Bruins beat Capszzz

Bruins beat Caps 3-0.

I don’t really have anything to say. The Caps aren’t good, and their game against the Boston Bruins was awful.

In hindsight, offense might have helped.

But Laich is hurt. So is Grabo. Erskine and Volpatti too. Plus Orlov is suspended. That left the Hershey Bears to fill the ranks: Carrick, Stoa, Brown, Schilling. I don’t want to do the math on if losing Ersk was a bad thing. Doesn’t matter. Even if the Caps didn’t suit up a bunch of sub-NHL players, the Caps aren’t a match for the Bruins.

The whole “let ’em shoot, but keep those shots on the outside” plan failed again. Gregory Campbell got a deflection up front during a delayed penalty, and then Loui Eriksson scored on a turnover from like 0.00214 feet out. Those two goals did nothing to shake the Caps from their torpor. Brad Marchand got the empty netter.

Joe B suit of the not with a bang but with a whimper

Joe B suit of the not with a bang but with a whimper

Shots are like my favorite thing in hockey next to girls, and this game didn’t really have either. The Caps got eight shots in the first two periods. Eight shots? What is this? Freshman year at JMU?

Once I saw Beagle in the offensive zone. Once. Is that noteworthy? No. I guess not.

Running out of things to talk about…

Um. I had Panera for lunch today. There’s a cute girl who works there. I wanna swap manga with her and watch British TV shows. I probably won’t though.

Man, people on Twitter are bumming me out tonight.

Yeah, well, pal….

I mean, we didn’t even get to see any power plays. Even when Brad Marchand was marchanding.

Seems legit.

Here’s a thing: Braden Holtby was good. Though Tuukka Rask was better.

Worst game of the season. When the Boudreau Caps sucked, at least it was interesting.

I can’t think of anything to look forward to right now. Everything sucks. Something change.


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  • Jack Conness

    Look At Me Now. I will Forever be a Capitals fan. But this is getting bad. I fell asleep during the 1st period and didn’t wake up till the start of the 3rd. It looks like I didn’t miss much. Next time, Don’t Wake Me Up. The thing is, I Can Transform Ya but it seems like GMGM can’t transform this team into a winning team. Not fun. Honestly, No BS, I wish they would Strip this team and start from scratch but I don’t think that is happening anytime soon. I could give Holtby a little Kiss Kiss for how well he played but we know when he plays well, the rest of the team can’t. Luckily, I have all of you Beautiful People here at RMNB to vent to. Thank you everyone. You guys really are the best. Deuces.

    This team sucks. My Chris Brown references above suck even more. The falling asleep during the game thing was true. It is hard to watch. Till next time RMNB.

  • William

    Outside of Carlson/Alzner, Terrible D. GMGM…

    Btw, Peter. Panera is mediocre, hopefully the girl isn’t.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Yo, we suck.

  • Marky Narc

    Life is meaningless and we all die alone.

  • Pretty sure that’s the first GIF Peter has ever made for RMNB and of course it’s better than anything I’ve ever done.

  • Jake Ettawakapow
  • dylan wheatley

    no erat? no bueno.

  • northernMD

    Considering we beat them a weak ago, i wouldn’t say they are leagues better than us when healthy. But if we don’t get any power plays and aren’t healthy we’re not going to beat any good teams any time soon.

  • Arian

    what’d u get from panera

  • Marky Narc

    A+ for effort, though!

  • mac and cheese and chipotle chicken and a cookie and a mountain dew
    thanks for asking
    rask ruled
    also you should die in a fire

  • Rob W.

    Hard to win when you cant possess the puck. I dont know why but i keep expecting this team to fix their issues and put together a complete 60. My thought process now is there is no way this team can be this bad next year, so we got that going for us…which is nice. My favorite part of the games now is seeing how many different ways our D can mess up clearing the puck

  • Chris Cerullo

    Yo that’s what I get except for the cookie part. Also you should ask that girl out.

  • VeggieTart

    They need to burn those fucking jerseys NOW.

