Simmonds holds Erskine as Lecavalier connects with a haymaker. Disgraceful.

Who had “line brawl” on their Flyers-Capitals bingo card? Really? All of you? Okay, cool.

Well… did you “three dudes jump on Erskine?” Exactly!

Here’s how it all went down.

It didn’t happen when Luke Schenn ran over Ryan Stoa halfway through the first period. That was a big hit, but it didn’t stop play.

Enter Tom Wilson, like a freight train, to engage Schenn. Except Schenn was unable to fight as his gear was tangled up in Stoa’s. Good news for people who like bads news: there were plenty of other eager combatants.

And they danced.

John Erskine began walloping on Vincent Lecavalier until Wayne Simmonds stepped in (Connor Carrick was unable to hug him hard enough).

In the end, three Flyers tackled Erskine to the ice behind the Philly net.

Erskine, Wilson, and Levacalier got game misconducts. Simmonds, inconceivably, was not kicked out.

The Penalties

Tom Wilson: 2 minutes for instigating, 5 for fighting, 10-minute game misconduct.
John Erskine: 5 for fighting, 10-minute game misconduct
Vincent Lecavalier: 5 for fighting, 10-minute game misconduct
Wayne Simmonds: 2 for cross-checking, 2 for slashing, no fighting, no third man in, no game misconduct

  • CapsKel

    Disgusting all around, but how was Simmonds not banned?

  • Nicole Lippy

    This is ridiculous, Simmonds should have been ejected, but Wilson should never have gone after Schenn. If the Caps want to win they need to play hard, not fight hard. Coming into the second period they need to just play, and not fall into the Flyers trap.

  • Totally agree

  • Matt

    Simmons is a cheap shot artist and a piece of s#%+. He should be making the same walk back to the locker room.

  • Zachary Adomanis

    Wilson skates over to Schenn, gloves still on grabs him, helps him stand up schenns gloves fly and he starts swinging. Doesnt seem like instigation to me.

  • Simonezero

    That’s cool, Simmonds sticks his crotch in Stoa’s face then bitch slaps him. Then proceeds to drag Ersk down by his face 3 on 1. No major. What a punk.

  • CapsKel

    “Helps him stand up.” Come on.

  • That Guy

    “46.16 Third Man In – A game misconduct penalty, at the discretion of the Referee, shall be imposed on any player who is the first to intervene (third man in) in an altercation already in progress except when a match penalty is being imposed in the original altercation. This penalty is in addition to any other penalties incurred in the same incident.” Rule 46.16.

    Erskine and Lecavlier’s Match penalties negate Simmond’s bullshit. Hate to be that guy but it was the right call.

  • bskillet

    Wow they wanted to get the game under control so the Caps have to pay, blood pressure medicine time.

  • scrubversive

    Yeah, this is the same type of trouble Orlov got himself into last game. Show your determination on the ice, not the Flyers’ sideshow. As soon as you start playing into their goonery you’re doing yourself and your team a disservice.

    Overall, frickin’ embarassing for both sides (and the zebras).

  • Matt

    nope, a match penalty and game misconduct aren’t the same thing

  • CapsKel

    Forget the third man in penalty – how is there not a ban for holding someone so your buddy can nail him?

  • Matt

    Absolutely agree. Thug on ice. Refs also seem to be slighted and scared to make calls.

  • Owen Johnson

    We should just complain to the refs. It works for Chara.

  • sean

    I’m so happy we traded for a forward and a goalie when we can’t play defense

  • Guest


  • Rob W.

    playoffs here we come!

  • Roy Schue

    Am I correct, aren’t match penalties applied to “attempt to injure” penalties and this was just a case of misconducts because of the secondary fighting rule

  • peach

    I’m not going to complain about the refs, all I’m going to say is Green is being man handled. Either he needs to start sticking up for himself or someone needs to start doing it for him because this is hard to watch. It’s really hard to believe how much he has regressed.

  • Owen Johnson

    Seriously, how can anyone root for this team? For at least 40 years this team has been notorious for being relentlessly dirty (Ned Flanders’ “Jury of the Damned” includes the 1976 Flyers for God’s sake). When you consider the turning point of your season is when your backup goaltender goes and mugs the other teams goaltender (a move that would get him fucking ARRESTED anywhere else) then you have major issues.

  • Owen Johnson

    Yeah and he had the best seat in the house for the first goal. Keith Jones keeps saying “Ovi got beat.” At least he TRIED to play defense!
    I’m kind of mad right now. I don’t know if you can tell from my posts.

