TSN’s Bob McKenzie reports that the Capitals have acquired left-shooting Dustin Penner from the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for a 4th round pick.

Penner is a big, net-crashing forward with 13 goals and 19 assists in 49 games. He carries a $2MM cap hit through the end of this season. He also has the third highest PDO (a proxy for unsustainable luck) in the league.

And, oh yeah, he’s most famous for injuring his back while eating pancakes. Today is National Pancake Day. You can’t make this $#!& up.

The Capitals are now over the salary cap. More to come.

From ExtraSkater:


From the Caps:


Capitals Acquire Dustin Penner from the Anaheim Ducks

ARLINGTON, Va. – The Washington Capitals have acquired forward Dustin Penner from the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for Anaheim’s fourth round pick in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, previously acquired by Washington, vice president and general manager George McPhee announced today.

Penner, 31, is a 10-year NHL veteran who has played for the Los Angeles Kings, Edmonton Oilers and Anaheim. The 6’4’’, 247-pound forward has appeared in 571 career NHL games, recording 307 points (150 goals, 157 assists) and 352 penalty minutes. In addition, Penner has collected 35 points (13 goals, 22 assists) and 58 penalty minutes in 78 career playoff games. Penner won the Stanley Cup with the Ducks in 2007 and with the Kings in 2012.

This season, Penner has recorded 32 points (13 goals, 19 assists) and 28 penalty minutes while playing in 49 games for the Ducks. The Winkler, Manitoba native ranked fifth on the team in goals, sixth in points and assists and tied for fifth in plus/minus (22).

Penner will wear jersey No. 17 with Washington.

Correction: Penner was with the Ducks most recently, not the Kings. You can totally blame that on though.

  • Penner on Twitter: That’s weird.It’s not April 1st either. Hmm.I feel used…”Like a young boy comin in for a qvwicke” see ya soon Teddy KGB @ovi8 @washcaps

  • Shawn Murphy

    Let’s all celebrate by eating a big ol stack with toppings of your choice (I am an apple & cinnamon man myself but respect all kinds)

  • riggorules

    Can he play D?

  • Freedoooom

    He has one less point than Grabovski so this is a pretty good trade.

    If you gotta move Erat, its a cheap replacement for the year.

  • Shaun Phillips

    He’ll fit right in with this crazy bunch.

  • As a designer, working with Peter is a dream. First, he uses Comic Sans in his analysis posts. Now he’s using big giant head bio photos as headline photos. <3 u Peter

  • Chris Cerullo

    I really like this deal. Didn’t have to give a ton up. Solid player so far this year against tough competition. Someone from our squad is leaving thought to clear up this space. Erat? Neuvirth?

  • Shaun Phillips


  • Rob W.
  • Dusty Penner

    Kings? Was this a multi-team deal?

  • Myan

    We can’t be done with trades yet since he carries a 2 million cap hit and that would put us over the cap.

    Any chance of us acquiring him to package him up with Erat or somebody else??

  • Jarreau

    Pretty sure Penner is on the Ducks but I still like the trade.

  • dylan wheatley

    perrault for penner is a good trade. welcome back mike knuble.

  • Joben

    So where is Erat going then? Maybe a couple draft picks + Erat for Moulson or MacDonald?

  • Gersh21

    That pancake injury happened right before a game against the Caps too.

  • KG

    Sounds like this could be a 3 team deal, Vanek heading to Ducks.

  • shut up you

    hockey-reference had it wrong too

    the jersey numbers along the top

  • Jack Conness

    I love this deal. Penner is a guy we need and will help out a ton. Adding him definitely means someone else is getting moved. Probably a couple of guys. Let’s wait and see!

  • Owen Johnson

    *WAS on the Ducks

  • Chris Cerullo

    Volpatti’s cap hit isn’t enough. But yea he sucks.

  • Jaime
  • Sasha Kahn

    That was the fourth round pick FROM Anaheim for Perrault. It’s essentially Perrault for Penner. Pretty good.

  • Jayleigh

    I really think he uses Comic Sans just to annoy you. Probably even chuckles to himself when he selects it. You should have told him you LOVE that (godawful) font. 🙂

  • Scott Mallon

    are you kidding?

  • Hunter

    Net-crashing forward, check. Need dependable veteran d-man!

  • And now rumors of acquiring Luongo — doesn’t he have a monstrous contract? I imagine Neuvirth would go, and don’t Laich and Brouwer have big contracts as well?