  • Jeremy in Bethesda

    Who remember’s that game like 5 years ago or more when the Caps beat the B’s 10-2 on National TV (versus with Joe B broadcasting.) I remember 6 goals in the first period… ahhh good times.

  • Arian

    thank u

  • Jaime

    You can’t eat at Panera and not get a cookie. It’s just wrong.

  • Patrick Neimeyer

    I am impartial to the grilled cheese and tomato soup…mountain dew..tisk tisk…hibicious tea Peter!

  • Heidi

    Well the trade deadline didn’t seem to solve the defense or secondary scoring issues yet…but glad to see Holtby bounce back from last night.


  • Bradley Spies

    WE WANT THOMAS! That was fun. Thomas getting pulled, Auld getting pulled, Thomas getting pulled again. Good times.

  • Fait

    How could you? That was the best part of the game. THE BEST PART!

  • Matt Lauer

    At this point, watching the Caps is basically my own personal abusive relationship.

  • Chris Cerullo


  • the final buzzer was the best part
    because then it was over

  • Myan

    I don’t trust Adam Oates and I don’t believe that he knows what he’s doing. How can you let Schilling, Hillen, Wilson, Brown, and Stoa be on the ice together at the same time at this level. That’s just stupidity. Wake up Adam, the system does not work.

  • when I want tomato soup, I hit up my peeps at noodles & co

  • yeah but I never will

  • Chris Cerullo

    Whenever you comment I picture “famous” Matt Lauer commenting on RMNB. Thought I should let you know.

  • Rob W.

    that was probably the nicest pocket square he has ever worn, flawless execution

  • Jaime

    Fair enough.

  • ChrisN

    Shit… that is the only word that comes to my mind when I watched this game… All around swell performance for the Washington Capi-bears………

  • Brouwer Rangers

    That Monty Python GIF.

  • Patrick Neimeyer

    The Bruins just ripped out my “rock the red heart,” damn you indiana jones and that indian guy damn you…:(

  • Matt Lauer

    Glad to oblige. 🙂

  • Myan
  • Jonah

    What’s the worst that can happen? do you really think you’ll have a bigger let down from her than from the caps?

  • Fait

    Hush – I’m trying to get hypnotized by the paisleys in Joe B’s tie. I’m hoping the paisleys will let me forget this week in Caps hockey.

  • Guest


  • Marky Narc
  • Matt Lauer

    During the second period I indulged my roommate’s delusions about the Sharks winning the Cup. That’s how bad it is for me.

  • Deann Jackson

    On the upside, Tukka was able to give himself a manicure midway through the second period and totally trimmed up the errant nostril hairs.

  • Lawrence

    Can’t beleive how much this team has fallen from a few years ago. If mcphee was fired after the montreal series like many wanted him to be, some of us might have been left wondering what our team would have looked like. Well sadly for us, we get to see exactly what that team looks like.

    As crazy as this may sound, this team is designed for a coach like Dale Hunter, we don’t have anywhere near enough talent to be a puck controlling team or a team that Oates is capable of coaching. Ovechkin is getting older, Green is example of how talent can get misused and mishandled leading to his primadona play style he has now (the one where every time he touches the puck I quake in fear that hes going to get his body slammed), and the rest of the team is over-valued grinders that aren’t even very good at grinding. The team is a mess. The players look lost. The coaching staff looks lost. McPhee is trying to convince everyone and probably himself that everything is fine.

    When I look back at how good our team was during those 2009-2010 years I get so depressed. This organization is serving as one of the best examples to how mismanagement can bring down a team. I hate to be the one to say this, but it’s almost time again. Almost time for the worst thing to hear as a hockey fan. Its almost time for a rebuild.

    Oh how the mighty have fallen.

  • Diller M

    Somehow it keeps getting worse, and we only have more difficult games ahead. The brightside is that there won’t be any May heartbreak for us this year.

  • Fait

    …and the paisleys are not working. Think I’ll go back to the vodka. It was so much better.

  • Kevin Parlett


  • Guest

    Shit and strawberry shortcake.

