Report: Evgeny Kuznetov Coming to America Within a Week



Russian reporter and recalcitrant Sabres fan Slava Malamud just shared this nugget, which we’re now passing onto you. Caps prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov, now finished with his KHL season, will be coming to North America soon. Slava says within the next five days.

Keep in mind that there are lots of hurdles to clear: visas, travel, signing a contract. Don’t expect Kuznetsov to play against the Penguins on Monday or anything, but he could be lacing up at KCI as soon as next week.

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  • Loui

    He has to sign a contract before 3pm today in order to be eligible for the playoffs this season, no?

  • Bryan J. Casto
  • Kettler’s gonna be a total zoo when he first practices. I can’t wait.

  • Clint Petty

    Please tell me he is riding in on a meteor

  • Cthulu’s Alarm Clock

    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but no he does not have to sign a contract today to be eligible to play. He can sign a contract the day before the playoffs start if he wanted. Tom Wilson did it last year after Plymouth’s season ended…

  • Joben
  • Kelsey
  • Bryan J. Casto

    He has to be on the 80-man reserve list. Unsigned draft picks, junior players, and defected players along with NHL roster players make up the list.


    Anyone have any clue how/if Oates fits him into the lineup once he does get here? Is he going to play on the 4th line with Beagle and Wilson?

  • ChrisN

    My only fear is that Kuzya becomes the next Sasha…. Please don’t happen that way.

  • Shawn Murphy


  • He does NOT have to sign a contract before 3pm today to be eligible for the playoffs this season. Who initially put that out there? We’ve been asked this on Twitter by a few people too.

  • You are correct.

  • This does not look like a party. This looks like a situation I’d immediately run away from.

  • Dave


  • Kelsey
  • disolitude

    With Kuzya onboard, Caps can have 1 energy player, 1 playmaker and 1 scorer on every line.

    1. Penner-Bakstrom-Ovi
    2. Gabrovski-Johansson-Brouwer
    3. Chimera-Kuznetsov-Ward
    4. Wilson-Fehr-Laich

    This lineup looks fairly formidable.


  • Jared

    Just imagining lines somewhere in the ballpark of this, and really liking it…


  • andy

    but splitting up Ward & Chimmer would make for a sad Wardo and Ice Cheetah 🙁

  • Ben Reed

    “4 or 5 days”….either you have a scheduled flight or you don’t. I want to see a plane ticket.

  • Ben Reed


  • Jake Ettawakapow

    Love all these GIFS. HAhahahahahah

  • Jared

    Would love to see Kuzya center for Wardo and Chimmer, but don’t think Oates is ever going to be willing to drop Laich to the 4th for any real period of time.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Why would Johansson play center in favor of Grabovski… I also don’t expect them to use Kuzya as a center yet. Wilson is a RW.

  • I’m just going to say a few keywords here in response to this.

    Russian media – headaches – Visa – Ukraine – KHL Contract

  • He’s not a center. He’s not playing on the third line.


  • Ben Reed

    To which I respond: exactly.

  • Jared

    Release a line of RMNB Kuzya Koozies to celebrate.

  • definitely a top 5 all-time best nazi

  • Roman Z.

    I don’t see why Brouwer should stay in top 6

  • I was responding to this part of your comment “Either you have a scheduled flight or you don’t.” Were you blaming Kuznetsov for that? That was from R-Sport and one of their “sources.” The Russian hockey media is always report first, facts later (minus Slava who is actually a journalist).

  • yv

    He probably bringing couple as a gift and for Caps inspiration. Meteoric rise from the bubble team to SC contender…

  • Ben Reed

    To which I further respond:

    Chuck Gormley ‏@ChuckGormleyCSN 16m

    Ovechkin says he knows nothing about Kuznetsov other than his house is ready for him and his wife. #CapitalsTalk

  • disolitude

    Sure he is. He played C for Russia in Jr’s.

