The shame.

Dmitry Orlov was having the game of his life. He scoarlov’d twice against the Philadelphia Flyers. He was playing smart, heads-up hockey.

But in the third period, Dima committed one of the most foolish penalties of his career. After taking a rough but clean hit from Brayden Schenn in the defensive zone, Orlov decided it was time for payback a little bit later.

Orlov lined Schenn up, leaped, and hit Schenn face-first into the boards. Schenn’s head bounced off the glass. Schenn skated gingerly off the ice.

Because he was wearing a face shield, Schenn appears to have avoided injury.

Orlov was given a five-minute major for boarding. The Philadelphia Flyers scored once on the resulting power play.

Orlov’s hit will surely be reviewed by The Department of Player Safety.

Will Orlov get suspended? Some form of punishment seems likely, though since Schenn wasn’t hurt and Dima’s a first time offender should help things.

What do you guys think?

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  • Josh Carey

    If he doesn’t get suspended I wouldn’t be surprised to see Oates sit him out a game or two.

  • Rob W.

    anything that gets him out of the lineup is fine by me, bring in a someone who actually cares about their play in their own end

  • Stardawg

    I think he gets 5 games. As blatant as you can get. Could be more than 5
    because he left his feet also, but never having been suspended might help him out.

  • Boush

    The thing that I think keeps him from being suspended is what happened a second before the gifs: Schenn looking Orlov in the eye, and then still turning/keeping his back to Orlov. Same thing he did with Wilson. Schenn’s just an idiot. If he keeps doing that, he’ll concuss himself out of the game in a year.

  • John Lindner

    So his 2 Atta Boys.. just got flushed down the crapper

  • Matt McNeely

    There’s no telling how many games he gets, but that’s a clear suspension. Look at him leave his feet. Terrible penalty.

  • Boush

    Not to say it wasn’t a dirty hit. It was. But Schenn has to do a better job of protecting himself, especially since the same thing already happened to him this year against the same team. Shanahan said it the first time around, I don’t see why that changes now.

  • Josh Carey

    Schenn didn’t turn last minute this time which was the deciding factor in Wilson’s hit. It’s Orlov’s job to not do exactly what he did. He was frustrated with the hit that Schenn put on him seconds earlier.

  • Kyle

    2 games. It was a dangerous hit and left his feet but based on what Shanahan has given out for similar hits and the fact he is a first timer and there’s no injury I think it’ll probably be 2-3.

  • Myan

    Yeah, he’s definitely getting suspended for that one. Awful hit. I’m hoping that it’ll only be for 1-2 games seeing as he is a first time offender. (right?)

  • Orlov’s been the team’s best possession player since being called up. Let’s not be like NBC and spew out tired storylines that aren’t true. That’s all I ask.


  • Louis Porter

    Time to spin the wheel!

  • Boush

    Wheel of Justice turn turn turn, tell us the suspension he should earn!



    was assessed a five minute major on the play. No injury to player. No suspension history. No suspension. Case closed.

  • Me

    Stupid penalty. But to a man the flyers deserve worse. They are a dirty team.

  • Kyle

    The difference though is that, on the Wilson hit, Schenn clearly looked at Wilson then turned his back. This time Schenn had his back turned long before Orlov went for the hit.

  • Guest

    It looks like he launched himself but that might just be the impact.

  • Barrett

    can they please call embellishment on this loser?

  • Boush

    I don’t think the Wilson hit should have even been a penalty. The fact that Orlov didn’t let up here is why it absolutely should have been one. But in terms of suspension-worthiness, Schenn did look over his shoulder, made eye contact with Orlov, and then chose not to protect himself.

  • yv

    This type of games (scoring goals, being penalized) make him now very attractive piece before trade deadline.

  • Eric

    1 game, the wheel said.

  • BPThomas

    3 games.

  • Rob W.

    good possession numbers doesnt exactly make up for dumb mistakes in his own end

  • oryp

    I’m not sure he left his feet before the contact. That might make a difference in determining the suspension.