  • Dusty Penner

    I was hoping it was a multi-team deal. Those are more fun and confusing.

    This guy has two cups though, I ain’t mad at it. Until the other shoe drops.

  • Freedoooom

    I don’t know why people insist on making these equivocations. I would rather have Perreault. Perreault is RFA and he drew the most penalties of any Capitals player by far when he was here.

    But I wouldn’t mind at all sending the Capitals 4th round pick for Penner too. Defense sucks, but hey offense would be stacked right..

  • Myan

    Laich’s contract is in the 4.5m region, I think. I would imagine it’d be him. Anybody know what Brouwer’s contract is??

  • yv

    Suddenly trade market exploding with deals. Waiting when Erat trade would be announced to help Caps in deals.

  • Welp…

  • Josh Carey


  • I die some inside every time I see it. Really.

  • Chris Cerullo

    I really don’t think the Luongo stuff is real

  • Shaun Phillips

    I know. Just thinking addition by subtraction in more than one way. 🙂 Sorry Aaron!

  • Sasha Kahn

    Perrault was inconsistent and streaky. Most of the time, if he scored one goal, he had two in the same game, but most of the time, he was a liability on offense (other than drawing penalties, of course)

  • No

  • Sasha Kahn

    For what it’s worth, he has a high plus/minus, so maybe he can help Ovi and the boys get better at even strength.

  • I didn’t really chime in above, so here goes:

    I LIKE IT! Penner could really help maximize Ovi on the top line or put some more crashy-ness on the second line. Plus, knowing the Ducks unloaded him for space, the Caps didn’t overpay.

    What’s next will be interesting.

  • No.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Queue picture of Schultz….

  • yv

    This 4th pick becoming super hard currency. Caps got it from Ducks for MP, Ducks got back it and sent in exchange Penner to Caps, and now Dallas got same pick from Ducks in exchange for Dman Robidas. Where this 4th pick ends is not yet final! Now, it is interesting to find the $ value of this pick.

  • Andrew Paul

    What a perfect trade

  • Shaun Phillips

    Think we should continue to follow this pick even after it’s used. See how often the person that gets picked with it gets traded, etc.

  • Jack Conness

    Agreed. I really like the deal. And what’s next is the biggest question of them all. I hope it all works out.

  • Sasha Kahn

    Sheesh Peter

  • Tadd

    Mike Vogel ‏@VogsCaps 4 min
    Under the cap. Deal couldn’t have happened otherwise. @alex_scalera what do you think the next move is since we are over the cap space?

  • johnnymorte

    This guy has a playoff beard that can scare a grizzly. Not bad George. What else you got?

  • yv

    I think reporting time for cap purposes is 5 pm? So, something should happen before.

  • Shaun Phillips

    For being the league leaders, Ducks sure are busy.

  • Jayleigh

    From one designer to another, I hear ya!

  • Josh Carey

    Something has to happen soon. I *think* that since Hillen is still on LTIR, that could have created space for Penner. But in order to activate Hillen to play tomorrow, something has to happen.

    I could also be totally wrong on that.

  • yv

    same happening with Erat/Forsberg/Varly trades with Nashville/Col. Also long list of trades, but should wait when Erat trade ‘d be announced.

  • Someone said they want Vanek. That’d be interesting.

  • riggorules

    Whatchyou talkin bout Vogel? Another shoe has to drop

  • I hope not. I keep seeing chatter on twitter (from both actual analysts and wannabes) about goalies. I know Neuvy wants out, but I don’t see it being a *need* for the Caps. They need defense.

  • yv

    According to capgeek and Caps Hillen already active, only Volpatti on LTIR.

  • Tadd

    I’m reading this as Penner, somehow, fits under the cap straight up.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Not sure what they’ve got left to move at this point. I would’ve thought Fasth (wtf is Edmonton doing!) would’ve been there best move to send to the Islanders + Penner + a draft pick.

  • Josh Carey

    I’m pretty sure CapGeek is wrong about that.

  • Sasha Kahn

    Peter, this time I’ll try to be more reasonable. Is there any chance that they are hoping to combine Erat and Penner to trade for a good defenseman? It may not be great, but you could get a better player from them both than from just Erat…

  • yv

    Oilers sending Bryz to Wild, so need GT and getting good one.