  • Pete

    Wilson went after Schenn because Schenn was clearly trying to put Stoa into the corner of bench glass. It was legal hit but still a dirty one. I understand why Wilson (or any player) would go after Schenn for that.

  • Barrett

    I guess your are going to blame Mike Green for that 5th Flyers goal too huh?

  • Nicole Lippy

    I understand why he would go after him, the fact of the matter is that by doing that it put the Caps in a situation that completely benefited the Flyers style of play, and left the Caps in a weaker position. Wilson has the utmost potential to be a good player, but there are times where a player has to keep their emotions in check, especially with the way the game had been unfolding. As Peter said in the recap, “Sinking to their level” only hurts us in the long run.

  • scott

    just watched the fight from earlier this year, it was the same flyers line in both fight

  • yv

    Wilson penalties were corrected, no game misconduct and he later played.
    Previous beating of Holtby without any consequences. Now two guys joining the third one and jumping together on Erskine, again without retribution. But what is really disgusting is glorification of such behavior on official? Flyers site and there tweets. Something very wrong and rotten in Flyers organization.

  • AreaMan

    Can we all just agree to ignore Erskine getting knocked out by a Frenchie?

  • Catherine__M

    Having grown up in Philadelphia (with hockey fan parents who themselves moved there in the late 70s) I can tell you that this reputation and style of play is a huge source if pride. It’s up there with Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell, the cheesesteak, Mummers, Quakers, Rocky, and the pronouncion of the word “water” in terms of identity. And suddenly, perversely, I’m homesick (but there’s a reason I wasn’t a sports fan until adulthood. …Philly sports complexes are scary places for small children. ::shudder::)

  • Tadd

    Woa. This wasn’t pretty. And the ref’s still aren’t on our side. What the hell was that?

  • Matt

    exactly, so simmons DEFINITELY should have gotten 3rd man in

  • Sam

    can we agree though that Mike Green did cause the one goal where he tried clearing it up the ice lost control of the puck in front of the net…that was mike greens fault. He needs to focus more on D and less on O because last time i checked he played defense..

  • Sr819

    Simmonds was being held and still grabbed Erskine. Be mad at the Cap that was too weak to contain him.

  • I think Hartnell should’ve got a cross-check penalty there. (But Green coughed up the puck BEFORE the cross-check.)

  • Barrett

    I agree. That’s a good play by Hartnell on the for echeck though, Green was trying to go back to the Caps player in the corner and just got mugged. Give Philly credit there, but don’t ignore to 2 goals Mike Green had a direct impact on for the Capitals either.

  • Zachary Adomanis

    He was def helping him up so he can beat his ass but he still had not done anything aggressive until after Schenn did his best Crosbyspaz (lose your gloves and start swinging like an idiot before the fight starts). He even saw they were tangled up so he just stood there. Simmonds did too but he got his little throat cross check in on Stoa.

  • Guest
  • Patrick Div Plus: Fight Club 2

    I despise how the commentary is so lopsided in standing up for the Flyers. And the comment that Lecavalier can “really throw them.” That’s possibly the dumbest thing I’ve heard an NBC NHL announcer say. Excepting the comment from Milbury earlier that Emery’s attack on Holtby “was a turning point in the Flyers’ season.” I’m not excusing how the Caps played last night or on Sunday at all though.


    typical trashy Philly.

  • bigbanger

    FYI Erskine going after Vinnie? really? all bets are off sorry what would happen if Rosehill went after Backstrom? That is only reason Simmons got involved. Good to see caps finally wearing big boy underwear most nights the woman’s Olympic team has more balls…Cheers from South Philly

  • SouthPhillyFlyGuys

    weeping willows? you got beat , your Gorilla was trying to go after a skill player thats why Simmonds came in and tried to stop him despite how as you said weak the Cap that was trying to hold / hug him. one more thing Hoooooooltttt –byyyy!!!

  • Mike Riv

    Everyone is biased. Being a flyers fan, Simmonds was wrong for going after Erskine after Erskine was wrong for going after Vinny. Let’s at least be rational and look at everyone’s faults here. People also forget to notice that if Carrick never jumped in the fight would have most likely been Erskine vs. Simmonds a much better pair in terms of fighting. Who’s at fault? Everyone…. as for the end result, flyers have beat the capitals twice in a week. Stop crying.

  • Hockey fan eh

    Puseeees in Washington melting pot need to man up. Probably barrack fans as well right? Thanks for that. You”d think you’d learn from that and shut up!!

  • Jonah

    i think green coughed up the puck because he saw a flyer in his rear view mirror and shit his pants after the beating he’s taken the past 10 minutes.

  • Bauer01

    Yay Flyers!!! You’re all a bunch of complainers!