  • Lawrence

    I don’t want to start a war on the situation, but Schenn and other players have got to learn that their BODIES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE POWERPLAY. Schenn knew that Orlov was pissed, turns and sees Orlov flying at him 100 miles an hour and Schenn turns his back to him. Why?? Why trust that the other player is going to follow the rules? Dumb, protect yourself and your career.

    Orlov will get a call from Shanny, but I doubt he gets suspended.

  • Steve

    2 games at the absolute most. Since he’s a first offender, and he didn’t get a game misconduct, I’m erring on the side of nothing/a fine. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a game.

  • Jay DeLancey

    i came up with a hockey play… no suspension. I think 1 or 2 is coming

  • RESmith

    Was it a legal hit? No. And the five minutes assessed was the right call. But let’s not get caught up in the hysteria. I still contend it wasn’t a dirty play by Orlov, just a bad decision on his angle. If he allows himself to slide just a few more paces towards the corner boards, he lands the hit on Schenn more from the side and on the shoulder than in the numbers. It is no secret that Orlov goes looking for the big hit and it is the part of his game they had to calm down since drafting him.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Probably a fine due to the excessive blatantness of the hit. I saw it coming and was yelling at the TV to not do it.

    Edit: the fine will put him on the list for when he does it again he will be called a repeat offender.

  • Good possession numbers mean you don’t make a lot of mistakes in your end in proportion to offense.

  • Rob W.

    i guess this is a stats world now and im just trying to survive

  • 70Caps

    Haha if only…

  • 70Caps

    Sorry, it didn’t put the picture…Enter Ovi on Crosby suckerpunch causing a concussion.

  • BV

    10games. That’s what he should get. Dangerous hit.

  • Wow. Ten games? That’s like Dale Hunter/Pierre Turgeon territory

  • Roman Z.

    You have no idea what you’re talking about

  • Eric Schulz

    Let’s not start throwing “definitely” around, as if we can rely on logic to rule the day. You can blatantly elbow players in the face away from the play twice in one game and come away with 2 mins in penalty time, and no suspension, not even a review. So… let’s cool it with the whole “acting like punishment makes sense” thing.
    Speaking of which… any news on Weber’s upcoming suspension? Still nothing?

  • Eric Schulz

    Speaking of illegal hits that will be looked at: any news on Weber’s upcoming suspension? Still under review?

  • Chip

    Has Orlov been suspended for anything before? The only time I could think of that he might’ve been was when he accidentally punched the ref a few seasons ago haha

    I think he deserves a game or two. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because he also needs to learn.

  • CapsKel

    Two wrongs don’t make a right, etc.

  • CapsKel

    Doesn’t matter, it was a bad hit.

  • CapsKel

    Listen, I like Orlov, but he was pissed off. He wanted to hurt him.

  • Rob W.

    you’re the man

  • Myan

    definitely definitely definitely.

  • M Taylor

    Wrong. If the referees don’t step up to protect the players, the players end up having to use exessive force to make a point to the players getting away with crap. The hit by Schenn just a play earlier was up around Dima’s head. I call crap on it being a “clean” hit.

  • CapsKel

    I don’t believe that players are entitled to use excessive force because the referee doesn’t make a good call. You’re not entitled to use excessive force. There’s a reason it’s called excessive. “He did it first” is the excuse that Shawn Thornton used.

  • M Taylor

    The kid lost a whole season of his career to concussions. How many cheap headshots should he take before tossing some weight back at the guys taking the cheap shots with impunity? I am bummed his penalty allowed a goal against, but honesly I am royally pissed off at the officials for not keeping the repeated cheap shots under control. And it seems like every game with Philly it is cheap shot after cheap shot. It is time for the refs to step up and do something about all the concussions and other career threatening cheap shots. If nothing else, the Olympic games should have shown us hockey without all the dirty cheap plays.

  • CapsKel

    Unless Schenn gave him a concussion, that’s not an acceptable form of retaliation. I agree completely that officials and the NHL in general need to be tougher on dangerous hits. I agree that concussions need to be taken much more seriously. I agree that hits to the head need to be penalized harshly. But that doesn’t entitle Orlov to take matters in his own hands. People have GOTTEN concussions from retaliatory hits. It contributes to the cycle.