  • I don’t think so. I think they really hope Penner’s offense can kick their 5v5 up a notch, which is definitely needed.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Yeah but they had just traded for Scrivens before the Olympics. You now have 2 starting goalies behind a team that doesn’t know how to play defense. Oh crap, I just described the Caps…

  • Sasha Kahn

    You’re probably right. If anybody else were to be shipped, would it more Laichly by Brower, Chimmer, or Brooks?

  • TowsonTrumpetGuy .

    Wake me up when Kuzya gets here.

  • yv

    They changed Hillen to LTIR now. Probably Caps activate him tomorrow. For now with Penner in Caps has only 80K$ under the cap.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Go for MacDonald. Good looking young d-man.

  • Seth Winship

    I can dig it, but defense is still a priority. Is GMGM going to acknowledge this before the deadline?

  • Josh Carey

    Save for another trade, my guess would be Grabo goes to LTIR.

  • scrubversive

    Kinda-sorta-hadta repost this from japer’s rink. Shrank it to get under the size limit.

    Edit: Ah crap, I broke it. Never mind -.-;

  • JH

    Two quick points: 1) By transitivity this is a trade of MattyPerry for Dustin Penner. I think in that context the Caps come out ahead. 2) If rumors of Halak are true, perhaps there isn’t the D-man we need on the market and the best we can do is get a lights-out playoff goalie. If that’s the case, as much as I love Holtby/Neuvy/Grubauer, I’m willing to make that trade.

  • Unrelated to this exact trade/article, has RMNB ever considered a message board or chat room? At least on special occasions like the trade deadline and during games?

  • NEIN

  • Is there interest in that? We’ll do whatever the People want!

  • Joey Doukmetzian

    scrivens as a starter? lolololol

  • riggorules

    I really hope Oates and GMGM are on the same page this time, don’t want to see Penner babysitting the fourth line.

  • Joey Doukmetzian

    Odds that the Caps pick Conacher off waivers??

  • R.O’B.

    so. he’s playing tomorrow?

    i’ll be in philly. pray for me.

  • jj

    Good move, 4th rounder for a big net presence, I’ll take it. But come on GMGM don’t stop now, we need a d man!

  • prut

    IRC channel would be great

  • Yes! Game-day especially would be awesome. I know the Caps and CSN do something, but it’s very filtered and focused on media types with the occasional regular person comment making it through.

  • Eric Schulz

    I’d rather have just kept Perreault…

  • Eric Schulz

    Shit, why didn’t *we* go after Robidas?

  • Lawrence

    I have a feeling we will be saying goodbye to either Chim, Ward, or Brouwer after this trade. Mixed feelings about that.

    Erat is definitely as good as gone come tomorrow.

    Here’s to hoping we can land a solid top 4 D. Our team would be instantly better.

  • Simonezero

    We The People of RMNB in order to form a more perfect roster

  • Yes.

  • Also, I like the opinions of some of the real fans here, and would like to interact with them and get their perspectives on other topics not necessarily covered in the articles. The only way to do that now is to go off-topic (like this) or try and steer the conversation.

  • Bugs Fire

    Couldn’t they just send Carrick to Hershey to fix the salary cap problem? It gets them ~15k$ below the cap. Oh wait – that leaves only 5 defensemen because, you know, Orlov… So can they take Beagle off the roster to comply?

  • Eric Schulz

    That having been said… that ship has sailed. I can see the argument that Penner for a 4th is a win. However, this looks to me like just as bad of a return as when we traded for Erat (what we gave away: VASTLY inferior of course, this trade isn’t nearly so catastrophic)… where does Penner fit? How can we even play him, especially when we get Kuznetsov? What do the lines look like? Who sits? If we had left Wilson in the OHL, then I think it’d be easier to make the lines work, but how do we fit everybody know? Again, I think I’d want to see Laich on defense again, as that’s about the only way I see to get everybody slotted properly.
    Kuznetsov – Backstrom – Ovechkin
    Penner – Erat – Brouwer
    Chimera – Laich – Ward
    Johansson – Beagle – Fehr?

  • Myan

    Just out of curiosity, how is RMNB organized? As an LLC? S Corp?

  • We’re a Maryland LLC. You thinking about suing us or buying us?

  • Eric Schulz

    Then… when Grabovski comes back?

  • JulieLovesCaps



  • GetchaGrubbOn

    WE NEED DEFENSE! I like Penner, like his grit. Feels like a second Troy Brower to me. This talk of Luongo is whatever…honestly I don’t really have a huge issue with the tending. But where is the talk of picking up a quality D-man or two?