  • woe

  • Bilal

    sigh……………….You know it sucks.Whenever the Offense is there, the D is not. And whenever the Goaltending is there, the D is not, and whenever the Offense AND goaltending is there, the D is not……I wonder why

  • HockeyFan69

    Shit and strawberry shortcake…

  • Josh Carey

    Wait, the ENG and the first goal were both because of shots from the outside. Those don’t count as goals, right?

  • Chris Cerullo

    At least we aren’t the Islanders?

  • yv

    I want to see graph of shots distribution!

  • Laura

    Was thinking of taking kids to game Saturday. Maybe I should save my money and got to Panera, my kids love their Mac n cheese.

  • first goal was a deflection from 10-15 feet.

  • a more accurate slogan than

  • Diller M

    Tickets are probably cheap…

  • Matt Lauer

    For those of us who have realized this for a while, watching the team crumble before our eyes slowly over a period of several years has been all the more painful.

  • Justin

    Stage 4 of the Kübler-Ross Model: DEPRESSION.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Yea but at least with women there is 0% chance of letdown if you just ignore them. With the Caps recently you’re pretty much looking at a 99.99% letdown rate.

  • yv

    for Sat not. Caps the only ‘entertainment’ left in the area.

  • JenniferH

    *sigh* Holtby looked good. Too bad he doesn’t score. Would be really nice if the guys who do would, you know, do it.

  • brian!

    Bro I will totally be your Panera Wingman. It’s gonna be LEGENDARY!

  • Justin

    Also, a poignant acronym found on Google:

  • yv

    I can calmly watch now any horror movie.

  • Bilal

    guys im scared………..HOLD ME

  • Lawrence

    I’ve been among those that try to put on a brave face or the blindfolds ( the Mcphee special) and pretend that maybe we are okay. “If we just get into the playoffs, we have a shot guise!” But those in my “group” have known deep down for a while that this team is going straight to the gutter, but just to admit it is more depressing than I would have imagined.


  • Nicole Lippy

    I love the Caps, I really do. But they have no fire anymore, where are the Caps that if they weren’t scoring, were at least trying to make something happen! This is a team that doesn’t want to win right now. The one redeeming thing about the game was Holtby, he played well, and gave his team a chance to win a game where there shouldn’t have been one.

  • Diller M

    Peter, Is the 8 shots reference a nod to the 2001 caps or Friday nights at Ashby Crossing, possibly both?

  • More of a Dingledine Wednesday thing.

  • Diller M


  • Justin

    Mmmm, Is that a kolache?

  • bskillet

    Well we looked like we could have at least been Boston’s practice squad. Very sad.

  • Karee Lyn

    We need to do a better job convincing Peter to ask this girl out. Some good must come of this all.

  • H70

    The only thing that makes me feel better right now is all the miserable fans here. Hello company.

  • someone hold Bilal

  • Jaime

    Aw, come on. Let’s not be pushy. There’s nothing wrong with being socially awkward. I’ve gotten by just fine being an introvert. He’ll have his moment when he’s ready.

  • GregV

    This game actually had a lot in common with Panera: there was no effort involved, it was completely unsatisfying, and it left me feeling really bloated and disgusted.

  • Diller M

    For those who need a pick me up after that epic sadness, I’m partial to the Gregory Brothers, check it out!

  • :)

    Come on Peter. We need SOMETHING to be hopeful about!

  • Karee Lynn

    PS That game would have been more tolerable had I had some mac and cheese….

  • Diller M

    Since we play down to opponents you can remove the word “good” from that last sentence.

  • Jared

    Congrats on the mac & cheese

  • yv

    Caps fans not the only one. Cbus losing to Chi 1:5 and what about Tampa fans. Stamkos back, they outshooting 42-21, but Tampa still losing 0:3 to the worst team in NHL, Buffalo, at home.

  • Hockey mom

    Well, that stunk! Still can’t figure out why Olesky doesn’t get called up…

    Until these guys get more disciplined, they aren’t going anywhere.

  • Laura

    ‘Entertainment’ bahaha, good one!


  • Hockey mom

    It took me a couple of times to figure that out…I was thinking that 30 was a player number! Duh!!

  • Jared


  • Myan


  • Diller M

    Please email that to George and bcc Ted.

