of milestones lately. So far this season he’s tallied his 1000th professional points, become the franchise leader in power play goals, and scored his 400th career goal. With two goals against the Bruins on Saturday, Ovi hit 800 points. He should hit 50 goals by the end of year too.

“It’s history,” Ovi told reporters after the game. “You always wants to be in the history. You always want to be on top of everybody. I try to do my best, but without my linemates and teammates I didn’t get those kind of points.”

Once again, this underscores the remarkable year Ovi has had. Ovechkin has a stunning 73 regular season goals since February of 2013. Under Adam Oates, Ovi has gone from an oft-criticized washed up star to the best sniper in the game — though, of course, he’s still criticized.

“I feel good about myself,” Ovi said. “I have a good feeling about my shot. Every time when I have opportunity to shoot the puck I’m going shoot.”

One person not buying the hype? Adam Oates.

“What was the milestone?” the coach asked. “I don’t even know it.”

When told by Katie Carrera of The Washington Post, Oates scoffed.

“Oh, that’s not a milestone,” he said laughing. “For him, he’s a focal point of the league. He’s the face of our franchise. It’s important that he does well for all of us.”


Photo: Capitals PR

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  • Graham Dumas

    That’s not a milestone. THIS is a milestone!


  • Diller M

    I see you’ve played Knifie – Spoonie before

  • Ovi

    Ok Oates, I see what your doing

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    Agreed. Not a milestone. But I was raised on baseball. We don’t start paying attention until you’re a) hitting a mark evenly divisible by 1000 or b) better than the 25 greatest ever. On points, I will be ecstatic when you reach 1000, Ovi! That’ll put you closer to 50 of the league’s GOATs.

  • Jonathan Kenny

    Why did you edit Ovi’s comment? His complete statement said, “I try to do my best, but without my linemates and teammates…or if Dale Hunter was coach, I didn’t get those kind of points.”