    I guess you can swap him with Gabrovski if you don’t approve of 3rd line placement but that ruins my idea in its entirety. 🙂

  • Ben Reed

    “Were you blaming Kuznetsov for that?”

    yes – blaming isn’t the right word though, because it’s not necessarily his fault if he cannot book a flight within 4 or 5 days (or 4 or 5 months), for the reasons you mentioned.

    He’s not coming until he is.

  • disolitude

    I had them lined up as energy-playmaker-scorer rather than wing, center, wing.

  • Dc5

    Who is this Gabrovski guy?

  • Read this somewhat old post of mine and tell me if you feel the same way afterwards.

  • Thanks for that, Benstradamus.

  • VirginiaPatriot


  • Guest

    Laich on 4th? Are you crazy Man? We want to keep Julianne happy!

  • disolitude

    Yeah I can’t argue here. Insights like this are why you guys are the pros… 🙂

  • disolitude

    But in my newly devised system, he’d be the “scorer” on the 4th. King in hell vs servant in heaven thinking here… Julianne would still dig.

  • VirginiaPatriot

    Laich on 4th? Are you crazy Man? We want to keep Julianne happy!


    No chance. For Kuznetsov to come to the NHL, the Caps would have to trade him to a good team – one that has a chance to make the playoffs.

  • Ben Reed

    /gracefully bows

  • Jake Ettawakapow
  • VirginiaPatriot

    He’s already this year’s top scorer in my opinion!

  • I can almost guarantee they won’t start him off as a center when he first gets here. They may try that experiment next year or in the future. If can’t win face-offs in the KHL, he’s gonna be a huge liability here.

    We’ll see what happens. I hope someday he can make that jump though. He’d be more valuable to the team in the middle.

  • I hear he can play.


  • MojoAlmost

    I read that because of Kuzya’s age, the longest term the Capitals can sign him for with his entry-level deal is 2 years. So then he would become a restricted free agent next summer if the Caps allow him to play in more than 10 games this season? If that’s the case I’d rather see him spend the next couple months in Hershey. After waiting all these years, allowing him to hit the free agent market (albeit restrcted) so soon would be infuriating.

  • RT23

    Until Grabo gets bakc I’d like to see:
    Kuzya-Beagle-Wilson –

    but give Kuzya a few shifts each game with other lines to see where there might be chemistry.

    Then once we get Grabo back and Kuzya up to speed:
    1 Penner-Backstrom-Ovi
    2 Kuzya-Grabo-Brouwer
    3a Chimera-Laich-Ward
    3b Fehr-MoJo-Wilson – give Beagle some games for Wilson and as a FO specialist.

    We don’t have a 4th line. Split ice time pretty evenly between 3a and 3b.
    Turn Chimera-Laich-Ward into our shutdown checking 3a line with stikeback capability. I can see them getting it deep in the O corners and cycling away the entire shift of the other team’s top line. And that leaves Fehr-MoJo-Wilson as 3b (4th) line with real scoring potential.

    Or try moving Laich to D and play Beagle/Latta in his place.

  • Jonah

    i agree with this except id switch fehr and brouwer. i just don’t think the brouwitzer is a viable top 6 forward.

  • Fait

    Oates start Kuz on the 4th line? Pfft – not with his personnel management skillz! I’m sure that Oates will easily have Kuz leapfrogging Grubi, Holts, and Halak on the depth chart in no time flat!

  • RT23

    Based on this year’s performance Fehr definitely deserves more playing time than Brouwer but I based that on 3 factors:
    1. Brouwer was great last year and if we’re going to go anywhere we need to try to get him back to that level. I’m hoping (based on no evidence) that Kuzya-Grabo can jump start him.
    2. I like Fher-MoJo more than Brouwer-MoJo. They have worked together well in the past.
    3. We have to do anything we can to keep Brouwer-Laich apart. They are mutual kryptonite for each other and whoever skates with them.

    But if we don’t see results quickly I have no problem with moving both a Laich and Brouwer down to 3rd and 4th line status and asking them to focus on D forward responsibilities until they regain some scoring touch. As long as they aren’t together.