  • Zach Evans

    “The Caps got eight shots in the first two periods. Eight shots? What is this? Freshman year at JMU?” This has to be one of my favorite RMNB quotes ever. Sad that it has to come in such disarray. This team is just an awful, awful mess. I think we have to clean house. McPhee, Oates, some players, etc. It’s obvious the organization needs some fresh air, breathe new life. We just have to make it through the next 18 games. Painful as they may be.

  • 70Caps

    It’s not that bad.
    There will be more games this season against different teams with different refs with less injuries. One game cannot eliminate almost 40 years of a team’s existence.
    Please be realistic. Watching the game was depressing enough, and now that the game is over, I want to recover and move on, and forget the game, not sit around here and sulk about it for eternity.

  • Jared

    This is what I spent the entire third period doing. I’d watch it.

  • Bilal

    I don’t wanna miss the playoffs………………..

  • Freedoooom

    He’s right, the shots were all from the outside.

    Problem is they kept the goalie that lets in short side goals like its no bodies business because he forgets where the net is.

  • Matt McNeely

    Would gladly welcome Dale Hunter even.

  • Matthew Kory

    Hello. 🙁

  • Matthew Kory

    Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter!

  • Matthew Kory

    Now make it go backwards!

  • Marky Narc
  • Graham Dumas

    So I’m really glad now that way back in November I picked the home game against the Bruins in a couple of weeks for my annual DC hockey pilgrimage. That’s gonna be a whole lot of fun to watch….

  • Jonathan Kenny

    This is a poorly coached team. That is all.

    Here’s a question for you. Does anybody know the significance of the Frolunda Indians? Besides being a Swedish Hockey League team that for some dumbass reason has decided to co-op the image of Native AMERICANS for their logo, it was these Indians who in 2006-07 had an assistant coach named Calle Johansson…And this represents the extent of Calle Johansson’s coaching resume’ prior to the Capitals.

    The Lightning lose Stamkos for most of the year and they are still in 5th place in the Conference. The Flyers were putrid at the beginning of the year but even they got it together and reached 70 points ahead of the Caps, who are still stuck on 68 and outside the playoffs.

    Under Boudreau, we saw Mike Green be both a potent offensive threat, who needed to improve defensively (like the rest of the team at that time), and then become an excellent defensive-minded blueliner, which he received little credit for outside DC. This year he has been neither. Not even close. Since we know how good he, like the rest of the team, can be; I can only conclude that this is a coaching issue.

    If there is anybody who thinks that this very same group of players would be this mediocre w/ Bruce Boudreau and his staff coaching them, please explain to me why. Do you think Gabby would have used Erat better? Do you think Boudreau would’ve watch Neuvirth dramatically outplaying Holtby in net at the beginning of the year and not rewarded him with more starts (Holtby gave up 5G on 34 shots opening night and followed that up w/ 3G on 11 shots in game 2 vs. Calgary. Neuvy came in in relief and stopped 27-of-28 SOG, drew a key penalty that resulted in a PP goal, the Caps beat the Flames and Neuvy played backed up to Holtby the next 2 games)!? Do you think this team would look so consistently lifeless and continue to make the same mistakes and turn the puck over repeatedly every week under Boudreau? We know Gabby knows how to use Dustin Penner; we’ll see if Oates does. Look at what Patrick Roy has done w/ Colorado, or how Todd Richards has Columbus playing with heart, or Peter DeBoer (who lost his star player Kovalchuck before the season) and the Devils. None of their teams look like the underachievers the Caps are.

    We have Ward having a career year, Ovi about to hit 50G, two very good goaltenders all year, supposedly one of the top-5 or top-10 centers in the league and we still suck.

  • A_Shoe

    It’s probably because all of Tampa’s shots are from the outside.

  • James Desautels

    Dude you have a gift card or something? Thats like $20 lunch right there high roller

  • Alex Hughes

    Well at least we hit Rock Bottom….for now. Orlov is back Saturday and maybe one of the IR brothers in Grabo and Laich will play. Kuzya will give this team a jolt hopefully because they are in need of one.

