Photo: @a0gr8

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin just shared the last photo you’ll ever see of Michal Neuvirth and Martin Erat as Capitals.

“Last dinner with boys, and they gone!!” Ovi wrote on Instagram. “Good luck to them, and welcome new players to the team!” Neuvy is now off to Buffalo, where more playing time and opportunity await, and Erat to Phoenix, where at least it’s warmer.

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  • Zach S.

    Erat looks WAY too happy as a Cap. Pic must be fake

  • Jonah

    i wonder if OV took them out because he knew that they were on the way out.

  • Sasha Kahn

    Ovi knows…it’s on his face…

  • Chris Cerullo

    I’m more intrigued by who the 4th person at the table is and why they were not allowed in the selfie. Maybe Maria?

  • HMA8

    Damn, Erat kind of looks likeable.

  • Myan


  • Pete

    Wow, I can’t believe these guys are drinking soda during the season. They’re clearly not focused on being champions.

    They should be drinking badger milk, like Chicago, Boston and Pittsburgh…

  • Look at Marty Erat giving thumbs up and smiling. What a toxic, whiny crank. DON’T LET TEH DOOR HIT YE ONT HE WAYB WLQJ FWEG

  • yv

    After the end of this round of trades I briefly recollect the genealogy of Caps/Erat trades and I can tell what a fascinating one it is. Full description will probably take half page. Just a brief summary of teams directly involved: it started with Boston, then Toronto, then Colorado, then Caps, (here part of picks branched to Dallas, etc), then Nashville, then again Caps, then Phoenix, then part of trades branched back to Caps and finally ends in Buffalo! 8 cities and about 10 players were involved and moved around! At the end, after less then 3 years, for Caps it was trading Varly for Halak and Latta plus some minor players and picks have been moved around.


    He was genuinly loved by all his teammates except for guys like Brooks laich who just so happened to be the player Erat was supposed to replace originally in the lineup. Not a coincidence this was such a mess.

  • Scott Mallon

    totally took them out to dinner last night because he knew that both would likely be gone today. glad to have a lot less controversy on this team. it’s what was killing us. now they can all focus on hockey.

  • Marky Narc

    So, Erat scores against us on Saturday, right? #thebank

  • Andrew Sager

    Noooooo Neuvyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rob W.

    probably traded in his steak for a better cut

  • Myan

    Check out that Voss bottle! Ovi pulling out all the stops for the send away dinner.

  • demanded a re-heat

  • That malcontent!

  • Erat, I’ll miss. Mr. Fragile Groin Neuvirth, I will not.