  • M Taylor

    Watch the Schenn hit. He hits Dima right in the jaw with an elbow as Dima starts to fall from the body check. Not a peep from the refs.

  • Judging by his reaction in the penalty box, I’m pretty sure he forever learned his lesson.

  • CapsKel

    I saw it. It should have been called. It doesn’t entitle you to intend to injure someone in return. Careers have been ended on the basis of retaliation. It’s not okay. I understand Orlov’s frustration, but that’s not the way to handle it. That’s not the way most players handle it. For the sake of his team and the sport, he needs to keep his cool, or retaliate in a less egregious way. Drop the gloves. Fight him. Don’t cheap shot him.

  • M Taylor

    We will have to agree to disagree. I feel you give the rules and their enforcers, in this case the refs failed most of the game, a chance to do their jobs. If they fail, you have to take protecting yourself (in this case giving what was recieved) into your own hands. It was a pleasure discussing a divergent viewpoint with you.

  • CapsKel

    Yeah, I respect your viewpoint, but I can’t endorse that mentality. It’s what gives people like Shawn Thornton and Chris Pronger the justification to seriously hurt people. But this is Orlov’s first offense and I think he’ll learn from it. I do like him, he just needs to watch it. Nice talking to you, though.

  • AreaMan

    Take the blinders off. Schenn’s hit was completely clean and legal. It’s a textbook hit. Orlov blew his top and tried to injure Schenn. If the refs miss a call, you can’t run around like a madman trying to get vengeance. That’s selfish play that hurts the team. The power play gave the Flyers momentum and the Caps never recovered. The Flyers couldn’t get anything going until the power play. .

  • Terk

    Haha, I love that way the wheel becomes more lenient for Bruins players.

  • Greop

    He’s just hurt because he knows he’ll have to watch it happen all over on Wednesday.

  • eee

    I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.

  • Did I Just Have A Premonition?

    Shame on a dirty hit by Orlov that everyone saw coming. Right?
    (I reacted when there was still ten yards between them.)

    Shame on Schenn and his rag-doll fall, sung to the tune of “I never saw him coming, I wasn’t prepared.”

    Shame on Toronto.

    Caps win 5-4 in regulation.

  • Matt

    I think a bigger penalty should be the joker that left those 4 great seats empty

  • Sami

    What else was Schenn supposed to do? He looked over his shoulder, as probably any player would have done, to see if there was someone behind him before going to play the puck in the corner. What, should he have seen Orlov coming, skated away, and left the puck there for Orlov? No! He made the decision to play the puck, and was probably bracing himself for a hit. However, he didn’t know that the hit would be Orlov taking a run at him and leaving his feet to hit him. I believe Schenn did the smartest thing in that situation, try to protect the puck and move it along the boards.. It’s not at all his fault that Orlov hit him the way he did. How was he supposed to know that Orlov was going to do that? This is nothing like the situation with Wilson where he turned. If you watch, Schenn’s chest is parallel with the boards the whole way through, before his stick even touches the puck. This was entirely Orlov’s fault. It’s his responsibility to realize that Schenn is in a vulnerable position that he can’t control (he had to be in this spot in order to play the puck), and to let up on the hit instead of going for it. The fact that he jumped into it was even more on him because it’s not like Schenn made him leave his skates and made the hit worse for himself. Orlov made that decision himself, and it was quite a bad decision to have made.

  • Sami

    Oh, so it’s okay to run around making hits on Flyers that could potentially end their careers?

  • Sami

    How was that embellishment? He just got his head and face slammed into the glass with the force of a grown man on skates! I’m pretty sure his head didn’t feel too great afterwards. He could have been seriously injured, and did appear shaken up afterwards. Sorry, I guess I didn’t realize getting smashed into the boards and falling to the ice afterwards was embellishment. All the players that were injured after hitting the boards and fell to the ice were just embellishing, apparently.

  • BV

    I think that hit is exactly what the league is all against – direct hit from behind, drives head into glass, player was very vulnerable, orlov doesn’t slow done and leaves his feet, and it was a revenge hit. BTW, i am completely impartial – i am a fan of neither team nor its players, just a fan of the game from western canada!