  • Alex Hughes

    Shocking Tom Wilson made it through a game without committing a penalty.

  • liquid8d

    I am of the few that didn’t have a problem with Hunter. Look at what we are dealing with now, someone needs to teach some $@%@$#%@ defense… or add some. This team is weak.

  • Jonah

    by now the caps are a bit like ellen degeneres’s marriage…no D

  • Jonah


  • William

    I never hated hunter either. He took a middling team and gave them a chance.

  • Jonah

    notice how you didn’t mention any defensemen in our assets in your last paragraph.
    also i completely agree with you. I was on a team this year that hit a rut and was playing without heart, which was probably the result of bad coaching. it took a big effort of off-ice meetings and team building stuff on the road to get us back in playoff form.
    this is not the type of leadership that i see from oates. him and GMGM seem to just ramble on the same shit about the system this and the system that. if the system is a car engine, gmgm has given them bubble gum, tin foil, and some bricks to build it with, and AO has only a vague idea of what a car engine is supposed to look like!

  • ThrowmetheWHIP

    Leave Jmu out this

  • jj

    “Under Boudreau, we saw Mike Green be both a potent offensive threat, who needed to improve defensively (like the rest of the team at that time), and then become an excellent defensive-minded blueliner, which he received little credit for outside DC.” Mike Green has NEVER been an excellent defensive minded blueliner.

  • Jeremy in Bethesda

    Glen Hanlon?

  • Jeremy in Bethesda

    Hello 🙁

  • prut
  • Shaun Phillips

    Hey GMGM, if your team gives up 42 shots against, it doesn’t matter if they’re from the outside because it means you never have the puck to generate any offense of your own. Also, goal #1 tonight was the exact reason you don’t want to give up that many shots from the outside (or anywhere).

  • seandlax9

    Still trying to figure out what a serial killer/rapist spaghetti monster man has to do with this article.

  • Brian Smyers

    To a certain extent, I am glad we suck. Our fan base had become spoiled, saying how horrible our hockey is when we had a winning record and consistently made the playoffs.

    This is bad hockey. This is a losing team. A good losing team at that. We aren’t in last place. Perhaps the fans will recognize a good time for what it is and appreciate it.

  • SleepyAlligator

    Fair warning… we’re not making the playoffs like this…

  • Guest

    Fair warning, we’re not making the playoffs if this keeps up

  • Guest

    What the hell

  • SleepyAlligator

    Fair warning: we’re not going to make the playoffs

  • SleepyAlligator

    And who can tell me we’re a better team without Boudreau as a coach?
    No one, that’s who.

  • SleepyAlligator

    The Caps have a great coaching staff and general manger…
    said no one

  • SleepyAlligator

    Honestly, I haven’t felt this way about the coaching staff since Hanlon was here.
    Get rid of Oates. Get rid of McPhee, PLEASE!

  • Play like this is I’m guessing why there’s no longer a wait list for season tickets.

  • SleepyAlligator

    And if we traded for a first line winger (Penner), f—in’ play him on the first line!!!!

    For god’s sake it seems like Oates is making the lines by drawing names out of a hat!

  • CapsKel

    This is exactly how I feel about Panera.

  • erinamanda13

    I thought Holtby played a really good game, especially after the rough time in the flyers game. That being said, the game was sad and now I am sad. Where did our heart go???

  • Jonathan Kenny

    I respectfully disagree. Maybe you don’t remember when the Caps were 4th best in GA/G and the 2nd best PK in the same year (2010-11). That was under Boudreau and Green was an integral part of both stats, being their best blueliner. The problem was, after he scored 30G but the Caps were weak on the blue line he could never shake the notion that he was just a forward disguised as a d-man even when he was primarily playing defense. He never got credit for the change in his play and dramatically improving defensively.

  • serpent

    I think the Caps timing is off. They’re self destructing before the playoffs instead of waiting for the usual few games into it. Maybe it’s ergonomic.

  • Shaun Phillips

    I think Hunter realized what he had (a very so-so team outside of Ovi) and had them play a game plan that gave them a chance to win every night even if it wasn’t the most exciting hockey.

