Alex Ovechkin’s 800th Career Point


In a season full of historic accomplishments, Alex Ovechkin had another in Boston on Saturday. The 28-year-old Washington Capitals captain became the 148th player in NHL history to score 800 career points.

Ovechkin, who was five points away of the milestone after the Olympic break, needed only four periods and change to reach the mark.

Ovechkin debuted for the Capitals on October 5, 2005, and is playing in his 658th NHL game.

Point number 800 was a beautiful, unstoppable one-time power play goal. Tuuka Rask never had a chance.

After the Capitals brought the puck in on a rush, Marcus Johansson laid a soft pass right into Ovechin’s wheelhouse. He blasted the shot past Rask’s glove. The puck came out of the net as fast as it entered.

Ovechkin kissed his glove and dropped to one knee, pumping his fist. He shared some special words with Johansson.

The goal was Ovechkin’s 43rd of the season. Number 42 came earlier in the first period, another power play goal, one-timed into the net from The Ovi Spot.

Ovechkin has scored one quarter of the team’s tallies this season. He also now leads the league in goals by double digits. He leads Phil Kessel by 11.

What a season.

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  • Rob W.

    but +/- right guys?

  • I’m blown away at the presence from our vets and stars right now. It seems that the post-olympic lull I expected has been non existent. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

  • yv

    Maybe it is not career 800 points, just in regular NHL seasons?

  • Do we really want to argue this?

  • Lawrence

    Best player of our generation.

  • ilan

    Very happy he did this in Boston. Whoever is doing the color commentary for the NHL Network coverage is clearly an Ovechkin hater. If you have to sarcastically applaud him for making a great defensive play more than three times in two periods that is probably a sign that he is playing a tad more defense than you give him credit for.

  • JenniferH

    It was just so beautiful.

  • James Desautels

    Not sure who NHLN team was but I had the hometown Bs team and it was Ovechkin hate all day. They kept citing +/- too. Worthless stat and shows ZERO insight into your hockey IQ claiming a player has no substance because he has 65G in last 80GP (.81 GPG-RIDICULOUS) but ‘subpar’ +/-. I will take a guy who scores like that every time. Also, Ovi’s career +/- is very much ‘+’ so these ‘experts’ need to drop the empty analysis.

  • yv

    Of course not. I just like very much a lot of Ovi’s points in playoffs! What would be a shame is if Caps would waste these super human efforts by Ovi and not bring home SC before Ovis 1000 point.

  • RY

    The way things are going, they might not anyways…

  • Josh Carey

    That’s Jack Edwards for ya.

  • Bo

    Thank you for this.

  • Gersh21

    NHL Network was showing the NESN feed, they are similar to the MLB Network that instead of doing their own broadcast they just show a feed of one of the two teams. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Joe B and Locker on there a few times when the Caps are playing. That would explain biased commentary towards the Bruins.