  • Bugs Fire

    My thoughts exactly. How could this be that GM makes a trade to acquire a veteran player (Erat) apparently without getting HC to buy into it? And I don’t think the return of Brooks Laich is to blame – Oates obviously hated the whole deal, because he repeatedly chose to play inferior players over Erat.

    While it would definitely suck, to see Penner asking for trade after spending three weeks playing on the 4th line is a totally hilarious situation.

  • yv

    Hillen seems already has been listed off Caps roster. Caps have 5 active Dmen and under the cap. Probably some new one coming? and Hillen ‘d be activated before the game tomorrow after cap relieve.

  • Jonah

    too bad we aren’t playing EDM soon. Bryz would be terrified!

  • Shaun Phillips

    No worries anymore about this. MacDonald to the Flyers.

  • yv

    I meant Carrick off Caps roster on NHL site, while Penner in.

  • JH

    Grabovski and Kuzya on the second line would scare the crap out of opposing teams. I like that.

  • Shaun Phillips

    He looked pretty good in LA, but the Edmonton defense is awful.

  • Myan

    Lol I’m thinking that you guys would qualify to be a 501c3 or 501c4 nonprofit organization and be exempt from federal income tax & MD FTB tax. Merchandise sales would only be subject to UBI tax at IRS level.

  • Jonah

    i doubt there is a team who would trade for two left wingers

  • Jonah

    with the F16 on second line would be brutal. then chimer-laich-wardo on third, 20-83-43 and 10/90-19-8

  • Jared

    GMGM non-contract year: “Let’s give up one of our most highly-touted prospects for Marty.”; GMGM contract year: “Let’s pull in a guy on pace to near 50 points this season for a 4th rounder that they already gave to us.”

  • YEY

  • Kelsey

    If you go to they have awesome Game Day Threads

    edit: as well as

  • Shaun Phillips

    Yup. Put Penner with Nicky and Ovi. Grabo, Kuzya, and Brouwer/Fehr/Erat on 2nd (assuming one of them is here after tomorrow). Mojo-Chimer-Wardo (same assumptions) for 3. That’s a heckuva top 3 lines. This is not counting Burakovsky as well.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Anyone been following Penner’s tweets tonight? They’ve been awesome. He’s going to rival Ovi and Wilson for team joker.

  • Michael Reschly

    I feel like twitter fills that gap. If you had such a thing, I likely wouldn’t use it.

    Not that I really care if you have one, just giving you a voice from what may be a silent majority.

  • dylan wheatley

    a message board would allow me to troll to my heart’s content

  • dylan wheatley

    no never go to reddit

  • dylan wheatley

    now we talkin

  • /nick Peter
    /join #RMNB
    /mode Peter +v +a

  • I lurk /r/caps erryday

  • Eric Schulz

    Okay, now that we moved Erat out, I love the trade a lot more (or: a lot, full stop). I love a top-6 of:
    Penner – Backstrom – Ovie
    Kuznetsov – Grabovski – Brouwer
    the bottom-6 is harder. I like:
    Chimera – Fehr – Ward
    Laich – Johansson – Wilson
    I guess, with Beagle being a scratch. I think I’d rather see Johansson between Chimera and Ward… OR I wouldn’t mind the 4th and 3rd line flipping because there is more talent on the 4th, except the 3rd has shown great chemistry… as long as we roll lines, I’m happy.

  • I feel like I don’t have the requisite intimate knowledge of memes, their back-stories, and inside jokes to participate in a reddit thread.

  • Kelsey

    Meh – the hockey/sports subreddits are generally pretty discussion heavy. There’s not a whole lot of memes and inside jokes to deal with – just a good place to go and discuss general hockey shit.

  • That may be, but if RMNB did it here I think it would do better. For instance, today’s trade deadline thread as of right now has 183 comments to the r/caps equivalent thread’s 83. The game thread from this past Sunday has 133 comments. RMNB already has more active participants and from a business standpoint it would be silly to send their traffic elsewhere.

  • Kelsey

    Oh i agree – I was just sending over alternate Game Day Thread options in case there weren’t any here.

  • Penner has the best interviews too, you guys are going to enjoy him… although on ice, sometimes he gets lazy… THAT you won’t enjoy too much. (Kings fan)