  • Shaun Phillips

    He did the same to Erat. GMGM has got to be furious with Oates’s lineups.

  • Shaun Phillips

    So what you’re saying is we need MacGuyver as the coach.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Kali ma! Kali ma!

  • Joe

    Dude awesome recap to help cheer me up. Last night was a waste of time. This team is not going to make the playoffs, but hey, at least we’ll get to see Kuzya this year!

  • Goat

    He was a competent defenseman, but “excellent defensive-minded blueliner” is a dramatic overstatement.

  • Myan

    I never had any hard feelings towards Dale Hunter…I was really disappointed when he didn’t want to stay on! I thought we played a very balanced game with him and I liked the work ethic & effort that he seemed to instill in the team. I truly believe that right now, the problem with the Capitals is Adam Oates and as an extension, GMGM.

  • Myan

    Is this an earthquake drill?

  • Matt

    Was there last night, no fun at all. So much room for Bruins, so little for Caps.

  • Kelsey

    You can do it Billy!

  • Tom Martin

    Only thing he’s improved since he’s gotten here is the power play.

    ES play has gotten significantly worse.

  • Nailed it.

    I’ll have more on this at the end of the season, focusing around Ovi. But yes.

  • Has anyone pointed out that we hardly ever win whilst wearing the third jerseys?

  • ohhhh yesss

  • Justin

    Oates iced that rookie line with about 6 minutes to go in the game when we’re down 2. Of course, they get pinned in our D zone and we lose valuable time and perhaps any chance to get back in the game. Not sure what his reasoning behind that was.

    As much as I love it when the Caps win, I’m glad that I can come here and commiserate with you all and take solace in the fact that a lot of other teams’ fanbases have had it much worse. We’ve had a good team for a handful of years, knocked on the door of playoff success, experienced a wealth of highs and lows along with this rollercoaster of a team. The fact of the matter is this: we must pass through the fire in order for the phoenix to rise.

    Any minor success at this stage would see us limping into the playoffs, exiting immediately, and further propagate this inferior product that GMGM and Oates are putting out on the ice. How could this team (as it currently stands) honestly compete with Anaheim/St. Louis/Boston/Pittsburgh/Chicago in a 7 game series. So, as much as I love this franchise and though it pains me to come to this realization, this year will not be our year, and squeaking into the playoffs will only be a disservice to our future hopes.

  • I kinda figured it’s been mentioned. I love them, but maybe they should be hanged in the back of the closet for a little while.

  • Myan

    I completely agree. I’d like to see us use these last 15 or so games to get some our young guys experience for next season. I don’t think we need a complete rebuild but we need a major renovation starting with the team’s foundation which is of course the coaching.

  • Myan
  • Owen Johnson

    My favorite hockey team is struggling
    It makes my stomach bubbling bad
    Their hard times really makes me sad
    We’ve had some fucked up years
    Now it’s time to wipe away those tears
    Must be strooooong

  • Owen Johnson

    Oh James Van der Beek

  • Austin

    Even though what I’m about to say is a giant stretch ( so be prepared) IF and I say IF the caps somehow make it into the playoffs and mindfuck the entire fan base with their sub par players and awful system and win a Stanley cup, I am never watching hockey ever again. Being a caps fan IS harder than being a sabers or panthers fan or islanders etc, because at least their fans know they suck. We watch each game and are hypnotized by the McPhee poison for 60 minutes and watch each second of play with hope. Each game it’s as if someone is pulling how the caps will play out of a hat, ” no energy today” hmm LOOK for tonight the winner is.. ” Extra terrible defense that’s even worse than normal!!”

    I’m tired of this shit show, but I will love this team, only because I am caps fan no matter how much it pains me.

    I hope one day, we can see backstrom and Ovi and any future capital hoste Lord Stanley’s cup.

  • Tom Martin

    Be warned: this will be long-winded:

    Before this season, i had this idea that Oates was an intelligent, detail orientated thinker who would bring a very cerebral approach and really employ caps players to their strength. The evidence from 2012-2013, i thought, was strong that this was true; see: Ovechkin to RW, success on PP. Several players even talked about how he was trying to change players technique, and get them to do the little things right. I was very encouraged, and really thought he could win COTY.

    This season has really changed my mind. His call-ups and pairings on the defensive end are unexplainable. Orlov is, easily, the 4th best defender in the organization and it took him months to call him up. Schmidt is the 5th best, and can’t get another look. Carrick should be in the AHL. Erskine is either not healthy, or aged past the point of being able to move with NHL players. Urbom, being from NJ, was probably his call too.

    The line groups for forwards has been equally puzzling. He’s using Tom Wilson as a battering ram, which i really hope doesnt affect him in the long run(but i am not hopeful)(PS: I HATE THIS. I think Wilson is more than a side show. The coaching staff should be forcing him NOT to be a side show. UUUGGGHHHHH). Continually throwing Erat and Fehr into center. Volpatti. Laich-Brouwer. Erat = scratch. I’m just listing things now.

    Goaltending = 3-headed goalie monster

    I think this team has the horses to be very good. It needs some more back end talent, but I really think a different coach could be at least (LEAST) be worth 5 more wins. Ugh.

  • Karina Saint

    You should ask her out 🙂

  • Owen Johnson

    How was Rask better? I honestly can’t think of a single shot the Caps had that had a chance to beat him.

  • Rob Rixmann


  • …his save percentage was 100.

  • Eric Schulz

    I hate people like you. Our “fan base?” Who exactly is that? Just random douchebags you see online, commenting dumb things that you disagree with? Lots of us saw how we were the best team in the league for a 3 year stretch, and wanted to keep the core together, let our goalies mature, and hope for luck (because that’s what we were missing). GMGM decided that we had too much skill, and not enough overpriced grinders, and turned the team around… seems like the only “fan base” that was spoiled with our success was GMGM.

  • Eric Schulz

    Nothing you said was correct…

  • Eric Schulz

    Yeah, we’re burning a full fucking year of his contract for less than 18 fucking games of this horrible season that just needs to end… even that pisses me off.

  • Eric Schulz

    How is it that we’re gonna burn a whole fucking year of Kuznetsov’s (only 2 year) contract just to see him play some 15 games? We had to wait nearly 4 years for him to FINALLY come over, and we get essentially ONE lousy year of him on an ELC, then we have to worry about somehow paying him too? This season fucking sucks. We need young, cheap talent in order to build around our core… I hate GMGM.

  • Brian Smyers

    Hate people like me, really? Hate? Wow.

    Anyway, looking back at my post and your response, I believe it is the word “fan base” that you vehemently disagree with. We all know people who watch the Caps year in and year out who are never happy. It is “Cup or Nothing” for them and if we won a Cup, they would complain the whole season and playoff run there.

    It is that portion of the fan base that I meant. I strongly dislike those people. The haters who have nothing better to do than hate. So I misspoke. But hold my intended view.

    But yes, GMGM either needs a perspective change or has to go. I also have my doubts on Oates.

  • Eric Schulz

    Yeah, people like that exist everywhere, and support every team in every sport; why would you wish to punish those that cheer for your team? Is it better for those spoiled fans of OTHER teams to be happy? That’s stupid.
    As far as Oates goes, at least he’s still early in his NHL coaching career; he will get better. I’m not delighted with a lot of the things he’s done, but the majority of coaching is done in between games and we can’t really see what he’s doing. Because the team has been so lackluster, it’s easy to denigrate his coaching but I blame GMGM for putting together a lackluster team (particularly on defense), and as much as I loved Calle Johansson as a player, I think he’s clearly done a horrible job. He will probably get better too, but at this point it seems like no amount of improvement will lead to him being even an average coach. I’m hoping that Oates, at least, has more upside than that…

  • Adam Schwager

    He should only be a RFA when his contract is over. Caps can easily resign him.

  • Eric Schulz

    He’ll be an RFA, but *easily* resign him? Our cap management blows, and if he’s as good as we all think he is/will be, he’ll cost quite a bit, rather than the $900,000-some he will be costing us.